Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey friends,

In Sweden now. Been away from home for 2 weeks! Missing you all back at Karma and Bow Street. Happy start to summer! My Iceland Yoga Adventure was a beautiful and fully adventurous week. SO much to talk about and report, but I'll have to leave that for later. I am not travelling with my computer so pictures will have to wait til later, too. But, in the meantime you can go to SolYoga Trips to see an update about our retreat. I am still processing it, as it was a truly remarkable moment of the year.
Since then, been in Denmark and the past 5 days with dear friends with the south of Sweden. It's been picturesque and I've had many practices on my own. I'm in the countryside here, so it's been ideal to practice. Just filmed one today, so I'll have that to post in the future. ;) The biggest lesson I'm gonna try to take from this stay is to remember that the peace I feel here can be taken with me. It's a hard task at hand, especially while in the hustle and bustle of bigger cities and spaces, but it's one I'm going to try to fulfill. I haven't really been watching anything, listening to anything...just listening to nature, and reading books/writing. It's truly a joy to feel at ease.
Off to Stockholm in the morning through the weekend. Sending peace and greetings from this prana-filled land.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Pose of Month & Send-Off

Godan daginn!  The time has come for my Yoga Adventure in Iceland...and so it's my last few days teaching in Cambridge/Somerville for about a month!  (I leave this Saturday, 6/5) There is a group of 6 of us total about to excursion near the Arctic Sea in one of my favorite places.  We'll be there for a week; meditating, flowing & growing in our yoga practice, and discovering new things.  After that, my adventure will continue.  I have  great friends in the south of Sweden who invited me to visit, so the rest of the trip evolved from there.  My partner and I will be in Denmark, Sweden, Berlin, and London before returning to MA in early July.  
I must say...I've never been on a trip this long and I was feeling guilty for a bit about leaving you all for so long.  However, my spirit must continue to strengthen and discover new ideas, new teachings, life outside of Boston.  I am lucky to have this opportunity before me and I plan to make the most of it!  

June Pose of the Month?  Prasaritta Padottanasana into headstand!  (wide-legged forward fold-headstand).  Why?  Because we're gearing up for the Summer Solstice and it's time to conquer our fears.  The group in Iceland will be doing just that and trying this pose again and again to open up new boundaries in our practices.  Don't force it.  Just keep breathing into your low back, your knees, your hamstrings, your head...and when the time comes (whether it be tomorrow or 5 years from now), you'll discover that maybe your arms have become stronger, or your legs more open, or the fear of going upside down has subsided.  

So, I am taking a video camera with me to document some yoga time overseas.  I hope to share it all with you upon my return.  Check back from time to time while I'm away, as I hope to update a couple times with how things are going.  ;)

**While I'm away, something to consider/check out:
--The Karma Yoga Studio 200-hour Teacher Training Program with me is set to begin this fall.  Applications are now at the front desk and sign-ups are open!  Check out the website for more details...