Thursday, December 2, 2010


December has found us!
Welcome yourselves to the tail end of autumn and begin to prepare your body and minds for the winter that is upon us. We've been lucky with gorgeous, crisp weather so far, and I can hardly wait for the first snow! I've got my new maternity winter coat ready to go, and a kicking little guy who just has to make it through the coldest snap til early March when he is supposed to arrive.
On the yoga front, it's the perfect time to deepen your practice and bring your exercise indoors. There are so many fantastic teachers, workshops, venues to choose from in our city, and in Cambridge/Somerville alone! I am yearning for an intense heated vinyasa at Bow Street or with Karma Longtin but I suppose that will have to wait til later in the spring! ;)
For now, my latest pose of the moment, is extended side angle pose (utthita parsvakonasana). You know it. It's the one I bring you into quite often from Warrior II. It brings the leg strength, side-body opening, spine lengthening, and arm extension that feels so good to me right now in my bigger belly state. Practice it with me this month (big belly or not) to get your body open and strong, too!

Schedule this month: at Karma Yoga Cambridge
MWF: 12:00-1:00pm vinyasa
Wednesday: 4-5pm Prenatal

*With so much to do this month and travelling coming up, plus the growing belly, I've decided to drop my T/TH classes. I hope to still see many of you during the noon slot and just around Karma taking other classes, as I hope to make time for some more of that myself. If you want to chat over tea or plan to attend another class, shoot me a line, and maybe I'll be up for meeting some of you around.
**I will be subbing in my old timeslot this coming Monday, Dec. 6th for Erica at 10:30! If you're around, I'd love to see you then or right after at my noon class.
***At the end of the month, I will be heading to my family in Philly for Christmas, then to New York to my in-law's for New Year's. So, I will have the following subs:
Lakota will teach my noon class on 12/22, 12/27, and 12/29. Kate Heffernan will teach it on 12/31.
Prenatal Class will not take place on 12/22 or 12/29. It will resume in the new year on Wednesday, Jan. 5.

Faves of the Month:

--Michelle Pfennighaus' Holiday Recipe E-Book from Find Your Balance Health
**For those of you who don't know about Michelle yet, she is also a yogini/mom-to-be who happens to be a wonderfully skilled holistic health practitioner. Sad to say, she has now left the Boston area for D.C. but lucky for us, we can be in touch with her anytime via our world wide web. ;) Her website and blog are part of my weekly updates for important health info or recipes. She just came out with her Holiday Recipe E-Book, which is so exciting! If you're looking for fast and easy recipes that you can bring up on your computer or iPad, then this is your answer. Check it out!

--Flowerfolk shop on Etsy--
**Nazarene Zabel concocts the most delightful and organic herbal skincare around. Her products are luxurious and pure, so they make great gifts! I've been using her products for years now and can attest to their power. Not only are Naz's products high quality, but they are made with the utmost care and vibrant healing energy that she possesses. If you're local, she's having an open house next Friday, Dec. 10 in Cambridge where you can test/purchase her products in person (email me if you're interested), or make sure to get your etsy order in by Dec. 12 so she has time to make everything before taking off on her holiday.
--My picks: Mossy Sister Facial Scrub and the Rose Empress Elixir

--Eye Pillows by An Li Liu--
**These are the super cute and cozy eye pillows that some of you may have seen for sale at Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge. An Li is one of my fellow yoga teachers there, who also happens to be a lovely artist. These pillows are the perfect simple gift for those in your life who practice yoga or meditation (or who might be a new mom needing some sleep/relaxation). They are just $25 and come with a handy little carry sack.

--More music from Iceland--
*Olof Arnalds' latest album, Innundir Skinni is just magic to the ears. She has a song with Bjork singing backup, called Surrender.
*Jonsi's Go Live DVD and album. With songs that weren't on his album, but that he played live in concert, it's more than a treat. I'm waiting for the hardcopy to be shipped my way!
You'll be hearing both in class very soon...

May all of you enjoy the magic of this month. Happy Hanukkah this very moment! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and New Year to come! No matter what your family traditions are, or what you celebrate/honor, it's a time to smile at your neighbor and use your practice for peace.

So, much peace and great love to you all,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Yoga Adventures to check out

Since I am not going to be leading a yoga trip to a far off place any time soon, I thought I'd let people in on some fantastic options out there for the coming months ahead. If I could, I would go on all of these! Hope you get some inspiration and look into joining one of these special trips:
*Lawino Maria Johnson (currently of Iceland) is leading an ashtanga trip to Cambodia next month.
*Ben Crosky guides you through various adventures in the coming months:
--Surfing in Panama (January) with yogini Heather Lilleston
--Mayan Ruins in Mexico (February) with yogini Jorja Rivero
--Fire Dancing in Costa Rica (March) with yogins Ellen Waylonis May and Roger May
*YogaThree's Chanel Luck leads her annual Baja Mexico trip in March
*Holistic Nutritionist and Meditation Teacher, Meghan, along with Tropical Escapes, takes on her annual St. Lucia wellness retreats in both January and Febuary

These are all pretty affordable options to get away for a bit in the winter to rejuvenate your body and spirit with people that I trust and believe in. If you go, let me know how it is!

