Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Libra New Moon Magic Playlist

The Libra New Moon occurred on Sunday and it was a truly magical day in Boston.  We got our first snow!  I stayed in baking pumpkin bread, making tea, yoga-fying, practicing tunes, watching football, and hopping out to the backyard to take in some of those beautiful white flakes from the sky.  
Today it's an awesome sunshine-filled 70 degree day.  Go figure.  I'm not complaining.  :)  This week so far started with the new moon magic, then the band I'm in (The Sass Factor) played our first open mic successfully, 2 Iceland faves came to town to play a show (Sin Fang Bous & Mum...check them out), and we've been jamming all week so far in my classes to this magical new playlist:

1. Imogen Heap: First Train Home (instrumental) *all songs from "Ellipse"
2. Imogen Heap: First Train Home
3. "                 "    : Wait it Out (instrumental)
4. Olafur Arnalds: Allt Vard Hljott  *all songs from "Found Songs"
5. Imogen Heap: Earth
6. "              "      : Canvas (instrumental)
7. "             "       : Little Bird
8. Olafur Arnalds: Lost Song
9. Imogen Heap:  Tidal
10. Hogni: Soul Company
11. Olafur Arnalds: Erla's Waltz
12. Imogen Heap: Between Sheets
13. Olafur Arnalds: Romance
14. Imogen Heap: Between Sheets (instrumental)
15. "                "     : 2-1 (instrumental)
16."                 "     : Half Life (instrumental)
17. "               "      : Tidal (instrumental)
18. "               "     : Wait it Out
19. Olafur Arnalds: Faun
20. "             "         : Raeinn
21. "              "         : Ljosid

Friday, October 9, 2009

We need challenge sometimes

We're hitting the prime of autumn now.  Already 13 days into October and it's perfect time to stay challenged.  Don't know about many of you, but the change of seasons is always a special time for me.  Time to turn a new leaf, or stick with one that's been working, or reflect on behaviors...  Kicking off the season with a trip to Iceland was no joke.  The starkness of the land combined with its drama allowed for some internal brew to take place.  Then I came back to officiate the marriage of some dear friends.  What an amazing opportunity to get over yourself and simply provide the support and guidance for other people on their journey for love!  Since then, I've settled into October with an open mind to keep doing things that scare me and keep challenging my limits.  
In the three years since teaching at Karma Yoga Studio, I have never not taught a Saturday morning class.  So my decision to take a break from teaching that class was not easy.  But, it's been great to allow myself some time on weekends to explore...other classes, other modes of learning, and also rest when I need it.  October is teaching me that so far.  I received my first shiatsu massage.  I slept in on a Saturday!  I took someone else's vinyasa class.  And, I took my first master yoga class with the brilliantly lovely Natasha Rizopolous.  She had us doing arm balances for 2 hours that I never tend to test my limits in regularly.  Sore the next day, it felt so good to be challenged.  
I also discovered a new yoga studio that opened in my neighborhood.  Why is this challenging?  Because over a year ago, that was the goal I have had.  However, without the funding and means to truly dive into such a venture...it's been challenging to let go and realize that someone else was meant to do it.  Now having been there and experiencing it, it's an awesome place.  And I look forward to possibly teaching there and adding to the community with them on their journey.  
The challenges keep coming.  I'll be singing with my band for the first time at an open mic coming up.  Scary!  And hopefully finding more opportunities in teaching and beyond, on the mat and beyond, that will guide me to a place where the winter will seem like a piece of cake.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to do this week/weekend

As I sometimes like to do on here, I'm letting you all know of some interesting things around these parts this week/month:

Tonight, Oct. 7th at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, one of my fave local bands, 
Arms & Sleepers, are having their CD release and show.  I play them a lot in class.  It's moving stuff with lots of passion and emotion, so check it out.  

If you're in NYC, the BAM festival in Brooklyn begins today through the weekend.  There will be an abundance of art, music, film, dance.  I know a brilliant dancer performing in the dance work, Decreation, by William Forsythe, so if you're around there this week, it will be worth taking in!

Friday, Oct. 9th:  Head to Precinct in Union Sq. to hear the lovely Jennifer Greer (a yogini at Karma) belt out her tunes.  

Oct. 10-11:  Davis Sq. Somerville hosts its crazy "Honk" Fest, full of an array of musicians, wacky art & fashion, and fun.  Be on the lookout...

And, every Tuesday night this month, there's a chance for great local music at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge.  My friends Avi & Celia are now known with their full band as 
"Hey Mama."  You'll be sure to dance and feel good.  Come to my class Tuesday night, then head there, from 9pm-midnight.  ;)

Just some things to think about on this rainy morning heading into the tail end of the week...