Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day inspired Sequence

Hope you all had an enjoyable Mother's Day!  It's not one to "celebrate" but rather a day to reflect and appreciate life and the person that brought your life into existence.  Now as mother to my just-turned- 14 month old, I finally understand and can radiate that gratitude in a whole new meaning.
I was happy to teach my class at Karma yesterday morning, and finish out my 21 Day Detox.  Such an inspiring time for me...well, at least I'm trying to make it that!  Lots of excitement ahead for the summer with travel, family time, lots of yoga, and warm weather.  In the meantime, try out this short sequence when you have 15-20 min. to spare.  Especially summoned up to bring some prana to the mamas out there.

Begin in Ragdoll for at least a minute.  Stay folded over your bent knees, but add in a twist by taking one hand outside of the opposite foot, and extending the other arm up to the sky.  Try to keep your hips square to the mat.  Breathe deeply.
Roll up to Tadasana after you've done that twist to the other side.  Spend a minute in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) to breathe with intention and focus on alignment.
Begin 1-2 Sun Salutations of your choice.  (mine is to include lunges on each side within the vinyasa)
**When completed, you are back in Tadasana.  Breathe in, and take a step back into Warrior 1.  After some long breaths, come into plank for 3 breaths.  Then breathe into Side Plank, eventually ending up in Downward-Facing Dog.
From Down Dog, step the same foot forward as your previous Warrior, and take Crescent Lunge with Goddess arms.  After a couple of breaths, take your revolving (twisting) anjaneyasana.
**Repeat all on other side.
Take a vinyasa, then come onto your belly.  Breathe into a nice, long cobra pose.  Rest.  Then take a nice, long locust pose.  Rest.  Counter pose by swaying bent legs behind you in circles.
Press up from belly to plank, to down dog.  Then take child's pose.  After some long breaths, come up to sitting with feet in front of you and take a butterfly pose.  After folding forward in your butterfly, come up and take eagle arms within your butterfly pose.  Breathe lightness, gratitude, and confidence into your shoulders, heart, and center.
Relax in any final pose that suits you this day.


Jenny said...

Happy Mother's Day Everyday :)
I love your little videos, especially on the days I don't make it out to a studio!
Miss you loads and hope to see you soon.

Jenn said...

Yes, everyday! Hi Jenny! Glad you like them. I hope to get a microphone so the sound is better, and to keep improving the quality.
Miss you, too! Let's try to get together soon.