Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Solstice Playlist

1.  For Now I Am Winter (Nils Frahm mix): Olafur Arnalds
2.  Rembihnutur: Sigur Ros
3.  I am Sold: James Blake
4.  Old Skin: Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan
5.  Yfirbord: Sigur Ros
6.  Fireproof: The National
7.  Retrograde: James Blake
8.  Stormur: Sigur Ros
9.  Sea of Love: The National
10. Overgrown: James Blake
11. Hrafntinna: Sigur Ros
12. Only the Winds: Olafur Arnalds
13. Humiliation: The National
14. Vardeldur: Sigur Ros
15. Ekki mukk: Sigur Ros
16. Var: Sigur Ros

Loving this mix!  SO good for a powerful flow class.  Or to cook/dine/hang out to.  Check out these tunes, friends.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Photo Story of my Unwind and Uplift Retreat @ Xinalani in Mexico

Hammock (and favorite post-lunch relax spot) in my palapa

My palapa: so fitting to all I've been pondering as of late

So soothing and lovely are these suites/palapas

First savasana in the Jungle studio, where we practiced every morning

My husband was on board the first 4 days of the retreat and took some beach asana shots.  Here I am attempting Flying Pigeon on some rocks!

The main group.  LOVE these people.  We also had between 2-5 others join in for practice throughout the week.  

Dancer's pose near the tidal pool

Post-dinner beach stroll with the gals.  

Excursion to the Quimixto waterfall

The mules we rode to get to the waterfall.


Our dining area.  Such a gorgeous setting to share meals.  And they were so delicious and special all week!  Wish I took some photos of the food.  ;)

When I was really missing Isak, I would channel Ganesha.

Selfie in the Greenhouse studio.  We practiced Yin or Restorative every evening in here.  

Our evening practice was always so special and lovely way to end the day before dinner.  

Favorite spot to read and relax near the water.  

Leslie getting Tripod headstand for the first time!  

Some of the meditation trail leading to the studios.

Diana getting Tripod, too!  So proud.  

The heavenly massage room.  

On the last night, we had dinner on the beach patio!

Rockin their dancer's poses!

Caitie getting into Wheel!  Love it.  

Leaving on the panga (boat) to the airport.  View of Xinalani from afar.  Such an incredible experience!