Friday, November 5, 2010

November News

November is here! We are in the best part of fall now. It's crisp outside and just a nice time of transition. I am fresh off of more beautiful moments in my life and feeling a lot better these days. Thank you all for your continued well wishes and support both in and out of class. As my belly grows and my body shifts, I learn to become more and more accepting of it. Much more than ever before (duh, I'm totally growing a person in there)'s such a fascinating experience. This new attitude of acceptance and change is in tune with this season, too, since all I crave is reading, organizing, nesting, cooking. These are all things we all typically crave, whether growing a baby and needing to slow down, or just growing your heart and needing to slow down in the coming months.
This moment in the year for us all requires focus and a harnessing of prana for the coming dark months ahead.
And so my pose of the month is Dekasana /Airplane Pose! It reminds us to keep our foundation strong. We stand on one leg, with our core holding us up, our arms creating balance as wings by our side, and our hips lifting the other leg to level our bodies so that the torso remains in a long, steady line. The pose requires us to breathe through feelings of instability and those moments we think we might just crash. Both physically and mentally it is just what you might need this month. Happy flying!

--I am subbing Sarah's hatha class this Saturday, Nov. 6 at 10am.

MWF: noon-1:00pm vinyasa
TH: 4-5:15pm vinyasa
Wednesday Prenatal Class from 4-5:15pm --spread the word to pregnant friends or postnatal in need of some mama body love

Karma Cambridge holiday hours:
November 24th - Wednesday - before Thanksgiving - CLOSED AT 2pm
November 25th - Thursday - Thanksgiving - CLOSED ALL DAY

**I will most likely be out of town, Friday, Nov. 26th. Sub info to come...

--Fun things to check out this month: for really different and interesting yoga clothes and accessories for my wedding photographer's blog and insights. She is a super talented artist and lady. Check her out. Essences and Meditation with Catherine Iagnemma-- she is my friend and neighbor from whom I've received flower essence therapy from since I've gotten pregnant. It's a natural, beautiful way to try a different style of mindfulness therapy.

Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World by Birute Regine. Birute is a Cantabridgian and Karma yogini who has inspired ME to transform and recognize the iron butterfly within myself during the last few years. I am currently reading this fantastic book (for both women and men. Yes, men, it talks to you too!) and highly recommend it. --if you're looking for a yoga adventure getaway this coming winter, check out my friend Ben's site for his upcoming trips, including:
Salute the Sun, Worship the Waves
Panama - January 23rd - 29th

Join Solyoga Trips and Heather Lilleston for a unique opportunity to practice yoga and learn how to surf in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the islands of Bocas del Toro. You’ll stay in a unique eco-lodge on a private beach on a small island called Bastimientos. Your days will be filled with yoga, surfing, exploring the islands that surround you and delicious food.


Finally, thank you all who so graciously contributed to my Global Mala/Yoga Reaches Out cause. I was able to reach the $250 goal required by all participants and the total group of all yogis in participation went on to raise 5 figures for Children's Hospital and Yoga for Single Moms. Thank you SO much!

I leave you with a quote from a fave song of mine. I was teaching my 12:00 class today and this song was on the playlist and I thought these lines were perfect for us all this time of year.

"Just don't lie to your heart. This will be the hardest part. But lying on the surface,
everybody's got a dark place they hold on to. They all go to. We are just learning as we go, learning as we go..."
--Leona Naess
From her album "Thirteens"

Much peace & love,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A New Woman and More

I am now a married lady! As many of you know, I recently wed my sweet love in a gorgeous and perfect autumn ceremony on the island of Nantucket. It was magical in so many ways. I walked out with my dad through a hedge on a bluff overlooking the ocean just at the time when dusk was drawing near. And what was the music? Of course it was Icelandic throughout. Olafur Arnald's tunes brought us into the ceremony. My beautiful husband and I were overjoyed from the moment. We were married by his aunt, who is also a yoga teacher. We incorporated Ganesha into the ceremony and chanted to him, as well as did a handfasting ritual with mala beads. And our ending song was Sigur Ros carrying us into our new life.
You can check out some pics from our super talented and special photographer friend, Jen Altman.
*click on 'love' then click 'nantucket' and once through with those, click 'polaroids' to see a few more.
Jen was even more than I hoped for as a photographer. She was more like an old friend and even helped assemble flowers and keep us all smiling. She's superb!

On another note, I just hit the 5 month mark in my pregnancy! The little guy (yes, we found out it's a boy!) and I are doing great. I've felt him moving around and I also have more energy, which is so much better than how my first trimester went. Back into the routine of my practice and teaching this week. And I've added a prenatal yoga class once a week at Karma Cambridge. So, if you are a mom-to-be or even if you are newly postnatal, come do a slow flow with me targeting our needs. It's every Wednesday from 4-5pm.

Happy soup eating, scarf wearing, fire huddling, and tea drinking...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October News

October, autumnal greetings, everyone!

It's one of the best times of year in Boston. Spontaneous weather, yummy new smells & colors, roasted veggies in our ovens and bellies again! I'm gonna try to keep this short, since last month I had an installment of 2 emails. I am so grateful for all of your responses to my news. It makes me deeply warm & fuzzy all over to have such love streaming out/pouring in from many directions. And as I said in class last night, it's like you're getting double the energy from me in class these days...since there's another being in my body! Good stuff.

**October Schedule has changed. !!! First time in a LONG time that I've changed it this much, and that I've taught so few classes. But, my body and the baby is yearning for more rest and a slower pace. So, I'm gonna see how this goes. I will miss all of you that come to Karma Cambridge at night, terribly. But I hope I'll still be able to see you at times. As our practice teaches us always, change is inevitable, and is always welcome.

MWF: 12:00-1:00 all levels vinyasa
T/TH: 4:00-5:15 all levels vinyasa
Wednesdays (starting on 10/20): 4:00-5:00 Prenatal Yoga! Calling all Mom's to be (and Dad's to be)'ll be led by a Mom to be. ;)

**I will have a short hiatus starting mid-next week into the following week while I'm away for my wedding! So, the sub schedule will be:
W--10/6-- Lakota
Th--10/7-- Bethania
F--10/8-- Sarah B.

