Saturday, July 9, 2016

Nantucket Women's Retreat--June 2016

For the 4th year in a row, I brought a group of women over to Nantucket island for four days of connection through yoga medicine, ocean/island medicine, yummy food, ritual, and fun! This retreat has taken many forms and each year has a different energy, different group and theme. The way things flowed and worked out this year meant that I was flying solo (no co-teacher) to plan, gather food, hold the space, and offer it all up. With that, it worked out that all of the women who came have been long-time yoga students on this path with me. There was no "getting to know you" period since it's been 7+ years of that with each of them! What a joy to be able to get deep and honest with fellow sisters in this life. And to have the most fun and extreme goofball-ness!
I know I will continue to offer this special retreat for Women…and we shall see how life and each year continues to manifest it and bring magic together.
Here's my photo diary from our retreat this past June:

Setting up our altar space. This view from the cottage never gets old!
Everyone got Bryonie Wise's book, Heart Roar, and Kate Bartolotta's book,  Choose Joy! Plus little wrist malas by Clay Twombly
Favorite shop in Nantucket town…with the best chocolate ganache-infused treats and spices/teas! Ambrosia Nantucket. 
Our first dinner together was a picnic! I made homemade veggie burgers, and we had a salad of local strawberries and lettuce! Plus, rose wine. So good. 
Picnic dinner on our first night. Divine. 
View from Yoga everyday. 
First yoga practice! Partner relaxing legs work. 
Dinner out in Nantucket town at Proprietor's! Thumbs up. 
Then, ice cream time!
My five year old would give me bird poses to teach each day…here he is teaching me about Osprey pose.
Perfect weather each day. So lucky!
Awesome afternoon at Steps Beach!
The view from Steps Beach. Magical. 
We had a waning moon just after the full moon. Can you see her faintly above our cottage? It was nice to see her in the mornings. 
Yin Practice in the shade.
Teamwork dinner that we all worked on together. So cozy. 
Hi Steph! Thanks for your magical woman's tea! We miss you!
Our last night, we always do a beach ritual. 
Our found beach object mandala creation infused with our personal prayers and ready for release.
The LOVE I have for these women is beyond. 
Wild rose flower essence soaking in the solar and lunar energies so we can take some of the retreat vibe home with us.

**Stay tuned for next year's Retreat details! There's a solid chance that I'll be offering it in late September next year instead of June. Be in touch via my site for more information.