Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Stuff

Hey everyone,

So spring is finally here!  Wishing you all a nice holiday weekend ahead, in whatever form of celebration that means for you.  

Beyond my usual 3 classes a week at Karma Yoga Studio:

I am Subbing Vinyasa at Bow Street Yoga in Union Sq. on:
Thursday, 4/12-- 6:00pm
Saturday, 4/14-- 9:45am

I will have a Sub at Karma Yoga Studio-Harvard on:
Sunday, 4/15-- 10:15 hatha, and 11:45 vinyasa will be taught by Rachel A.
Sunday, 4/29-- just the 11:45 vinyasa will be taught by An Li

*My home yoga studio is currently ready for privates and small classes of 6 people or less.  I have been teaching Prenatal privates up there in my treehouse space, which are super fun and soothing.  If you have a fun celebration coming up and would like a special class with me or just want to treat yourself to a more detailed and relaxed yoga learning time, then contact me to schedule an appointment.  
Rates for a 60-75 min. private class are $100.  For 2 people, $125.  For 3 or more, $160.  (rates can be negotiable)

Things to check out this month:

D. Falk Gardening-- My talented husband, David, has stepped out on his own within the last year to create his own small scale organic gardening business.  After years of learning from his mom (a V.P. at the NY Botanical Garden) in New York and Nantucket, and working for a contractor/landscaping firm in Wellesley...he has branched out on his own here in Somerville/Cambridge to offer his labor and expertise.  He is passionate about developing healthy soil & grass, using organic materials, composting, attracting birds, pruning trees, and creating beauty.  It's just the beginning of the season, and if you find yourself in need of help with your yard or community garden plot, then this is a smart option.  ;)
Garden Coaching: consultation and planning   --($45/hour)
Garden Labor: pruning, clean-up, planting, compost help ($30/hour)

Contact him at

Wits End Organizing-- Some of you may have seen my recent post about Melanie and her company on Facebook.  Melanie has been a student of mine for years now and is such a bright spark of energy and positivity.  She owns this wonderful business to help many of us get out of our mess and into some clutter-free change.  Check out her site if you are in need of some spring cleaning/organizing in your home or office.  I am finally mostly situated in back in our home, but definitely could use Mel's help with certain areas...hello guest room that things just end up being stored in.  Let's talk, Mel!

Herbstalk --Saturday, June 9th at the Armory in Somerville-- This is going to be an event like no other and I am so proud to say my best friend created it!  Some of you know, Steph (Naz) from yoga & herbal workshops we've collaborated on.  This is an amazing way to learn more about herbs in tons of new ways and how to take charge of your health/spirit from that point of view.  I will have more to say about this event in the month or so to come, but mark your calendars now!