**Other things I'm working on: BYOB (Mommy/Baby Series) at Karma in November, maybe adding a weekend class, a prenatal yoga/reiki workshop with Naz at Bow Street Yoga, and hopefully more...

Pose of the month: Anjaneyasana--High Lunge or Crescent Lunge. Come into Warrior 1, but instead lift the back heel off the floor by curling the toes under. Keep that back leg strong with the thigh active (unless you need to modify by dropping that back knee to the mat). Front knee is aligned over the ankle joint. Arms are warrior-like.
It stretches the hip flexors, the back heel and calf, the torso. Strengthens the front thigh, the ankles, the spine and back. And most of all, it's full of joy & empowerment. I always practice it when I need that little pick me up. And I chose for this month because of all the goodness going on in my life and hopefully in yours.

Things I'm loving right now:

--The red lentil soup at Viva Cafe across from Karma Cambridge. So delicious and served with warm pita bread.
--The new Amiina album, Puzzle (which I think you can only get on their website at the moment)
--My new Lucy pants and top (check out the pic! And the one of me standing is from 16 weeks. Now 17 and getting bigger each week. ;) ). The store at Dedham's Legacy place is full of cozy yoga and workout wear. Plus, this outdoor mall has other fun shops like Anthropologie, Free People, Lululemon, Paper Source, etc.

**Just a reminder about the fundraising I'm doing for the yoga community/children. I am only $60 from the goal we were given! There is still a month left to donate (ends Nov. 1) and old dollar or few. So, if you think of it, every bit will be greatly appreciated by me and many more!
Click this link to donate:

xxx to you all,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Global Mala 2010, Help me Reach my Goal!

Hi friends & family,

There's a beautiful yoga event that has been taking place around the world over the last few years every September. It's called Global Mala and it falls each year around the UN National Peace Day and the Autumn Equinox, to bring awareness around the world for peace, well-being, and compassion for those in need. It was created by the teacher Shiva Rea and has spread to almost every major city in the world.
Yogis in those cities gather for most of the day to practice yoga together (this year it will be 108 minutes of yoga, plus kirtan and more for those of us in Boston). We unite to bring awareness/positive energy to our cities, and to the world. Each city has a different group, different charities they support, different events throughout the day...but the goal remains the same.

This year in Boston, it's led yet again by my friends of Yoga Three (Chanel, Bonnie, and Roberto) as well as a new board called "Yoga Reaches Out." It takes place this coming Sunday, September 19th around the world, and in Boston at Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play football). It's something I look forward to every year and it's exciting that it keeps growing.
This year, I most likely will not physically attend the event since you all know I am pregnant and have been dealing with the stresses and sickness that goes along with it. However, I am still taking place in the event by trying to fundraise for the charities in Boston. All registrants have been given the goal to raise $250. My goal is to exceed that goal and at least raise $350!

No worries if you just can't do it, or quite frankly don't want to. I'm just putting the word out and seeing what happens, since I believe in small groups of people coming together to do great things. ;)
So if you're interested in donating $1, $5, $20, or whatever you choose, then go to my site at:

*FYI: You have til November 1st to donate!

And if you'd still like to learn more about the event, check out the website at:

Thanks for your support!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Magic Summer Days Playlist

I have so been neglecting this poor little blog...for good reason, which I will get to in another week or two.  But, in the meantime, I've finally created a new playlist for my classes.  Check it out and hope to see you tapping those toes on the mat soon.  ;)

1. Firecracker--Frazey Ford
2. Bird of Paradise--Frazey Ford
3. Feels Like Sugar--Hjaltalin
4. Rest Your Head--Lali Puna
5. Romance to the Grave--Broken Social Scene
6. Stay By You--Hjaltalin
7. Blue Streak Mama--Frazey Ford
8. Leave House--Caribou
9. Sweet Impressions--Hjaltalin
10. Safe Tomorrow--Lali Puna
11. Kolnidur--Jonsi
12. Goin' Over--Frazey Ford
13. Everything is Always--Lali Puna
14. Bring On The Wonder--Sarah McLachlan
15. Summer Logic--Borko
16. Reciting the Airships--Eluvium

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Adventures in Iceland

In my previous post, I went through our daily routine on our Icelandic yoga adventure earlier this summer.  Now, as promised, I bring you our daily excursions!  We wouldn't have called the weeklong yoga retreat an adventure if we weren't serious about bringing it.  So, here's how it played out:

