Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid-Summer Update

Greetings everyone,

Here we are in mid-July already!  The summer is flying by and up until now it has been quite the eventful and busy one.  June brought the eclipses upon us and with them, lots of work.  My family and I spent the month packing up our entire house and loading it into a pod in our driveway so that construction work could begin in early July.  We made the decision during my pregnancy that we'd create a more comfortable, energy-efficient house for our new family.  Let me tell you, "moving" with a 3 month old takes three times longer than normal.  On top of that, my grandfather passed away mid-June, bringing sadness and an inward state of mind.  We then had two weekends in a row of weddings to attend before finally completing our house pack-up and heading here to Nantucket for the rest of the summer.  Luckily, the weddings were for dear friends and were padded with extra support from such friends on our house.  The sleep-deprivation, stress, and just overall lack of energy since giving birth have weakened my immune system in the process, and I've now had a couple eye infections and a week-long bad cold.  But things are for sure looking up.  
I am grateful that I've been able to stay emotionally stable and positive through this all.  In fact, I turned 30 on the very day we headed to Nantucket, and it was as if the Universe had been telling me to get away for awhile all along!  I can now rest in the quiet of nature out here in the moors of this very special island.  The sounds of the birds at 4:00 every morning (a usual hour when I am awake nursing my boy) are so joyful and life-affirming.  I also love the new sounds of the whippoorwill at night!  Have you ever heard this bird?  It's a new favorite.  Plus, we've discovered a hummingbird nesting in the top of a pine cone on the tree right outside our bedroom window.  She has become a part of our life and we are constantly checking to see if she's there and she and her eggs are okay.  It's more than beautiful.  On top of all this wildlife, there are such lovely and colorful sunsets, the smell of the sea, less internet and phone connections, and lots of helping hands as of late from my husband's family for whom we've been staying.  It's nice to finally get a chance to read, listen to music, take a bath, and do YOGA!  
Yes, Yoga.  I've been mostly practicing in our little cottage and outside, at every little chance I get (see photo attached of me doing gomukhasana arms with Isak napping on my legs).  I am also excited that I just got a 10 class card to The Yoga Room, a very nice studio over here on the island.  I had been hoping to host a weekend workshop or retreat over here this summer.  However, I realized that not only was I a little late in making contacts, but I was not yet ready to lead a group when I am still in the early stages of finding my own practice again.  For instance, I went to a vinyasa class over here last week that left me sore for nearly 4 days!  I mean, I have been practicing since Isak's birth, but definitely not tons of chaturangas and warriors in a that class hit me hard.  I am drawn now to more balanced efforts of a slower flow, yin, and hatha style these days and am for sure feeling stronger every day.  
So, my pose of the moment is Chaturanga Dandasana, and moving back and forth from high plank into it.  It's not only working my core but my shoulders, chest, and back.  What are some of your poses of the summer?  Do share with me!  I miss seeing everyone at Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge or Bow Street Yoga in Somerville.  I had hoped to return to teaching in September, but the contractors are are not certain as to the end date of the project on our house.  So at this point in time it is looking more like my return will be later in the fall than anticipated (October or even November).  This only means I will have more time to get re-yogafied and ready to guide you all on the mat again.  
Plus, we must not forget my Isak!  He is now in the seriously cute stage of learning to roll over, laugh a lot, sleeping more at night, and being generally happy.  Every second is a wonder and I would have it no other way.  Having the chance to spend at least the first 6 months of his life with no work obligations is rare and beautiful.  I am so very grateful to get to do it.  David and I are simply taking in and loving our new life as parents.  Living on an island for a few months sure helps with that!  

Things of interest:

Reading:  Living Your Yoga by Judith Hansen Lasater.  My favorite discussion in it so far is about discipline.  It's such a good lesson in my new life transition now, and she talks about it in much more surprising and enjoyable ways.  
"Whether you are driven or resistant, the medicine is the same: do what is truly possible with unwavering commitment to giving yourself to the moment.  Without this intention, practice becomes another task to be completed and it loses its ability to transform."  

Listening to:  Carefully Taught--a jazz album by my amazing Somerville neighbor, Ruthie Ristich.  
I'm also anxiously awaiting Bjork's new album!

Planning: Family Friendly Yoga and Wellness Vacation in St. Lucia!  March 2012
--I have already sent out the details via email, but if you never received that email, let me know.  I will also do another post soon with more.  I am very excited about this possibility and would love to have any of you with your sweet little family to join me and mine!
$1650 per person--single occupancy
$1295 per person--double occupancy
If children are staying in the room with parents (ie don't take a bed that could be occupied by an adult) then the accommodations are free.  If a second bedroom is needed for children we'll have to work out a room rate, something as such:

Children 0-2 TOTALLY FREE (unless they require a separate room....)
Children 3-12 $250 (again, unless they require a separate room...)
Children 12 and up Depends on accommodations and cottage availability

Alrighty friends, that's it!  It's been some time since I had written so thanks for reading and being a part of my yoga life.  If you find yourself over here on Nantucket in the coming months, I am available for private yoga sessions, or simply to meet up for a tea and a hello.  
Sending lots of summer energy and love your way!!  

Til soon,