Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year-Pose of the Moment

It's New Year's Eve-2012, and I sit here in a quiet moment at my in-laws house just outside of NYC.  My little family and I have been away from home almost 2 weeks now, but it's been such fun to be able to gather both with my family and my husband's family for the holidays.  We feel so lucky that we can do that!  My sister married her love of the last 5 years 2 days before Christmas, which was a classy and fun affair down in Pennsylvania.  Plus Isak has gotten to play with his fun toddler cousins on my side of the family, and now his other cousins on his dad's side.  Nothing too stressful has evolved, but it can still be challenging to keep up with a decent yoga practice and healthy eating habits when immersed in so many other people's homes and schedules.  I think I've done a pretty darn good job considering all of those things.  It helps to bring a big bag of essential snacks, teas, tinctures, vitamins, yoga mat, and foam roller along.  Thank goodness we live close enough to family to drive so that I could do just that!  ;)
I haven't gotten in many long and full practices, but I have managed to fit in 20-40 minute ones at least every other day, plus random poses daily that have been calling my name.  One pose that has helped over these last 10 days of being away from home, is the one pictured below.  Thanks to my awesome friend, Checka, I discovered to combine Eagle Pose arms with Wide-legged standing forward fold!  Ooh, it's fantastic to de-stress all over the body.  My new favorite of the moment.  Try it today and tomorrow to freshen up your system as we cross over into a brand new year.  Maybe you'll continue it daily for weeks to come!
Tip:  If you have the time, it's nice to start out with a warm-up of sun salutations of your choice, and/or combine this pose into a sequence of lunges or warriors.

Step out into a grounded, wide-legged stance where you can press evenly through all corners of feet and keep legs active/knees slightly bent.  Set up Eagle pose arms.  

Deep breath in, then exhale to fold forward using your grounded legs.  Keep squeezing the arms or if you need to, just relax the upper body and let the tension melt away.  After at least 5 breaths, connect to your feet, then switch arm twist and try it again.  
*I'm back in Cambridge/Somerville to teach starting this coming Thursday, January 3rd to sub classes at Karma Yoga-Harvard (check my facebook for updates)...then my usual classes are back on starting Sunday morning.  Can't wait to be back and see so many of you then!
Also, remember I start Tuesday morning vinyasa classes at Bow Street Yoga on January 8th at 9:30am!
**And, I'm doing my Winter Body/Soul Recharge (Hatha Yoga) Workshop at Karma-Harvard on Saturday, January 12th from 2-4:00pm.  Check my website for description and details.

Here's to a moment of inner love and gratitude today for whatever 2012 has brought into your life, and then to more awareness, inner/outer peace, love, and strength for the new year ahead!  Many, many wishes and energy to you all.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Solstice/Yogini Playlist

1.   Nils Frahm: Snippet
2.   Olafur Arnalds: Poland
3.   Amiina: Sogg
4.   Soley: Pretty Face
5.   Bat for Lashes: Rest Your Head
6.   Nils Frahm: Keep
7.   Bat for Lashes: Lilies
8.   Soley: I'll Drown
9.   Nils Frahm: More
10.  Bat for Lashes: Oh Yeah
11.  Bjork: Thunderbolt
12.  Olafur Arnalds: Pu Ert Jordin
13.  Bat for Lashes: Winter Fields
14.  Olof Arnalds: Surrender
15.  Bat for Lashes: Deep Sea Diver
16.  Amiina: Sexfaldur
My son assisting me in upward-facing dog in Iceland

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Schedule/Subs Update

I'm teaching 6 more public classes this week.  The last for me in 2012!  Hope to see many of you.  Big thanks to my lovely friends stepping in over the holidays for me while I'm away.  I'll post again at the start of January, as I'll be subbing a lot post-holidays in return.

Wednesday, 12/12: My usual 6-7:15pm vinyasa, but this is a special donation class to support CARE initiative and the hard work that the KYS owners provide for animals every day.  I'm donating what I make for the night to their cause.  Plus it'll be the new moon!
(*If you can't make it to my class, the 7:30pm class directly following, taught by Larisa Forman, will be donated as well.)  Cheers to teamwork, giving back, animal causes, fun! 

