Monday, November 23, 2009

Spirit Motivation Playlist

1. Orly: Arms & Sleepers  (all of these song from their new album, Matador)
2. Matador: Arms & Sleepers
3. December: Norah Jones (all these from her new album The Fall)
4. Myriad Harbour: The New Pornographers (all songs from their album, Challengers)
5. Jesus, Etc.:  Norah Jones
6. Unguided: The New Pornographers
7. The Paramour: Arms & Sleepers
8. It's Gonna Be: Norah Jones
9. Go Places: The New Pornographers
10. Helvetica: Arms & Sleepers
11. The International: Arms & Sleepers
12. Light as a Feather: Norah Jones
13. Challengers: The New Pornographers
14. Kino: Arms & Sleepers
15. Words are for Sleeping: A & S
16. Adventures in Solitude: The New P
17. The Architekt: A & S
18. Dear Charles, muse, asleep or dead: A & S
19. Twentynine Palms: A & S

I made this playlist with motivation in mind, yes.  Motivation to keep looking forward.  To hard work in the face of overwhelming new challenges or ideas.  To keep striving for positivity in all that you believe in and want to achieve.  To keep finding gratitude for life and what you bring to it.  
And here at the end of November...I am motivated to continue motivating all of you on the mat.  So, cheers and many thanks to everyone who crosses my path in class and teaches me things through their energy and spirit all the time.  
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Winter is Coming Playlist

1. Arms & Sleepers:  Runner Misplaced
2. "                    "      : Winter is Coming
3. Leona Naess: Just One
4. Imogen Heap: Canvas
5. "                 "   : Swoon (instr.)
6. Arms & Sleepers: By my Bones
7. Imogen Heap: 2-1
8. Norah Jones: Chasing Pirates
9. Neko Case: Red Tide
10. The Sass Factor: You
11. Arms & Sleepers: Red Light Pipe Dreams
12. Fanfarlo: Finish Line
13. Arms & Sleepers: Lights & Alarms
14. Jonsi & Alex: Stokkseyri
15. "               "   : Atlas Song
16. "              "    : Indian Summer

Monday, November 2, 2009

2nd annual Winter Yoga Utopia Retreat in the West Indies

Most of you know that last January I offered a weeklong getaway from the winter cold to spend yoga holiday with me on the West Indies island of Dominica.  It turned out to be a fascinating, relaxing, adventurous, and yoga-licious time.  So, this year, I've partnered with Trish from Tropical Escapes yet again, to offer my 2nd annual getaway!  
Yep, but this year we'll be heading to Dominica's neighbor of StLucia.  It's just as glorious, as well as cheaper and easier to get to with direct flights from Jet Blue!  

So, if anyone has between $1700-2000 and a week off in mid-January to escape the cold and come with me to do vinyasa yoga everyday near the sea and in the sun, with irie Caribbean vibes all around...then keep know you want to!  

double occ.= $1275 + airfare on your own = around $1775 total
single occ.= $1645 + airfare = around $2145 total
Not too bad!
Retreat Vision:

Come renew your spirit and create space in your yoga practice for vibrancy and fun!
 Join us on our week-long vinyasa flow yoga intensive in a peaceful, natural, loving environment in order to discover balance and gratitude for living. We'll spend time breaking down the flow of vinyasa through different sequences, alignment in your asanas, and finding your own breath & rhythm.  Allow yourself to let go of expectations and dive into this Caribbean utopia, your yoga practice and your soul.
Yoga: Vinyasa Flow & Restorative
Jenn Pici's classes infuse a strong, empowering, loving vinyasa flow that focuses on: breath, safety & awareness in your own body; awakening your emotions & spirit; and most of all inviting in love.  She is inspired by music, nature, art, and her friends to create a unique experience where students can get out of their heads and work on themselves (both inside and out) on their order to bring love off the mat.  
Jenn got her RYT-Yoga Alliance certification in Vinyasa Yoga from the Baptiste-affiliated Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia , PA.  With over 10 years of personal practice, and 4 years of teaching under her belt; she surrounds herself with a variety of different style classes and workshops, and continues to learn from the amazing yogis that are all around Boston and beyond.  She teaches full-time in Cambridge and Somerville, MA.  This will be her 2nd year working with Trish and Tropical Escapes to provide a healing/fun yoga adventure!  

*If you're in for this fun ride, then contact me to sign-up and secure your spot asap (I have room for just 4-6 more people) so we can get this ball rollin'!