Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Setting up Bakasana (Crow)

Happy October!  I haven't done a video post in awhile, and this was spurned on by a few people interested in building their strength, alignment, and understanding for Crow Pose.  Enjoy!

Poses to help you strengthen core, arms, wrists, shoulders, and hips in prep for Bakasana:
-plank (being able to hold it for 10 breaths), and chaturanga
-forearm plank and dolphin pose
-downward-facing dog (again, being able to hold at least 10 breaths)
-forward fold (uttanasana) with twists to open shoulders and chest
-standing poses such as crescent lunge, warrior 3, & airplane pose for balance and core strength
-side plank, as well as forearm side plank
-thread the needle twists for the shoulders/chest- from child's pose or puppy pose
-squat (malasana) or goddess pose to open hips in prep for crow
-butterfly pose (seated hip/groin opener)
-boat (navasana)

Sequence to prep & warm-up for Crow:

I kept this short, but you should try to hold each pose for 5 breaths to build warmth and strength.

-1-3 Sun Salutations, holding Plank longer than usual
-downward dog for a few breaths, then step one foot forward into crescent lunge--do some cat/cow pulses in the lunge before rising up with arms
-down dog into dolphin (forearm) plank, then pulse a few times from there towards dolphin, and then hold dolphin pose
-down dog, step other foot forward (always on exhale to round back and bring the core in) to crescent lunge--with same cat/cow pulses before lifting arms
-sit down on mat for boat pose, into seated butterfly (baddha konasana)
-boat pose #2, then rock & roll back and forth to then step or jump back to down dog (or vinyasa)
-step into your forward fold (uttanasana), place one wrist down in between feet and lift other up to the sky for a twist, take other side
-step into squat for some long, deep breaths
-take your Crow!  Have fun with it, try, try, and fly.
-down dog into cat/cow with wrists down to give them a break
-child's pose with arms back, maybe into a rabbit pose

Check out some of my fave teachers for this sort of practice:
Sadie Nardini
Kathryn Budig

Cheers to challenge & change,

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