Sunday-Our first day in Iceland.  We had a full day of Blue Lagoon, a little of Reykjavik, driving out to Reykholt, an hour of yoga, dinner, and then we split up to have our own little adventures if we'd like before sleep.  My partner and I headed up into the hills near the hotel to take in the view.  It was still sunny out at 11pm.  I think some of the others in our group went in the hot pots, took walks, and enjoyed the wellness rooms.  
Monday-After yoga and lunch, a man named Jonny came to pick us up.  He drove us to the waterfalls of Hraunfoss and Barnafoss about 15 min. away.  The water comes from nearby glaciers and is so blue and fresh.  Surrounded by lava rock fields, we were lucky to have a warm day.  We did some yoga asanas in the landscape.  
Then we moved on to the area called Husafell.  There's this artist named Pall, who has made the area known.  He works out there on his rock art creations, which I just adore.  There is a ravine nearby that you can hike, so after we spent time with his magical rocks, we split up into groups of 3 for the hike.  Ben, AC, and Sheree took the high route and climbed the huge hill trying to find the waterfall.  Liana, David, and I took the ravine.  We stepped around more of Pall's rocks, saw some interesting plants, lots of spiders, moss, and eventually had to walk across slippery rocks to get closer to the waterfall.  It was a trip to see the other 3 so high up above us!  They came to a little natural pool of water up there.  Over an hour later, we all met up back at the base to compare notes.  An amazing afternoon.  To top it all off, after dinner, Haukur (from the hotel) gave us a presentation and talk about Iceland's mythology, history, and the hidden people.  
Tuesday:  This was our true adventure day because we formed it ourselves and had no idea what to expect.  We heard from the hotel that a woman who sometimes works there also has a farm way up on the hill about 2 miles away.  So, once again after our morning of yoga and food, we set out on our own.  The six of us hopped over a barbed wire fence surrounding the field and began the trek over these mounds of grass and dirt that made us feel like video game competitors hopping from mound to mound.  Eventually we made it to the little river where we took off our shoes and socks to ford across (and then spent a moment skipping stones).  Next we came across a herd of Icelandic horses and simply spent time enjoying their company.  So sweet!  They were sad for us to leave, but again we went under another fence to continue the last part up the hill to the farm (Kloppareykir).  Upon arrival, we were met by the friendly Hilda, who took us all around the farm introducing us to the animals and so kindly answering all our questions.  She let us sit on her horse (we couldn't ride them because they were all sick with colds...though strong Liana pretty much rode one and gave us all something to care about, whew!) We went in to the barn where the pregnant sheep were and got to hold some of the little lambs.  And then to meet some little chicks and roosters.  
There was a cold wind this day, though sunny.  By this point, it was nearing evening, but none of us could tell.  We again split up.  David, Sheree, and I took off in the opposite direction to find the 9-hole golf course!  We again had to ford the river (and thank goodness for Sheree and her stash of granola bars), but made it to the course that the old farmer had made out of his fields after he was too injured to physically work anymore.  It was great!  I was cold and exhausted, but upon seeing this creation of fun...we all perked up.  Sheree and I shared clubs and we all took turns perfecting our swing, losing balls, and sinking putts.  We even stopped after hole 3 to have coffee and homemade Icelandic doughnuts that the owner made, called kleinur.  Such fun!  None of us could say we'd ever tried golfing in such an incredible, diverse, unique setting (at 9pm at that) before.  Luckily, we got a ride back to the hotel and met the others just in time to make it for dinner before the kitchen closed.  

Whew, so there's a taste of the week so far!  I'll finish in the next post...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our adventure routine

So, in the Icelandic countryside town of Reykholt for 3 full days, we did more or less the same routine of mindful adventure each one of them.  
7:30am--wake up and meditate together for 30 min.
8-10:00am-- free time for breakfast (choice of hardboiled eggs, toast, jams, cheeses, skyr with cereal, waffles, fruit, yumminess) and time for use of the wellness rooms (hello massage chair!) or a soak in the hot pots
10:30am-11:45 or noon-- Vinyasa Yoga practice.  We practiced in a larger hotel room with wooden floors and nice view out to the old cemetary/church and mountains.  And the last day we had a very special practice on the 3rd floor of the separate school building.  It was full of windows looking out into the fields, the mountains, the horses, the glaciers, the light.  And it had cozy meditation cushions, buddhas, and a great energy.  
Each of our practices were different, per my usual style.  The moon was in Aries and then Taurus, so we did a bold Prana Flow on Monday.  Tuesday, we honored the goddess Idunn, for rejuvenation, innocence & beauty and we started our inversion work.  Wednesday was for the Norse god, Odin, who rules wisdom, courage, poetry.  It was a special practice, as it was our last one in Reykholt.  Everyone was beginning to make breakthroughs, both mentally and physically.  Beautiful.
12-2:00pm--open time for yourself and for lunch
2:00-sometime around 6 or 7pm--adventure excursion of the day (post about these to come next!)
7:30/8:00pm--Dinner.  We always gathered in the dining room at the same table.  Usually we had a different waiter each night, but they were always cheery and delightful.  The chef on staff did the most amazing job at creating delicious vegetarian meals for us all.  Homemade bread with creamy Icelandic butter was always a favorite to us hungry yoginis and yogis after a long day.   On our last night we had the option to choose fresh arctic char, which was absolutely splendid in every bite.  
After dinner time--
Sometimes we'd soak in the hot pots, sometimes use the wellness rooms, but we always had something going on...
Our 2nd night there, the hotel manager, Haukur, gave us the most interesting presentation about the history of mythology and the hidden people of Iceland.  He was the most brilliant speaker/performer and engaging storyteller.  On the 3rd night, we ended up chatting for a long time with local people and the staff (mostly Oskar and Daniel).  It was great to ask questions and they didn't mind answering our curious minds about their culture and people.  A really fun bunch!  Our last night there, Oskar gave us many a riddle during and after dinner to try to figure out.  Lots of laughter!  Later, around 11:00pm, we all went with him to the yoga room to do a session of AcroYoga.  Ben (our SolYoga Trip organizer) taught us some basics and we tested them out for a half hour or so.  My partner, David, and I were able to take turns holding eachother up and "flying" in different asana positions.  Such fun to practice trusting yourself and the person you're working with.  It brought a lightness to our last night in the countryside that we all needed to feel.  

