Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lunar Love Flow...more to come this year

Photo copyright Liza Voll Photography. Shot in my beloved Iceland. Autumn 2015. 

*written a few weeks ago on Christmas Day-Capricorn Full Moon in Cancer*

 Perhaps you find yourself in this high lunge to give thanks for this day and to send your love out. Spirit needs us!
As a Cancer with Capricorn rising, I feel this balance of Water~Earth all of the time. Sometimes the duality is easeful, sometimes not. 
I haven't always been able to walk down my own path with true confidence...because, well, fear. Fear of what others might think, my family would think, of what my own expectations were. It can be hard to get out of your own way. Still is, but it's feeling easier. 
Since having my own kids, finding love, AND since discovering what it's like to have true courage has shifted. The last 5 years have been teaching me to choose more acceptance and love within myself. 
So, my truth is that I've been practicing and teaching yoga with the lunar cycles since the beginning of this yoga path (a decade). That path has been clear to me, but I haven't openly shared my method out of worrying too much that I may not be taken seriously. Or that I'm too hippie/out there. Or not hippie enough! You know the stories we tell. 
The truth is I'm more than those stories and I'm also part of them. We all have so many facets that make us unique. 

I'm part bohemian vibes/part practical. Part wanderlust dreamer/part homebody. Part scientifically-drawn/part mystical moon worshiper. Part holistic health mama/part let them eat the cookies mama. 
Point is-- We all have to keep moving past what we think we need to be in order to just BE it. To let go and shine. 
I'm now seeing the Moon infused in tons of yoga stuff and teachers. I'm psyched! Finally, I'm ready to share what seems to be ready to be shared! 

And yet I'm not going to market myself to look a certain way and sell my method of practice as more Moon Goddess or more yogini mystic than I am. I want all (especially women) to feel included in this way of cycling, listening, moving with the lunar and seasonal cycles...because when we all tune in more, then the world might start to connect deeper to *heart* medicine. 
So, 2016, I am closer to getting my #lunarloveflow out more widely. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, then you will find my posts from 2015 and onward. And I'm currently working on a book guide for you all to have in your hands as inspiration for your own practice! Yes. Let's do this. 

Today, lift yourself up.