Monday, June 29, 2015

Women's Summer Solstice Retreat on Nantucket::2015

I'm fresh off of hosting my 3rd annual Women's Summer Retreat on Nantucket! This was my 2nd year in a row leading it with my oldest and dearest, Steph Zabel, to combine our passions for our Poses & Plants theme of Yoga and Herbalism woven together to provide deep nourishment for the heart. 

There truly aren't many words to describe the power and beauty that comes from this experience. Each year the group changes and each has its own qualities to be exactly what we all need. The magic is real and potent when we listen in to the rhythm of nature with the change of the season, and when we connect to each other in that cycle as well. 

Here are some photos that I was able to capture. You can view more via Instagram through #summersolsticeretreat…just look for the ones from Nantucket! 

Wade Cottages

Our view from the cottage where we dined

Steph and I just before arrivals

We practiced outside 3 out of the 4 times. Heaven. 

Sconset, Nantucket view

The beauty of homemade food and love for it.

Power in the Energy of all of us. 

Plant ID class

Herbalist Goddess

Steph and I cooked most dinners!

Puja Power. Kuan Yin Goddess Love.

Flower essence crafting

Foraging for wild beach roses

Steph teaching us the art of making Wild Rose tinctures and wine!

Kenzie the cat was our friendly ambassador for the weekend!

Wade Cottages has now created this fantastic and sweet indoor retreat space for use on rainy weather days! It was nice to have a practice in here after a full day of storms and rain. 

Emily's brilliant lomi lomi hands for our healing.

Our brilliant group post-practice!

Gratitude selfie

Herb Blending Tea class with Steph

Our portal to the sea

Poetry, crystals, plants, intentions...

Closing circle and final practice

Women Power

Solstice Ritual

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