Friday, November 9, 2012

Pose of the Moment: Double Pigeon

-pose of the momentagnistambasana-- fire log pose or double pigeon.  I did this pose a lot on our recent trip to Iceland.  Seated hip openers like this are accessible and easy to do while traveling, since you can sit in the hotel room or on the bed in it.  Not much space needed.  It's definitely a favorite of mine.  

How to?  Sit with both legs out in front of you.  Bend both knees with the feet on the floor.  Then take (let's say your) right foot under your left leg.  Try to position the lower leg (knee to ankle) parallel to your hips out in front of you.  Then see if you can stack the left lower leg directly on top so that your shins are stacked and your knees and ankles match up.  Flex your feet.  Maybe take your hands outside of hips to then lift yourself up and make sure your sit bones are directly under you.  Then you can either sit upright with your arms relaxed.  Or you can fold as far forward as you are able, for a deeper stretch.  

**Sorry for the crappy video quality, and my scratchy voice that's getting over a cold.  Hopefully you get the gist of it.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November is here. The latest.

Happy new month!  
  It's an important month, and has already been an exciting one with the weather, the election and whatnot.  It is a super important time to incorporate yoga or meditation into your routine, in order to stay calm, healthy and grateful as the holiday buzz begins.  

-Schedule stuff :
--I'm still subbing the 10:00am hatha at KYS-Harvard for Sarah B. on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

--Sunday, Nov. 11th:  Women's Vinyasa Workshop at KYS-Harvard: Honoring your Female Form
*As women, we go through some pretty intense life cycles and transitions.  From becoming a woman, to the childbearing years, to menopause; it's a constant ride of joyful, adventurous experience, and possibly scary, confusing ones.  It's important to take time to honor the beauty of your body, mind, and spirit in whatever unique moment it's in right now.  Sometimes a hard thing to do in our current societal norms.  
Join me to open-up our hearts in community & respect for one another, together as the women we are.  We'll move through a 90 min. vinyasa flow practice of heart& shoulder-opening, hip-releasing, and twisting out any negative spots.  Plus the option to discuss or share any stories that might help your fellow woman out.  

Level: Students should have some sort of yoga practice, but open to all levels.  
Special notes: Bring a journal if you are the type to need to get some thoughts out or take notes as needed.  
And, Bring a friend or female family member to share in the positive vibes!  

Price Pre-Reg: $25
Price Day-of: $30
Class Capacity: 25-30 --*you can sign up by calling Karma Yoga or do it in person before a class there.  :)

--Saturday, Nov.17th- Yoga for Mamas private class at my home.  10:00am-noon.  Email me if interested and to hold your spot.  I can only take 6 mamas tops.  

--Sunday, Nov, 18th- Yoga 101: a beginning yoga workshop--at KYS-Harvard from 1:30-3:30pm.  Perfect to bring a friend, partner, or family member who has always wondered about this thing called yoga.  Or great for anyone looking to re-learn some basics and dive back in.  

--My family is heading to Seattle for Thanksgiving to spend it with my sister-in-law and her family!  Subs that week will be:
Wednesday, Nov. 20th6:00 vinyasa -- Mickey
Sunday, Nov. 25th- 10:15 hatha-- Sarah B.   and 11:45 vinyasa-- Mickey

--As for Bow Street Yoga in Union Sq. Somerville--Only about one more month to catch me Thursday nights for beginner's vinyasa at 7:30pm.  Angela had her baby!!  A healthy boy, and she will be back to teaching around Christmas time, most likely.  
I've been loving being back in that cozy space once a week and would love to continue teaching there, so I'll be letting you know if something works out for the new year.  

**Retreat News!
--Speaking of class at Bow dear yogini friend, Checka, teaches the 9:30am vinyasa there everyThursday morning.  Check her out.  Why?  Because not only is she awesome and similar style to me, but we've decided to team up for a super uplifting and fabulous yoga retreat to Xinalani Resort in Mexico this coming end of May!  Check it out here.  You can already start signing up or start dreaming and saving those $$ to come along...


**Reminder of Yoga Class Etiquette:  I recently had some repeated instances take place in classes and it reminded me that  sometimes attendees of yoga class need a review of this topic from time to time.  Studios are not always so outright on their stances with such things, so it can sometimes be up to the teacher.  Also, some people are new to yoga and have never been told there is an etiquette for such thing.  Here's some things I think are respectful and important: 

-arrive on time.  as close to 10 min. or more before the class begins in order to check-in, change, use the restroom, and set yourself up in the room (sometimes this is not possible for reasons out of your control, and if so, be mindful when entering.  If really crowded class, and you are more than 5 min. late, think about skipping out that time)
-be respectful of the others coming to class.  if it's a crowded one, be aware of the space and be friendly enough to suggest moving your mat over.  point people in the direction of the props, mats, etc.  smile at your fellow yogis from time to time!
-try to attend class with a digested belly.  it's never comfy to be starving in class, or to have just eaten a large meal.   
-try to attend class healthy (meaning not while you have the flu, or a bad cold) 
-try not to wear smelly or strong scents.  in the same vein, try to smell like you've showered in the last 24 hours.  ;)
-take shoes off before entering the practice space.  socks are optional but it's better for your feet to grip the mat without socks on.  that said, socks or layers are handy to have in the room for savasana.  
-if you have an injury or other condition that you don't want to share openly, DO tell me or teacher of class if you feel comfortable to.  we can then leave you alone as needed, or help you out as needed.  
-if you practice more advanced poses, such as inversions, and it's a well-attended class...please be mindful of those around you.  especially if there's a chance you might fall, or opt out of it depending on the time in class that it's being practiced.  
-if attending with a friend or loved one, try not to talk or giggle to each other during class
-please turn off your cell phone or set to silent, and please don't sneak check your phone during the class.  it's worth it to you, and to everyone else to keep your focus and energy grounded in the present
-please try to stay until you hear the final "namaste." getting up to leave in the middle of savasana can be very disruptive to everyone in attendance.  if you must leave, try to do it before savasana or just as we are getting settled into it.  

Thanks yogis!  It's just nice to remind people every now and then of these things.  I'm definitely no yoga police, and believe there can be and will be instances where we all just have to breathe through whatever is presented.  

Fun tidbits this month:

**Check out my friend/student Elizabeth Menges' artwork of 
inspired portraits from her recent trip to Cyprus, at The Gallery at the Greek Institute in Cambridge.  
November 4-30th, with a special opening reception on 11/4.  

**Congrats to Jane, Janine, Christy, & Angela on the births of their babies!  They all had their kiddos within the last 2 weeks.  A bustling time for births, for sure.  So excited for you all and can't wait to meet all of your little ones!

**If you're in need of a relaxing massage tailored to your needs, check out Joanne Daley, the resident massage therapist at Karma Yoga-Harvard.  I just got my first full treatment with her on Friday and it was Fantastic!  

K, that's it for now.  Do share your recent yoga stories or thoughts with me.  And let me know if there are any blog topics or videos you'd like me to post/go over.  I love staying connected and helping all of us move closer to our goals and dreams, both on/off the mat.  

love & energy,