Friday, 12/14:  I am subbing for Larisa 10:30am and 12:00pm at KYS.  Maybe I'll see some of my old morning friends?

Sunday, 12/16: Teaching my usual 10:15 hatha and 11:45 vinyasa at KYS.  My last 2 classes of this year!

Then I'm away and the subs are:
Wednesday, 12/19An Li Liu teaches the 6:00 vinyasa
Sunday, 12/23An Li teaches the 10:15 hatha, Mickey Barr teaches 11:45 vinyasa
Wednesday, 12/26Mickey teaches the 6:00 vinyasa
Sunday, 12/30Sarah Baumert teaches 10:15 hatha, Mickey teaches 11:45 vinyasa
Wednesday, 1/2Bethania Bacigalupe teaches 6:00 vinyasa

Bow Street Yoga-Union Sq.
Only 1 more Thursday night Beginner's Vinyasa class with me before Angela Harrity returns from maternity leave.  
12/13-- 7:30-8:45pm  -I've been loving this class, so hope to see some of you for my last one of the year.  
*** Good news is that it looks like I'll be starting up a Tuesday morning 9:30am vinyasa class at BSY as of Jan. 8, 2013!  Check the BSY website at start of new year.  :)

Finally, mark your calendar for my First Workshop in 2013:
Body/Soul Recharge for the Winter Season
Saturday, Jan. 12th from 2-4pm at KYS-Harvard
A balanced hatha yoga practice focused on restoring the immune system, with discussion 
*A few weeks into the true winter season, we will find stability with intentions on transforming ourselves to a healthier body and mindset.  Join me post-holidays to rev-up your system and get grounded in body & spirit for the new year!  We will move steady & strong from rooted feet up into our core in hopes to release any stagnant energy from our tension spots in the hips, neck, shoulders.  Plus, focus on how to breathe and move with awareness to release stress and strengthen our immunity.  
After 90 minutes of asana and relaxation, we will gather to discuss techniques to stay healthy and strong in a season where germs and flus are easily caught and passed among one another.  Discussion may touch on nutrition, herbs & teas, meditation, and the yoga practice we just completed.  

--I have some pre/post natal workshop ideas for the new year.  Plus more body/soul recharge for each season change and other women's workshops.  Let me know if there are other workshop topics or portions of the practice you'd love for me to offer, and I will do my best!  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fun Gift Ideas-Happy Holidays!

Hannukkah begins today and Christmas is right around the corner!  Sending everyone some cheer and here are some of my gift ideas:

-a spot on my late spring Xinalani Mexico Yoga Vacation that I'm co-leading with Checka Antifonario!
(heehee, had to throw that one in)

-private yoga session or series of sessions with me in my home studio (email me personally for rates or questions, and check my website for pics of my space) Includes a consultation of what you need from your practice, how to take it further in your life away from a class, and maybe a cup of tea.  :)

-class package or deal at a local studio (anywhere that you find comfortable or have been curious about)

-subscription to Yogaglo for at home yoga classes 24/7.  

-Flowerfolk herbal products or consultation

-beautiful and quality-made scarf, shawl, hat, or coat from my dear friends at Irish Imports in Cambridge
-while you're at it, stop by my other friend's at Abodeon

-Yoga attire or gear, of course!  My fave mats are JadeKulae, or Manduka.  You can shop local at Cambridge Naturals for mats, books, dvd's, props, etc.  
My fave clothing for women includes Kira Grace, Be Present, Lucy, or randoms from Garnet Hill or Target.  
For men, Be Present or Target usually seem like good finds.  

-Donations to the Half the Sky Movement-- I saw the documentary earlier this fall and have since donated, and am currently engrossed in the book.  I have a feeling my action in this movement is far from over!  Maybe you will feel moved by it, too...

