Thursday, March 25, 2010

After the Swirling Playlist

1. Four Tet:  Reversing
2. Seabear: Arms (While the Fire Dies Version)   
*They are playing in Cambridge at TT the Bear's in Central Sq. this Sunday night, 3/28th!  :)
3. Four Tet: Circling
4. Nelly Furtado: The Grass is Green
5. Seabear: Fire Dies Down
6. Seabear: Cold Summer
7. Jose Gonzalez: Abram
8. Natalie Walker: Lost my Shadow
9. Seabear: Lion Face Boy
10. The New Pornagraphers: Failsafe
11. Seabear: I'll Build You a Fire
12. Seabear: Pocketknife
13. Tori Amos: Goodbye Pisces
14. Seabear: Leafmask
15. Regina Spektor: Eet
16. Seabear: We Fell Off the Roof
17. Ray LaMontagne: Be Here Now
18. Mum: Winter (What We Never Were After All)
19. Johann Johannsson: Fordlandia

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