Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wanna sing about the Iceland volcano and then go see it with me?

So, lots has been going on since my last post.  Can't believe it's been over a month.  Hopefully I'll have time to write some more of my latest yoga thoughts soon...but in the meantime, DO check this out!  As many of you know, I play the ukulele in a band called The Sass Factor 
and that I'm slightly obsessed with music that is born out of Iceland.  If you click the link below, you will understand my delight in this little find about the volcano over there that caused such media frenzy.  

My upcoming Yoga Adventure and the Midnight Sun in ICELAND is fast approaching!  About one month and counting.  Eyjafjallajokull has quieted down, and in fact, we may even travel to visit her while we're there.  I have a glorious and affordable trip planned out.  Yoga daily for all levels (even if you've never practiced before, but are just interested in coming to Iceland!), hikes, hot spring soaking, caves, laying on moss, riding or at least petting their cute horses, taking in the freshest air I've ever tasted, bopping to music, checking out the art, eating skyr, and finding inspired fashion.  
That said, it is now the last week that you can sign up for this trip that is so very dear to me.  We'd love to have a few more people along for the ride.  So, double check your agendas and maybe I'll learn the Eyjafjallajokull song for ya.  ;)

SolYoga Trips to learn all you need about the trip and make your deposit!

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