**Wishing you a fun, cheerful, releasing, strength-building, relaxing, positive holiday!  Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, and anything else I'm forgetting!  I am constantly grateful and energized by all of your attention and support in my career and growth as a yoga teacher and person.  Cheers to us all at the end of 2012.  

lots of love,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Photo Reflection, Back to teaching

We're still getting re-settled into Boston life again after a week out west in the Seattle area for Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  We all rented a house on Whidbey Island out in Puget Sound for the days surrounding the holiday and it was just exquisite to be there.  I am the lucky one who was up at 5:00 every morning with my not-yet-adjusted-to-time-change toddler, so I got to see the sunrise over the water each day.  Grateful indeed.  Living room yoga was had during the week, as well as sporadic yoga moments to stretch out.  Mostly, it's a season to remember yoga off of your mat, in your reactions and interactions.  And don't be too hard on yourself if you need a break to ward off a cold, or can only fit in a shorter practice in order to get your work done.
Last weekend we then scooted over to another island, this time our east coast home away from home, Nantucket.  My husband's parents couldn't make it out to Seattle, so we met them here for Christmas Stroll weekend.  A quick blast of holiday cheer before taking in these next 2 weeks of go-go-go leading up to Christmas.
I'm back to teaching all regularly scheduled classes for the next 2 weeks.  Will post my holiday subs soon.  xoxo
View from our rental house of the Olympic Mountains

Our pre-meal Thanksgiving table


Isak strapped to my back for a quick sunrise walk before the high tide comes in

Ooh, another one

Anyone else love the film "Practical Magic"--filmed here.  :)

My boy loves pointing out the boats!

Awesome forest hike to the beach

View on way back up

Pacific Northwest fog and trees

Grandma, David, and Isak on Nantucket walk to the pond

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pose of the Moment: Double Pigeon

-pose of the momentagnistambasana-- fire log pose or double pigeon.  I did this pose a lot on our recent trip to Iceland.  Seated hip openers like this are accessible and easy to do while traveling, since you can sit in the hotel room or on the bed in it.  Not much space needed.  It's definitely a favorite of mine.  

How to?  Sit with both legs out in front of you.  Bend both knees with the feet on the floor.  Then take (let's say your) right foot under your left leg.  Try to position the lower leg (knee to ankle) parallel to your hips out in front of you.  Then see if you can stack the left lower leg directly on top so that your shins are stacked and your knees and ankles match up.  Flex your feet.  Maybe take your hands outside of hips to then lift yourself up and make sure your sit bones are directly under you.  Then you can either sit upright with your arms relaxed.  Or you can fold as far forward as you are able, for a deeper stretch.  

**Sorry for the crappy video quality, and my scratchy voice that's getting over a cold.  Hopefully you get the gist of it.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November is here. The latest.

Happy new month!  
  It's an important month, and has already been an exciting one with the weather, the election and whatnot.  It is a super important time to incorporate yoga or meditation into your routine, in order to stay calm, healthy and grateful as the holiday buzz begins.  

-Schedule stuff :
--I'm still subbing the 10:00am hatha at KYS-Harvard for Sarah B. on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

--Sunday, Nov. 11th:  Women's Vinyasa Workshop at KYS-Harvard: Honoring your Female Form
*As women, we go through some pretty intense life cycles and transitions.  From becoming a woman, to the childbearing years, to menopause; it's a constant ride of joyful, adventurous experience, and possibly scary, confusing ones.  It's important to take time to honor the beauty of your body, mind, and spirit in whatever unique moment it's in right now.  Sometimes a hard thing to do in our current societal norms.  
Join me to open-up our hearts in community & respect for one another, together as the women we are.  We'll move through a 90 min. vinyasa flow practice of heart& shoulder-opening, hip-releasing, and twisting out any negative spots.  Plus the option to discuss or share any stories that might help your fellow woman out.  

Level: Students should have some sort of yoga practice, but open to all levels.  
Special notes: Bring a journal if you are the type to need to get some thoughts out or take notes as needed.  
And, Bring a friend or female family member to share in the positive vibes!  

Price Pre-Reg: $25
Price Day-of: $30
Class Capacity: 25-30 --*you can sign up by calling Karma Yoga or do it in person before a class there.  :)

--Saturday, Nov.17th- Yoga for Mamas private class at my home.  10:00am-noon.  Email me if interested and to hold your spot.  I can only take 6 mamas tops.  

--Sunday, Nov, 18th- Yoga 101: a beginning yoga workshop--at KYS-Harvard from 1:30-3:30pm.  Perfect to bring a friend, partner, or family member who has always wondered about this thing called yoga.  Or great for anyone looking to re-learn some basics and dive back in.  

