Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iceland Adventure: Yoga and the Midnight Sun!

Looking for a new way to kick off your summer?  Want to adventure with me in a healthy way to enjoy daily yoga, nourishing food, great music, breathtaking scenery, fantastic art & fashion, and fun excursions like hiking/horseback/cave touring/hot pool soaking?  All you have to do is go here:

I'm taking a group of 10-12 with me on a highly personal and special trip from June 5-13th to Iceland!  This is a long time coming...and I'm so happy to share it with anyone who wants to come along.  

Check out past blog posts to understand some more of my love for this land:

Just saw Seabear in concert here in Cambridge.  It was the best music I'd seen live in a long time and made all of us happy for days!  In another month Jonsi will be in town and I'll have my music fix before actually heading over there.  
You can hear some of this music in my classes as we vinyasa our way to content and healthy minds.  :)

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