So, the days were long and full.  We all dealt with various soreness and tiredness, but the energy from the land and our excursions made up for it and kept us going, going for those 4 days.  None of us had experienced the 21 or so hours of daylight before.  It made us want to stay up late chatting or yoga-ing.  I guess tiring ourselves out helped us sleep better with the light streaming into the room.  
It was a time for laughter, solidarity, personal goals, serious stillness, overcoming fears and working through them, quirky conversations, openness, magic, belief in oneself, and change.  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Flow of Iceland

"Maybe the goal with anything you do is to find the flow, it makes you feel alive, and it's important to me to feel alive.  And the more it flows the purer it gets, you know, you get into this mode where the things just happen and you don't even think about it, and afterwards you look at what you've done and you feel like 'wow that's really amazing.'"  --Jonsi 

I found this quote (from one of my heroes) in the magazine at the hotel where we started out our Iceland Yoga Adventure.  It pretty much sums up our experience there and how it feels to genuinely get into your groove on and off the mat.  It's certainly my goal in life.  
So, here I begin my story-telling of the month-long journey I just took.  Bare with me as I try to make interesting posts and share my stories.  ;)

We arrived in Iceland on the early morning of Sunday, June 6th.  There were 6 of us from New England, ready to feel the power of a new land.  My partner and I were the only ones who had been there before, so it was up to us to bring the enthusiasm and insight into such a special country.  The first thing we did was have skyr (Icelandic yogurt) and swiss mochas at the airport.  It was lovely for all of us to gather and chat over breakfast.  We already began a yogic discussion and I knew that the week was going to be a special one.  Then we took the drive to the Blue Lagoon.  It was there that we overcame our tiredness from the red-eye flight as we soaked for a couple hours in the healing, milky-blue, warm water.  Two of the gals got in-water massages.  You can also put the silica mud on your face and body as a sort of mask.  After turning our fingers to prunes, we decided to leave.  Drove into the capital of Reykjavik and had a nourishing vegetarian lunch at one of the restaurants there that specialized in simply veggie cuisine.  I was SO excited to be back in this city that I love.  Was constantly asking questions to our driver for the day (Siggi) as well as constantly pointing scenery and facts out to the group.  I am a total nerd about Iceland, but I feel this only adds the experience of everyone...right?  Haha.  
Once we arrived in the small town of Reykholt in the area called Borgarfjordur, it was late afternoon and the sun was shining bright.  We checked into our rooms at the hotel, took time to freshen up and relax, then met for our first yoga session!  It was warm enough that we did our 1 hour practice outside on the deck by the hot pots (the geothermal hot tubs).  We were facing the mountains and had just the sound of the birds and wind to rejuvenate us after the long day.  I led a rinsing flow for our hips and legs with a few backbends.  No warriors or standing poses at all.  It was just the right beginning for our week ahead.  
Dinner was beet salad with a lentil/barley mishmash.  Delicious and creative cuisine which had us excited for the week as well.  Bedtime around 10:30pm.  It was still light out and easy to want to stay up and explore/play, but sleep was calling.  First day in Iceland=success!  In fact, one of the gals said she could have left the next day and been satisfied.  Oh, just wait...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey friends,

In Sweden now. Been away from home for 2 weeks! Missing you all back at Karma and Bow Street. Happy start to summer! My Iceland Yoga Adventure was a beautiful and fully adventurous week. SO much to talk about and report, but I'll have to leave that for later. I am not travelling with my computer so pictures will have to wait til later, too. But, in the meantime you can go to SolYoga Trips to see an update about our retreat. I am still processing it, as it was a truly remarkable moment of the year.
Since then, been in Denmark and the past 5 days with dear friends with the south of Sweden. It's been picturesque and I've had many practices on my own. I'm in the countryside here, so it's been ideal to practice. Just filmed one today, so I'll have that to post in the future. ;) The biggest lesson I'm gonna try to take from this stay is to remember that the peace I feel here can be taken with me. It's a hard task at hand, especially while in the hustle and bustle of bigger cities and spaces, but it's one I'm going to try to fulfill. I haven't really been watching anything, listening to anything...just listening to nature, and reading books/writing. It's truly a joy to feel at ease.
Off to Stockholm in the morning through the weekend. Sending peace and greetings from this prana-filled land.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Pose of Month & Send-Off

Godan daginn!  The time has come for my Yoga Adventure in Iceland...and so it's my last few days teaching in Cambridge/Somerville for about a month!  (I leave this Saturday, 6/5) There is a group of 6 of us total about to excursion near the Arctic Sea in one of my favorite places.  We'll be there for a week; meditating, flowing & growing in our yoga practice, and discovering new things.  After that, my adventure will continue.  I have  great friends in the south of Sweden who invited me to visit, so the rest of the trip evolved from there.  My partner and I will be in Denmark, Sweden, Berlin, and London before returning to MA in early July.  
I must say...I've never been on a trip this long and I was feeling guilty for a bit about leaving you all for so long.  However, my spirit must continue to strengthen and discover new ideas, new teachings, life outside of Boston.  I am lucky to have this opportunity before me and I plan to make the most of it!  

June Pose of the Month?  Prasaritta Padottanasana into headstand!  (wide-legged forward fold-headstand).  Why?  Because we're gearing up for the Summer Solstice and it's time to conquer our fears.  The group in Iceland will be doing just that and trying this pose again and again to open up new boundaries in our practices.  Don't force it.  Just keep breathing into your low back, your knees, your hamstrings, your head...and when the time comes (whether it be tomorrow or 5 years from now), you'll discover that maybe your arms have become stronger, or your legs more open, or the fear of going upside down has subsided.  