--My family is heading to Seattle for Thanksgiving to spend it with my sister-in-law and her family!  Subs that week will be:
Wednesday, Nov. 20th6:00 vinyasa -- Mickey
Sunday, Nov. 25th- 10:15 hatha-- Sarah B.   and 11:45 vinyasa-- Mickey

--As for Bow Street Yoga in Union Sq. Somerville--Only about one more month to catch me Thursday nights for beginner's vinyasa at 7:30pm.  Angela had her baby!!  A healthy boy, and she will be back to teaching around Christmas time, most likely.  
I've been loving being back in that cozy space once a week and would love to continue teaching there, so I'll be letting you know if something works out for the new year.  

**Retreat News!
--Speaking of class at Bow dear yogini friend, Checka, teaches the 9:30am vinyasa there everyThursday morning.  Check her out.  Why?  Because not only is she awesome and similar style to me, but we've decided to team up for a super uplifting and fabulous yoga retreat to Xinalani Resort in Mexico this coming end of May!  Check it out here.  You can already start signing up or start dreaming and saving those $$ to come along...


**Reminder of Yoga Class Etiquette:  I recently had some repeated instances take place in classes and it reminded me that  sometimes attendees of yoga class need a review of this topic from time to time.  Studios are not always so outright on their stances with such things, so it can sometimes be up to the teacher.  Also, some people are new to yoga and have never been told there is an etiquette for such thing.  Here's some things I think are respectful and important: 

-arrive on time.  as close to 10 min. or more before the class begins in order to check-in, change, use the restroom, and set yourself up in the room (sometimes this is not possible for reasons out of your control, and if so, be mindful when entering.  If really crowded class, and you are more than 5 min. late, think about skipping out that time)
-be respectful of the others coming to class.  if it's a crowded one, be aware of the space and be friendly enough to suggest moving your mat over.  point people in the direction of the props, mats, etc.  smile at your fellow yogis from time to time!
-try to attend class with a digested belly.  it's never comfy to be starving in class, or to have just eaten a large meal.   
-try to attend class healthy (meaning not while you have the flu, or a bad cold) 
-try not to wear smelly or strong scents.  in the same vein, try to smell like you've showered in the last 24 hours.  ;)
-take shoes off before entering the practice space.  socks are optional but it's better for your feet to grip the mat without socks on.  that said, socks or layers are handy to have in the room for savasana.  
-if you have an injury or other condition that you don't want to share openly, DO tell me or teacher of class if you feel comfortable to.  we can then leave you alone as needed, or help you out as needed.  
-if you practice more advanced poses, such as inversions, and it's a well-attended class...please be mindful of those around you.  especially if there's a chance you might fall, or opt out of it depending on the time in class that it's being practiced.  
-if attending with a friend or loved one, try not to talk or giggle to each other during class
-please turn off your cell phone or set to silent, and please don't sneak check your phone during the class.  it's worth it to you, and to everyone else to keep your focus and energy grounded in the present
-please try to stay until you hear the final "namaste." getting up to leave in the middle of savasana can be very disruptive to everyone in attendance.  if you must leave, try to do it before savasana or just as we are getting settled into it.  

Thanks yogis!  It's just nice to remind people every now and then of these things.  I'm definitely no yoga police, and believe there can be and will be instances where we all just have to breathe through whatever is presented.  

Fun tidbits this month:

**Check out my friend/student Elizabeth Menges' artwork of 
inspired portraits from her recent trip to Cyprus, at The Gallery at the Greek Institute in Cambridge.  
November 4-30th, with a special opening reception on 11/4.  

**Congrats to Jane, Janine, Christy, & Angela on the births of their babies!  They all had their kiddos within the last 2 weeks.  A bustling time for births, for sure.  So excited for you all and can't wait to meet all of your little ones!

**If you're in need of a relaxing massage tailored to your needs, check out Joanne Daley, the resident massage therapist at Karma Yoga-Harvard.  I just got my first full treatment with her on Friday and it was Fantastic!  

