Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Photo Reflection, Back to teaching

We're still getting re-settled into Boston life again after a week out west in the Seattle area for Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  We all rented a house on Whidbey Island out in Puget Sound for the days surrounding the holiday and it was just exquisite to be there.  I am the lucky one who was up at 5:00 every morning with my not-yet-adjusted-to-time-change toddler, so I got to see the sunrise over the water each day.  Grateful indeed.  Living room yoga was had during the week, as well as sporadic yoga moments to stretch out.  Mostly, it's a season to remember yoga off of your mat, in your reactions and interactions.  And don't be too hard on yourself if you need a break to ward off a cold, or can only fit in a shorter practice in order to get your work done.
Last weekend we then scooted over to another island, this time our east coast home away from home, Nantucket.  My husband's parents couldn't make it out to Seattle, so we met them here for Christmas Stroll weekend.  A quick blast of holiday cheer before taking in these next 2 weeks of go-go-go leading up to Christmas.
I'm back to teaching all regularly scheduled classes for the next 2 weeks.  Will post my holiday subs soon.  xoxo
View from our rental house of the Olympic Mountains

Our pre-meal Thanksgiving table


Isak strapped to my back for a quick sunrise walk before the high tide comes in

Ooh, another one

Anyone else love the film "Practical Magic"--filmed here.  :)

My boy loves pointing out the boats!

Awesome forest hike to the beach

View on way back up

Pacific Northwest fog and trees

Grandma, David, and Isak on Nantucket walk to the pond

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