Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yoga for Haiti Benefit at Karma Yoga Studio

This Sunday, Feb. 28th, will be an awesome opportunity to come out as a community in support and spirit to give back to Haiti.  At Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge we have put together an afternoon event with 100% of the proceeds going to Amurt Haiti.  

From 1-4pm, stop by 1120 Mass Ave. to join in this outreach.  There will be 4 yoga classes to choose from ($15 suggested donation each), a fabulous array of silent auction items to bid on from local businesses, and space to sit in the Karma cafe to sip tea and hang with your like-minded friends.  

See details below!
The charity we decided to go with:
* Amurt has been working on the ground in Haiti for years and their model of participatory community empowerment, sustainablity, and integrated development are exactly what we've been looking for!! (coincidentally Amurt also has roots in Yoga and meditation.)

The Yoga Benefit class schedule:
1pm~ Lakota teaches/ Bethania assists an Embodyoga Flow for beginner/intermediate levels, with live harmonium by Irene Soléa
1pm~Jenn Pici teaches/Shelly assists an intermediate/advanced level Flow Class to the tunes of one of Jenn's world renowned playlists
2:30pm~ Sarah Baumert teaches/ Liz
 assists a Flow Class with restorative at the end, with live harmonium by Irene Soléa
2:30pm~ Elizabeth Brown/Natasha tag team an anusara/flow class, with live music from violinist Daragh Dutka.

Just some of the exciting donations to our silent auction:
-high quality yoga mats from lululemon
-rolfing, acupuncture, alexander technique, massage and private yoga sessions
-karma membership plans
-tickets for Durga Das, Jai Uttal and the Yoga and Chant Fest in June.
-2 tickets to any central square theater performance
-gift certificates from Topaz, Irish Imports, Crema Cafe
-herbal beauty products from Flower Folk
-beautiful scarf/shawl from LOOKS
-et al.
**Please spread the word! 
and rsvp on facebook if you haven't. ;)

$15 minimum donation per class.  larger donations are warmly welcomed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/2 Mix

Big hugs to Maribeth, Dayva, and Mel A. for some of these songs that I find such fun in this order for class!  Enjoy and see ya on the mat soon...

1. Olof Arnalds:  Aevagomul orkupula
2. Iron & Wine:  Sunset Soon Forgotten
3. The Wild Sea:  Way Back Down
4. Laura Veirs:  July Flame
5. El Perro Del Mar:  Party
6. Joseph Arthur: Honey & the Moon
7. Jump, Little Children:  Cathedrals
8. Feist:  One Evening (VV Mix)
9. El Perro Del Mar:  Dog
10. Passion Pit:  Sleepyhead
11. Alicia Keys:  Unthinkable (I'm Ready)
12. Ingrid Michaelson:  Keep Breathing
13. Maribeth Swan & Craig Terlino:  Coast
14. Rufus Wainwright:  The Tower of Learning
15. El Perro Del Mar:  I Can't Talk About It
16. Chira Moses:  And She's Still Watching Me
17. Patty Griffin:  Up to the Mountain
18. Sufjan Stevens:  Concerning the UFO Sighting...
19. Olof Arnalds:  Vid og Vid
20. Olof Arnalds:  Moldin

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama is Yoga, Let's Go

Did you all watch Obama's State of the Union last week?  It was over an hour of him addressing and encouraging us about the state of our nation and his first year in term.  I don't consider myself much of Democrat or Republican.  I am more aware of political matters and try to read the papers much more than I ever have been before.  As a yogini...I am pretty neutral and try to focus on the issues, causes, and politicians that stand for peace and positivity and the best interest of everyone...big and small.  I've never been keen on politicians, or presidents for that matter.  I have been for Obama all along and am not afraid to say it, but after his speech last Wednesday, I back him even more.  
Everyone gives him flack after this first year.  And we all know (or should know) that the media is crap, both sides.  Obama addressed all of this.  He's real, he's honest, and he's a strong leader.  But even more than anything else, I can see that Obama is a yogi.  He called out for both parties to stand together on issues.  To help each other understand and not just stick to the age-old banter and clash that leads to no change at all.  I believe he's much wiser than most think and that if we just back him, instead of continue bashing him as the media continued to do after the speech, then change will happen.  My yogini friend, Karma, says "Wouldn't it be nice if we backed Obama up?  We said we wanted change, but we have to remember that 'we have to be the change' we wish to see in the world.' "  
This seems to be what everyone in this country is missing.  In all areas!  Money, relationships, material things, and most of all FOOD.  We've blown up in all areas and forgotten how to be healthy and true to ourselves.  So, let's go with our mats and our hearts and be that change.  Put whole foods in your body and support local food and farms.  We all need to be more aware of where our food is coming from and how it works to make us strong and healthy.  We should be more aware of and support (or even work for!) the local businesses instead of busting our spirit to the ground for the big guns.  We should be content with things we have, especially the family and friends in our life that nourish us.  Stay true to them and support each other.  Walk through life a little slower.  This doesn't mean stop having fun...but it's our duty now to bring more mindfulness to our world.  
So, Go Obama and your Yoga Spirit!  Let's all get on board!