K, that's it for now.  Do share your recent yoga stories or thoughts with me.  And let me know if there are any blog topics or videos you'd like me to post/go over.  I love staying connected and helping all of us move closer to our goals and dreams, both on/off the mat.  

love & energy,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Autumn Playlist

The playlist you've been hearing this last week and will continue to is as follows:

1.  Rokkurro: I annan heim
2.  Nils Frahm: Familiar
3.  The xx: Fiction
4.  Rokkurro: Skuggamyndir
5.  The xx: Chained
6.  Rokkurro: Fjall
7.  Nils Frahm: Keep
8.  Rokkurro: Augun opnast
9.  The xx: Reunion
10. Nils Frahm: Kind
11. The xx: Sunset
12. Rokkurro: Hugurinn flograr
13. The xx: Angels
14: The xx: Unfold
15. Nils Frahm: Snippet
16. Rokkurro: Svanur
17. Nils Frahm: Less

*Inspired by my recent trip to Iceland and the upcoming Iceland Airwaves Festival.  Check all of these artists out!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iceland Trip!

My husband and I took our son on his first international trip last week to Iceland.  We arrived on our 2nd wedding anniversary and were greeted by the northern lights from the plane!  It was my 4th visit to this special country, and it gets better each time!  Our Isak fits right in and seemed so happy to be experiencing it.  We are grateful for the chances to travel and to explore places that mean something to us as a family.
The first two days were in Reykjavik to sit in cafes, look at the shops, wander the streets, explore the art, and do some yoga!  I was happy to be back practicing at the Yoga Shala and took a great class with Geir.  Really wished I could have done yoga everyday with all of the wonderful Icelandic yogis I'm in touch with...however with a toddler, limited time to see things, and my family's needs, that didn't happen.  Much better reason to plan our next trip!
After some city time, we headed 2 1/2 hours north to the Snaefellsness Peninsula where we stayed for 2 nights in quiet and expansive natural setting.  It's like taking a huge sigh of relief and relaxation away from life's stresses, and awakening to a clear mind again.  Super important to do that at least once a year in my opinion.  We took some glorious hikes, ate delicious food, met super wonderful people, and meditated while gazing at one of the chakras of the world--the Snaefellsjokull glacier!  I can hardly wait to organize my next Iceland Yoga Vacation.  Lots of wheels turning and ideas culminating...
On our 3rd day in the countryside, we drove another hour or so north to the most remote place I've been to yet:  the Fellstrond peninsula, just before you hit the West Fjords.  Our friend, Oskar, was there and we had a super nice lunch visit with him.  And then took off on our late afternoon drive back to Reykjavik.  Gorgeous.
On our last morning, we took Isak to swim and soak in one of the geothermal heated swimming pools and hot pots.  He loved it, of course!  We then spent the last few hours getting coffee and wandering one last time before heading off to the airport.  I feel at such ease in Iceland.  More willing to create, to be more expressive, and so open to the surroundings.  Hoping to keep this feeling into the winter season, and into my yoga classes.  Stay tuned for new playlists, workshops, and such coming soon...

Dancing Ganesh!

Isak in Reykjavik

A wonderful yogic graffiti image

Driving north!  And with my new haircut.  

Budir, Snaefellsness

He loved all the lava rock.

Daddy leading the way in the moors...

Amazing day.  Amazing hike.


Fellstrond Peninsula

A favorite view of Reykjavik

Friday, October 5, 2012

October News: Workshop, Iceland, Mamas Yoga

Hi everyone,

Cheers to another new month!  Many of us in New England believe this is the BEST month of the year...and I am one of them.  :)  It's been a fun and chill summer for the most part and awesome to see so many of you on a regular basis.  May you all now feel inspired and ready for change & a new start as autumn sets in and we move forward on the paths to our future and whatever dreams we all individually hold in our hearts.  Something to remember that might help:

"If you never change it's more difficult to see your true nature. You see yourself Because you are changing, not despite the fact that you're changing." -- from Art of Attention by Erica Jago & Elena Brower

