Monday, December 12, 2011

Taking time to enjoy

It's that time.  The time just before winter sets in that we all call "the holidays."  As fun as they can be, it's inevitable that we will end up at some point a little frazzled.  As for me, things have been on the edge of just that, and I came down with a cold!  Ick.  It appeared last week and then set in for real on the weekend...having me miss some much needed yoga classes, some of my last here on the island.  Having a cold while nursing your infant, doing other domestic daily needs, figuring out holiday stuff, and finally planning a move back in to your home...well, that spells frazzled to me.  So, what's a yogini to do?  Oh yeah, remember to breathe.  And drink lots of elderberry tea.  And eat homemade soup.  And try to rest.

And do some gentle yoga.  What yoga can one do when sick?
I started each day with some half sun salutes:  big breath in, exhale to forward fold, inhale to halfway lift, exhale fold, inhale back to tadasana, namaskaram.  Ah, that always felt nice.  Then take some standing gentle side bends, twists.
Later in the day, maybe work in some heart openers like cobra or locust on the belly, and maybe a bridge on your back.  While on your back, take a thread the needle or another hip opening pose.  And maybe hold down dog if you can breathe okay.
Basically, doing whatever feels good enough when you don't feel like your awesome physical self.  Any little bit helps and makes you remember it will pass and all is well.

As for that part about moving back to our home?  Yes, it is just about here!  In one week from today we will be having the final inspection and moving our stuff back into our "new" place in Somerville.  Won't be there long, as we'll be off again for family holiday cheer.  But, it's so exciting.  Boston friends and fellow students...I will see you soon!  Back to teaching (just a little) starting Jan. 8!  More details to come.  ;)

For now, we shall enjoy our home away from home, Nantucket.  Oh how we will miss her peace.  After all, it's her island magic that reminds me of all that yoga is.