So, I am taking a video camera with me to document some yoga time overseas.  I hope to share it all with you upon my return.  Check back from time to time while I'm away, as I hope to update a couple times with how things are going.  ;)

**While I'm away, something to consider/check out:
--The Karma Yoga Studio 200-hour Teacher Training Program with me is set to begin this fall.  Applications are now at the front desk and sign-ups are open!  Check out the website for more details...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sag Full Moon in Gemini Playlist

1. The Album Leaf/Explosions in the Sky
2. Broken Social Scene- World Sick
3. Imogen Heap- Earth
4. Mum- A Little Bit, Sometimes
5. Broken Social Scene-Highway Slipper Jam
6. Caribou- Odessa
7. The National- Bloodbuzz Ohio
8. Forro- Limoeiro Do Norte
9. Bat for Lashes- Sleep Alone
10. Broken Social Scene- Sentimental X's
11. Beach House- Zebra
12. Jonsi- Sinking Friendships
13. The Black Keys- Everlasting Light
14. Seabear- Fire Dies Down
15. Arms and Sleepers- The Paramour
16. Frou Frou- Hear Me Out
17. Bon Iver- Blood Bank
18. Imogen Heap- Half Life (instrumental)
19. Tori Amos- Cloud on my Tongue
20. Olafur Arnalds- Pau Hafa Sloppid Undan Punga Myrkursins
21. Sigur Ros- Untitled 3

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thankful for neighborly nights, working with shenpa, and moon practices

May is almost over and is it just me, or has it been an intense one?!  It's been the busiest month I've had in a long time.  Family visiting me, me visiting them, teaching/learning/yoga-ing non-stop, rehearsing music & performing, baby showers, bbq's, concerts, and planning my upcoming trip.  Whew!  On top of that, the moon has brought intense emotions to the forefront.  I've seen it with a lot of my friends and their transitions during this time, and I've also seen it within myself.  
Been reading and listening to a lot of Pema Chodron, the wise Tibetan Buddhist nun.  She talks a lot about the power of positive thinking, getting unstuck, awakening lovingkindness towards yourself and then to others.  My partner and I have been working on our shenpa this month.  It could be why the emotions start to rise up...because shenpa refers to dealing with the negative thoughts and urges that arise, that we give into over and over again, thus reinforcing our cravings, habits, addictions.  And when you recognize shenpa, it is the first step to refraining, then relaxing, then resolving it.  But, it doesn't mean it'll be easy.  
I recently had a friend ask me what my shenpa could be.  I am a yoga teacher after all, with a very sunny outlook on life.  At the same time, I am also a human being.  A Cancer Sun with a Leo Moon...full of emotions, sensitivities to emotions, and the constant urge to want to deal with them and move towards my intentions.  This means that yes, I too, deal with fears, irritabilities, sadness, and anger.  And try to deal with it in a healthy way, through yoga, meditation, and friends.  
That said, I have such amazing support around me in my loved ones and even in my acquaintances that moving forward always seems in reach.  The full moon on Thursday reminded us of the power of our thoughts.  It reminded us that if we imbue them with the power to know ourselves/be the person we are deep within our core being, then we will awaken our potential to contribute to the world around us.  
I developed a special Full Moon practice on Thursday out of the blue, and have been teaching it the past few days.  It has revived me and my students in ways that are indescribable.  I feel so lucky to share such things when they come to fruition and to help everyone who steps on their mat under my guidance to feel safe and open to this very awakening.  How grateful I am to do what I am meant to do and love doing.  
And last night, my partner and I had a spontaneous encounter with our neighbors that ended up with sharing a meal in their backyard.  We met their friends, watched two 5 year olds build and bounce around, and talked til late in the night.  It was a warm and welcome break in the long month that's been had. more week of teaching and planning til my adventure abroad...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey, End of May-Playlist

Have recently acquired some more new music!  Been obsessed with listening to Icelandic (trip is less than 2 weeks away!), but thanks to friends and remembering to look up some new stuff, I have this new fun playlist.  And there will me more where this came from.  
Thanks to the beautiful ladies who joined Naz and I yesterday in our spring yoga/reiki workshop!  It was a delightful afternoon together.  xo

1. Olafur Arnalds-- Pu Ert Jordin
2.      "            "     --  Pu Ert Solin
3.     "             "     -- Haegt, Kemur Ljosid
4. Stars-- Look Up
5. Sigur Ros-- Inni mer syngur vitleysingur
6. Mum-- Blessed Brambles
7. Jonsi-- Tornado
8. Broken Social Scene-- All to All
9. Thievery Corporation-- The Outernationalist
10. Jehro-- Master Blaster (Demo)
11. Leona Naess-- Un-Named
12. Stereolab-- Neon Beanbag
13. Tiken Jah Fakoly-- Missiri
14. Olafur Arnalds-- Tunglid
15. Deb Talan-- Whetstones
16. Theresa Andersson-- Hi-Low
17. Mr. Silla & Mongoose-- Do Not Know
18. Olafur Arnalds-- Gleypa Okkur
19. The Kinks-- Strangers
20. The National-- Little Faith
21. Sin Fang Bous-- Fa Fa Fa
22.  Sigur Ros-- Med Blodnasir
23. Olafur Arnalds-- Pau Hafa Sloppid Undan Punga Myrkursins
24.      "           "       -- Kjurrt
25.      "           "       -- Undan Hulu
26.      "          "       --  Loftid Verdur Skyndilega Kalt

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teaching at Majestic Yoga the next few Saturdays!

Yogis in Boston area--

I will be teaching a Saturday morning all levels vinyasa class at a gorgeous, light-filled studio in Huron Village Cambridge for the next couple weekends (before I head to Iceland!).  
This is a welcome opportunity for me to switch it up for a moment and see you all a bit more before I head off for an adventure.  ;)

Where:  Majestic Yoga,  223 Concord Ave.--across from Hi Rise Bakery
When:  Saturday May 22, May 29-- 10:00-11:30am
What:  My usual Lunar influenced, open-hearted, mindful vinyasa flow

Classes are $17 drop-in.  There is parking in the back.  Hope to see you there!
**Bring a friend for FREE this week only (May 22).  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Workshop tomorrow with Naz and I!