My Workshop is this Saturday, Oct. 6th at Karma Yoga-Harvard from 2-4:00pm!  It's called Body/Soul Recharge: a practice to restore the Immune System.  I'm super excited to bring you all some tools through a hatha yoga practice that I've built specifically to release stress/anxiety and relax the nervous system.  When feeling sick or fatigued, built up stress can be just the thing that seduces an infection or illness to settle in your body.  We'll play with ways to breathe, meditate, and move it out.  And then we'll discuss & sample herbal remedies from some of my favorite herbalists, talk nutrition, and other ways to stay healthy through the start of the cold & flu season.  
Plus, Joanne Daley, our wonderful massage therapist at KYS, will be around to offer chair massages to anyone interested, and throw in a few tips herself!  
*All levels are welcome, though I do recommend having at least some yoga experience.  :)
--Check out the invite on Facebook.  

**Next week, my husband, son, and I are traveling to my beloved Iceland!  It'll be our first trip back since having Isak, so we're super excited.  I'll be reconnecting with some friends and acquaintances there, practicing yoga with locals, hanging out in their quirky coffee shops, hopefully hearing some favorite tunes, getting a funky new haircut, visiting museums, and best of all taking in the brilliant landscape and countryside.  
My hope is to start getting inspired to plan another Yoga Adventure getaway sometime in the next 2 years...
I'll have lots of pics and news to share upon my return.  
This means I will have subs on these days:

Wednesday, Oct. 10thBethania subs my 6:00 vinyasa at KYS
Thursday, Oct. 11thStephanie subs my 7:30 beginner's vinyasa at Bow Street
Sunday, Oct. 14thRachel Arnold subs both the 10:15 hatha and 11:45 vinyasa at KYS

**In other retreat news...I'm pleased to announce that I'll be co-leading an amazing yoga trip to kickoff summer 2013 with my awesome friend, Checka Antifonario, at Xinalani in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!  
Now, so far I've only led more adventurous trips.  But THIS.  Well, it's an all-inclusive yoga resort!  It will be SO relaxing and perfect for pampering yourself after a long school year or year of work, or whatever else this year ahead holds.  Plus, it's totally affordable.  Rough estimates of prices for a week of yoga and meals and fun will be ranging from $1200-1500.  :)
Checka and I will have full details coming soon and more information on our websites in a few weeks.  So stay tuned!  But, maybe start thinking about May 25-June 1st with us...

--My Mama friends out there?  In case you aren't on FB, or haven't heard...I'm hosting a monthly Yoga for Mamas small private class in my home studio!  I take the first 5-6 mamas to sign up and then you come over on a weekend day for a 75 min. practice and then some tea and chitchat.  The one in September was super nice.  My next one is Saturday, Oct. 20th at 10am.  Email if you want a spot!
I have more details on my website about it, too.  

Wishing you all brilliant month, and thank you, as always,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Setting up Bakasana (Crow)

Happy October!  I haven't done a video post in awhile, and this was spurned on by a few people interested in building their strength, alignment, and understanding for Crow Pose.  Enjoy!

Poses to help you strengthen core, arms, wrists, shoulders, and hips in prep for Bakasana:
-plank (being able to hold it for 10 breaths), and chaturanga
-forearm plank and dolphin pose
-downward-facing dog (again, being able to hold at least 10 breaths)
-forward fold (uttanasana) with twists to open shoulders and chest
-standing poses such as crescent lunge, warrior 3, & airplane pose for balance and core strength
-side plank, as well as forearm side plank
-thread the needle twists for the shoulders/chest- from child's pose or puppy pose
-squat (malasana) or goddess pose to open hips in prep for crow
-butterfly pose (seated hip/groin opener)
-boat (navasana)

Sequence to prep & warm-up for Crow:

I kept this short, but you should try to hold each pose for 5 breaths to build warmth and strength.

