Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holiday Weekend Sun Salutation breakdown

Happy (U.S.) Holiday weekend!  I hope wherever you are, that you are enjoying the weather and doing things that nourish your spirit.  I am lucky enough to be in one of my favorite places, Nantucket, visiting family and friends.  Already got a fantastic Thai Massage from the very healing, Sandy.  And just took Paul's Yin Yoga class at The Yoga Room.  One more day to enjoy the peace and nature here, which is even more fun now that Isak is walking and playing about!
Thanks to Heather M. for requesting that I do a little sun salutation demo.  I highly suggest learning in person from an experienced teacher so they can watch your specific body alignment, but there are tons and tons of books and media out there with a variety of sun salutation/vinyasa versions.  And for those of you that aren't familiar...vinyasa is a style of yoga that usually blends a conglomeration of different hatha yoga styles together in a way that connects the poses with the movement of the breath.  And within a vinyasa class, the teacher might say, "take a vinyasa" in which you would then typically perform one of these sun salutation variations that I demo.  (That's the most elementary explanation I have about it.)  That being said, there are also many creative teachers out there and lots of fun ways to incorporate vinyasa into a class.  I strive to do this myself, but I usually do warm-up the class with one of these basic salutes.  

--The first 2 sun salutations in this demo are the more basic, beginner-friendly versions.  Also good for post-natal, or anyone who is trying to regain strength again after being away from yoga for a bit.  

--The next few that I show are more advanced, with chaturanga dandasana and upward facing dog.

*Remember that every body is different and unique.  It's best to listen to what your specific body needs are and focus on the proper alignment.  Some people can overdo the vinyasas and cause injury, especially in the shoulder joint.  As always, be mindful.  Om, om.  

Happy unofficial start to the summer, and thanks for reading/viewing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of May Fun, and Sub this Sunday

Hi dears,

My family and I are finally over the cold that ransacked our house.  It didn't stop us from enjoying this past weekend of spring sun, though!  We've had Porchfest Somerville, hanging out with old friends, garden time, new tunes to jam to (playlist to come soon with Beach house, Sin Fang, Norah Jones, new Sigur Ros!), and now we'll be heading to our home away from home by the end of the week.  Nantucket has been beckoning us back since we left in December after 6 months of living there.  Now it's time to finally reconnect with the nature we love so, our island friends, and meet my in-laws there for some family time.  I plan to record a new video post while there and take some great yoga classes, too.
And stay tuned for my September Yoga on ACK update about a weekend getaway I'll be offering!

So, I'm teaching tonight (Wednesday, 5/23) at 6:00pm at KYS-Harvard, but then both of my Sunday classes (5/27) will be taught by my creative and sweet friend, An Li Liu.  I'll be back for all of June with uplifting energy to prep you all for your summers ahead.


Photos:  Isak doing his downward dog, our wonderful garden at the moment, and me & boy playing with instagram.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day inspired Sequence

Hope you all had an enjoyable Mother's Day!  It's not one to "celebrate" but rather a day to reflect and appreciate life and the person that brought your life into existence.  Now as mother to my just-turned- 14 month old, I finally understand and can radiate that gratitude in a whole new meaning.
I was happy to teach my class at Karma yesterday morning, and finish out my 21 Day Detox.  Such an inspiring time for me...well, at least I'm trying to make it that!  Lots of excitement ahead for the summer with travel, family time, lots of yoga, and warm weather.  In the meantime, try out this short sequence when you have 15-20 min. to spare.  Especially summoned up to bring some prana to the mamas out there.

Begin in Ragdoll for at least a minute.  Stay folded over your bent knees, but add in a twist by taking one hand outside of the opposite foot, and extending the other arm up to the sky.  Try to keep your hips square to the mat.  Breathe deeply.
Roll up to Tadasana after you've done that twist to the other side.  Spend a minute in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) to breathe with intention and focus on alignment.
Begin 1-2 Sun Salutations of your choice.  (mine is to include lunges on each side within the vinyasa)
**When completed, you are back in Tadasana.  Breathe in, and take a step back into Warrior 1.  After some long breaths, come into plank for 3 breaths.  Then breathe into Side Plank, eventually ending up in Downward-Facing Dog.
From Down Dog, step the same foot forward as your previous Warrior, and take Crescent Lunge with Goddess arms.  After a couple of breaths, take your revolving (twisting) anjaneyasana.
**Repeat all on other side.
Take a vinyasa, then come onto your belly.  Breathe into a nice, long cobra pose.  Rest.  Then take a nice, long locust pose.  Rest.  Counter pose by swaying bent legs behind you in circles.
Press up from belly to plank, to down dog.  Then take child's pose.  After some long breaths, come up to sitting with feet in front of you and take a butterfly pose.  After folding forward in your butterfly, come up and take eagle arms within your butterfly pose.  Breathe lightness, gratitude, and confidence into your shoulders, heart, and center.
Relax in any final pose that suits you this day.