Friday, November 9, 2012

Pose of the Moment: Double Pigeon

-pose of the momentagnistambasana-- fire log pose or double pigeon.  I did this pose a lot on our recent trip to Iceland.  Seated hip openers like this are accessible and easy to do while traveling, since you can sit in the hotel room or on the bed in it.  Not much space needed.  It's definitely a favorite of mine.  

How to?  Sit with both legs out in front of you.  Bend both knees with the feet on the floor.  Then take (let's say your) right foot under your left leg.  Try to position the lower leg (knee to ankle) parallel to your hips out in front of you.  Then see if you can stack the left lower leg directly on top so that your shins are stacked and your knees and ankles match up.  Flex your feet.  Maybe take your hands outside of hips to then lift yourself up and make sure your sit bones are directly under you.  Then you can either sit upright with your arms relaxed.  Or you can fold as far forward as you are able, for a deeper stretch.  

**Sorry for the crappy video quality, and my scratchy voice that's getting over a cold.  Hopefully you get the gist of it.  

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