-1-3 Sun Salutations, holding Plank longer than usual
-downward dog for a few breaths, then step one foot forward into crescent lunge--do some cat/cow pulses in the lunge before rising up with arms
-down dog into dolphin (forearm) plank, then pulse a few times from there towards dolphin, and then hold dolphin pose
-down dog, step other foot forward (always on exhale to round back and bring the core in) to crescent lunge--with same cat/cow pulses before lifting arms
-sit down on mat for boat pose, into seated butterfly (baddha konasana)
-boat pose #2, then rock & roll back and forth to then step or jump back to down dog (or vinyasa)
-step into your forward fold (uttanasana), place one wrist down in between feet and lift other up to the sky for a twist, take other side
-step into squat for some long, deep breaths
-take your Crow!  Have fun with it, try, try, and fly.
-down dog into cat/cow with wrists down to give them a break
-child's pose with arms back, maybe into a rabbit pose

Check out some of my fave teachers for this sort of practice:
Sadie Nardini
Kathryn Budig

Cheers to challenge & change,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Playlist from last week

Hi friends at Bow Street Yoga and beyond...this was the playlist from last week's class.  I made it last fall, but it's just as good this year, too.
I think most of the songs can be found on iTunes.  See you soon!

1. Altt i Guddi:  Olof Arnalds
2. We Have a Map of the Piano:  Mum
3. Near Light:  Olafur Arnalds
4. Virus:  Bjork
5. Frysta:  Olafur Arnalds
6. Saint Naive:  Jonsi
7. What are we Waiting For?:  Amiina
8. Agust:  Olafur Arnalds
9. Warm:  Arms and Sleepers
10. Cosmogony:  Bjork
11. This Place is a Shelter:  Olafur Arnalds
12. The Beautiful Ones:  The Battle of Land and Sea
13. Icicle Sleeve:  Jonsi
14. Lag Fyrir Ommu:  Olafur Arnalds
15. Thunderbolt:  Bjork
16. New Piano Song:  Jonsi
17. All the Big Trees:  Jonsi & Alex
18. Tomorrow's Song:  Olafur Arnalds
19. Indian Summer:  Jonsi & Alex

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September News

The work/school new year has arrived.  May you all feel at ease as you take on new projects and habits!  Maybe some added habits include more time for yoga?!  ;)  Speaking for myself and all of the studios around Boston, there are lots of amazing happenings in our local yoga community for this season ahead.  That back to school vibe sets in with everyone this time of year, no? 
I look forward to sharing new workshops, class sequences, music, and more with you all.  

*Remember to take it one class at a time and ease your way back if you've taken a break from yoga or any other physical exercise.  Or maybe you've over done it this summer and need some more hatha or yin?  Always listen to what your body is craving.  

**Some of you know that I just did a super fun photoshoot with the talented Cara Brostrom!  Check out my new website (YoginiJennFalk) to see her work and also explore some of my offerings/explanations about myself and my practice.  

As for this month?  I've added one new public class to the mix!  I'm taking over for Angela Buffone at Bow Street Yogawhile she's on maternity leave, and will be teaching every Thursday evening at 7:30pm through the new year.  What will this class hold?  It's slated as a beginner's vinyasa class.  So I will teach it as a Basic vinyasa that focuses on learning alignment in Sun Salutations and then moving into a sequence with options and modifications.  It'll be great for seasoned yogis and newbies alike.  

Sub news this month:
Sunday, 9/16:  An Li teaches my 10:15 hatha  and Mickey teaches my 11:45 vinyasa.  They are both fellow teachers at Karma Yoga-Harvard.  Check them out!

Thursday, 9/20:  I will be subbing the 6:00 vinyasa for Rob at Bow Street just before teaching my 7:30 basics class.  

Special Classes/Workshops coming up:
--Yoga Time for Mamas private class: A new monthly Series
On Sunday, 9/23, at 3:00pm see if you can pass your baby or kids off to the hubby, grandma, or friends while you come get in some much needed restoring mama yoga time!  Held in my 3rd floor home yoga space, I will teach a 90 minute slow vinyasa and then we will chat over tea to connect on mama-hood and such things.  
Only 5 mamas can fit!  Email me for a spot.  $25

--Save the date for my first fall workshop at Karma Yoga-Harvard on Saturday, Oct. 6th from 2-4pm
Body/Soul Recharge for Autumn: A hatha yoga practice & discussion focused on restoring the immune system
check out the FB invite here:

--My Nantucket Yoga Weekend has been postponed until either spring or summer of 2013, as many of you know.  The venue had to move forward with another group that could fill it out faster than I could at the I decided to hold off and work on planning better to make it most desirable!  ;)  Stay tuned for this and other trips planned in the new year!