Settle Into Spring Yoga/Reiki Workshop

SUNDAY, MAY 23RD 2-4:45 PM

Bow Street Yoga

Join yoga teacher Jenn Pici and reiki/herbalist Naz Zabel for this yoga and reiki experience to awaken and stabilize your physical body and emotional spirit for the spring season.
We will begin with an introduction to reiki followed by a 90 minute all levels vinyasa practice with Jenn.  As we relax and let go in savasana, Naz will perform reiki in order to complete our awakening and open up the subtle energy points of our bodies.
Post reiki/savasana, Jenn and Naz will open discussion about cleansing herbs, teas, foods and remedies to keep you stay healthy and balanced through the spring transitional season.  Naz will have samples of her Flowerfolk herbal line as well.
***due to the sensitivity of the energy work
 class size limited to 12**
For more about Naz, check out:

*Then, that night, she and I will be joining forces yet again, along with the 3rd member of our play a 30min. set of original tunes as The Sass Factor at O'Brien's Pub in Allston.  8pm.  

BYOB Yoga Series at Karma Yoga-Cambridge

BYOBY (Bring-Your-Own-Baby Yoga!) 
Connect with your baby and your body in a whole new light! 
A three part series:
Wednesday, May 19th, 2pm-3:30pm
Wednesday, May 26th, 2pm-3:30pm
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2pm-3:30pm

> Join this all-levels vinyasa flow based class, tailored to students who have recently become new parents and still need their yoga!

> Each class will include breathing and flowing asanas that will either include the baby or leave room for the baby to rest while Mom or Dad fits in some practice. 

> The focus will vary each week in the following schedule:
-May 19th: forward folds and leg strength
-May 26th: shoulders, arm strength, back bends
-June 2nd: hips, hamstrings, core 

We will provide a loving environment open to parents and their babies that are 18 months or younger.

Don't miss it! Sign up early at the front desk or via phone (617.547.9642)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wanna sing about the Iceland volcano and then go see it with me?

So, lots has been going on since my last post.  Can't believe it's been over a month.  Hopefully I'll have time to write some more of my latest yoga thoughts soon...but in the meantime, DO check this out!  As many of you know, I play the ukulele in a band called The Sass Factor 
and that I'm slightly obsessed with music that is born out of Iceland.  If you click the link below, you will understand my delight in this little find about the volcano over there that caused such media frenzy.  

My upcoming Yoga Adventure and the Midnight Sun in ICELAND is fast approaching!  About one month and counting.  Eyjafjallajokull has quieted down, and in fact, we may even travel to visit her while we're there.  I have a glorious and affordable trip planned out.  Yoga daily for all levels (even if you've never practiced before, but are just interested in coming to Iceland!), hikes, hot spring soaking, caves, laying on moss, riding or at least petting their cute horses, taking in the freshest air I've ever tasted, bopping to music, checking out the art, eating skyr, and finding inspired fashion.  
That said, it is now the last week that you can sign up for this trip that is so very dear to me.  We'd love to have a few more people along for the ride.  So, double check your agendas and maybe I'll learn the Eyjafjallajokull song for ya.  ;)

SolYoga Trips to learn all you need about the trip and make your deposit!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iceland Adventure: Yoga and the Midnight Sun!

Looking for a new way to kick off your summer?  Want to adventure with me in a healthy way to enjoy daily yoga, nourishing food, great music, breathtaking scenery, fantastic art & fashion, and fun excursions like hiking/horseback/cave touring/hot pool soaking?  All you have to do is go here:

I'm taking a group of 10-12 with me on a highly personal and special trip from June 5-13th to Iceland!  This is a long time coming...and I'm so happy to share it with anyone who wants to come along.  

Check out past blog posts to understand some more of my love for this land:

Just saw Seabear in concert here in Cambridge.  It was the best music I'd seen live in a long time and made all of us happy for days!  In another month Jonsi will be in town and I'll have my music fix before actually heading over there.  
You can hear some of this music in my classes as we vinyasa our way to content and healthy minds.  :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After the Swirling Playlist

1. Four Tet:  Reversing
2. Seabear: Arms (While the Fire Dies Version)   
*They are playing in Cambridge at TT the Bear's in Central Sq. this Sunday night, 3/28th!  :)
3. Four Tet: Circling
4. Nelly Furtado: The Grass is Green
5. Seabear: Fire Dies Down
6. Seabear: Cold Summer
7. Jose Gonzalez: Abram
8. Natalie Walker: Lost my Shadow
9. Seabear: Lion Face Boy
10. The New Pornagraphers: Failsafe
11. Seabear: I'll Build You a Fire
12. Seabear: Pocketknife
13. Tori Amos: Goodbye Pisces
14. Seabear: Leafmask
15. Regina Spektor: Eet
16. Seabear: We Fell Off the Roof
17. Ray LaMontagne: Be Here Now
18. Mum: Winter (What We Never Were After All)
19. Johann Johannsson: Fordlandia

Monday, March 15, 2010

Swirling through the washing machine to Spring

Spring has officially arrived!  The exclamation point is to be noted, yes.  It may be cold and dreary out again but we were gifted with a glorious start to a spring weekend that I am very grateful for.  After a long bout with a nasty virus and cold, it's nice to have seen the sun and now welcome the birds and bulbs again.  
My teaching this month has been building to this point in the cycle of seasons.  I can always sense this time of year when there is a restlessness in everyone coming to the mat.  We are all seeking a bit of change and a bit of good health and wellness as the temperatures rise.  Personally, I have been going through my own bout of restlessness.  Just feeling so full of ideas, things to work on, confusion about how much to take on, where to go next, what more to do...
You'd think by now that I'd be able to zen my way out of such inner swirling.  But we are all human after all, and even 10 years on the mat won't take you out of societal/economic pressure, worries, confusion.  The best part of it all is the fact that I am not alone in this feeling; in this inner battle that occurs from time to time.  And that is simply one reason why I teach yoga.  I believe in energy from one person to the next and that if we tap into connecting with each other's and spreading positive energy around, then it will help with these feelings on a whole.  
It helps to have wise friends and loved ones in the mix, too.  I received an energy reading from the lovely Kriste Peoples, and it simply reminded me to be in the present.  I was able to work with my very best friend again to guide you all on a spring cleansing flow as she worked her reiki magic and talked about her favorite spring herbs.  I was able to convene with other goddesses in my life on a quest to let go and welcome the abundance waiting in our path.  And I am lucky to have a partner that pushes me towards that abundant bouquet of spring flowers in my day to day life.  
So, all in all, it's time for gratitude of winter and the swirling it brought in the cycle.  Because now we can take it and jump through.  

*Paschimottanasana to Virabhadrasana II!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain brings week from now...

a Vinyasa Flow and Reiki energy cleanse

on Sunday, March 21st, 3pm-5:15pm
with Jenn Pici (yoga) and Nazarene Zabel (reiki) 

Spring awaits us and it's time to shed off the winter energy and make room for some awakening and fresh energy!

> Join us for an introduction to reiki, then for a 90 min. all levels vinyasa practice with Jenn to prepare your physical body and your emotional spirit for the changing of the seasons!

> We will then relax in meditative savasana to allow Nazarene to perform reiki on us in order to complete our awakening and open our subtle energy points for spring!

> Post-reiki/savasana, Jenn and Naz will open discussion about cleansing herbs, teas, foods, remedies that might aid you in this new season. Naz will have samples of her Flowerfolk herbal line on hand for us to try as well.

Jenn Pici has been teaching Vinyasa Flow at Karma for the past 3 1/2 years. She encourages students to honor their bodies and spirit by opening to truth on their mats and staying light hearted. She provides a fun atmosphere with music and positivity to open up the power of yoga to everyone.

Nazarene Zabel is a Reiki practitioner, ethnobotanist, and owner of Flowerfolk, a small local business which creates herbal-based skin care products. Her work is spreading knowledge about the beauty and power of plants. It is her honor to share Reiki healing with others.

Due to the energy and time sensitivity of this practice, space is limited to only 12 students.
Sign-up by Thursday, March 18 for your spot! 
All you have to do is stop by the studio to sign up. 
$50, Karma members receive a 10% discount.

Don't miss it! Sign up early!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Haiti Love

Haiti Love Playlist 
*At Karma Yoga Studio we hosted 4 benefit classes on Sunday, 2/28, with all proceeds going to Amurt Haiti.  It was so beautiful.  Thanks to everyone who came out to lift up positive energy.  

1. Isan--Ship
2. Fanfarlo--Kist of Whistles
3. Jehro--Stand On
4. Amos Lee--Jails and Bombs
5. India.Arie--Strength, Courage, and Wisdom
6. Cat Power--Evolution
7. Madredeus--O Sonho
8. Tiken Jah Fakoly--Ca Va Faire Mal
9. Florence & the Machine--You've Got the Love
10. Four Tet--Angel Echoes
11. Snow Patrol--Open your Eyes
12. Goddamn Electric Bill--Lost in the Zoo
13. Mum--Hullabbalabbaluu
14. David Newman--He Maha Lakshmi
15. Hem--Half Acre
16. Sigur Ros--Samskeyti
17. Jonsi & Alex--Atlas Song

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yoga for Haiti Benefit at Karma Yoga Studio

This Sunday, Feb. 28th, will be an awesome opportunity to come out as a community in support and spirit to give back to Haiti.  At Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge we have put together an afternoon event with 100% of the proceeds going to Amurt Haiti.  

From 1-4pm, stop by 1120 Mass Ave. to join in this outreach.  There will be 4 yoga classes to choose from ($15 suggested donation each), a fabulous array of silent auction items to bid on from local businesses, and space to sit in the Karma cafe to sip tea and hang with your like-minded friends.  

See details below!
The charity we decided to go with:
* Amurt has been working on the ground in Haiti for years and their model of participatory community empowerment, sustainablity, and integrated development are exactly what we've been looking for!! (coincidentally Amurt also has roots in Yoga and meditation.)

The Yoga Benefit class schedule:
1pm~ Lakota teaches/ Bethania assists an Embodyoga Flow for beginner/intermediate levels, with live harmonium by Irene Soléa
1pm~Jenn Pici teaches/Shelly assists an intermediate/advanced level Flow Class to the tunes of one of Jenn's world renowned playlists
2:30pm~ Sarah Baumert teaches/ Liz
 assists a Flow Class with restorative at the end, with live harmonium by Irene Soléa
2:30pm~ Elizabeth Brown/Natasha tag team an anusara/flow class, with live music from violinist Daragh Dutka.

Just some of the exciting donations to our silent auction:
-high quality yoga mats from lululemon
-rolfing, acupuncture, alexander technique, massage and private yoga sessions
-karma membership plans
-tickets for Durga Das, Jai Uttal and the Yoga and Chant Fest in June.
-2 tickets to any central square theater performance
-gift certificates from Topaz, Irish Imports, Crema Cafe
-herbal beauty products from Flower Folk
-beautiful scarf/shawl from LOOKS
-et al.
**Please spread the word! 
and rsvp on facebook if you haven't. ;)

$15 minimum donation per class.  larger donations are warmly welcomed.