--Anyone have a new yoga topic or pose recommendation that they'd like me to do a short video on?  Would love to keep that going.  I've had a request for crow pose (bakasana) which I hope to do soon...

Thanks for being amazing, inspiring people to me.  Hope you take in these last few weeks of summer and begin to enjoy the transition to a new season and year ahead.  

much love,

Friday, August 31, 2012

End to August: Yoga photoshoot with Cara

I'm finally crafting a real website, and so it was a treat for me to have Cara Brostrom come do my photoshoot to find great pics to use for both the site and other marketing ideas.  I'd heard about and seen her work for the last couple of years around Boston.  She's definitely the go-to local yogini photographer, and I finally got to see why for myself!  So grateful for her expertise, ease, and warmth.  I highly recommend her for any type of photo work if you're looking for someone.    
We shot at my home in Somerville on a hot and joyful summer evening.  Some great shots in my home studio, and also in our backyard garden, in which I'm so lucky to have a gardener husband who makes it an easy place to feel at peace.  My son even snuck in on a couple of shots.  :)
Enjoy these that I'm sharing here and check back in on my website for more soon!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Metonymi-- a collaborative art/movement project come to life in Iceland

It's been no secret that I've been teaching yoga for the last 7 years to the tunes and rhythms of my favorite Icelandic musicians.  It creates an atmosphere of receptivity to mood, emotion, and awareness that resonates with me...and hopefully those who come to class.  So it's no surprise to me when others feel moved to create and inspire with such music.
A few years ago, I met my dear friend Nina's daughter, who then also became a dear friend.  That gal is Samantha Shay.  She is a recent graduate of CalArts and is a true artistic force!  She has tons of visions that I have absolutely no doubt will come to fruition in her life.  She's already become quite the mover, shaker, and traveller.  Besides being an artist in every sense of the word (director, producer, actor, choreographer, stylist...), she is hilarious and warm and inspiring.  I often tell her that if I were 10 years younger I would be part of her "troupe."  ;)  Who knows, maybe someday I'll get to collaborate with her?!

I'm happy to say that she has evolved to possess a healthy obsession with Iceland as well!  She's already created and directed a few shows involving Icelandic music as a theme.  Most notably, Dancing Behind My Eyelids which played here in Cambridge at the Zero Arrow Theater (part of the A.R.T.).  Since graduating this past spring, she has up and moved to our favorite land for the summer to create and develop a new work of art (in addition to interning for Iceland Airwaves Music Fest).  
This work of art is a collaborative workshop for young people with different disabilities in Reykjavik, Iceland.  It's called Metonymi.  
It's become the work of Samantha along with 3 of her American friends, and they have gotten help from some of my favorite Icelandic artists, too!  It's so exciting.  Soley, Olafur Arnalds, Olof Arnalds, and the clothing producers, Mundi are just a few lending their talents.  
As a lifelong supporter of Best Buddies here in the U.S., Samantha has been stirring up a project like this for some time.  Doing it in Iceland forced her and her American collaborators to learn about new forms of communication & creativity, as the participants speak only some or no English, as well as have different kinds of disabilities.  Sam told me, "I find myself communicating most with a girl in our group named Elin, who is both deaf and cannot understand English at all. We have a kind of understanding that is entirely reliant on intelligence, and not a constructed kind of knowledge, which is what the workshop is all about."
They have translators but have discovered that movement and physicality works more than speaking in getting each other to respond...and of course, the music.  The result of the workshop?  A short video art piece to be released shortly that features the participants performing a movement vocabulary that they have developed as a group.  As their own culture.  It was filmed at a waterfall, and a black beach on the south coast.  In addition, Samantha and her collaborators created a documentary of the entire experience and creative process.  This will include 1 minute short clips that the participants themselves created in and around Reykjavik.  
The films are currently slated to screen at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in early November.  And the whole project was primarily self-funded with gratitude to the local artists mentioned who so willingly produced their gifts for the group.  

I am so proud and in awe of Samantha and her team, and simply cannot wait for the films!  I'm finally heading back to Iceland myself with my husband and son, for the first time in 2 years this October.  Will keep ya posted.  

Check out for more explanation of the project.