Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Yoga Adventures to check out

Since I am not going to be leading a yoga trip to a far off place any time soon, I thought I'd let people in on some fantastic options out there for the coming months ahead. If I could, I would go on all of these! Hope you get some inspiration and look into joining one of these special trips:
*Lawino Maria Johnson (currently of Iceland) is leading an ashtanga trip to Cambodia next month.
*Ben Crosky guides you through various adventures in the coming months:
--Surfing in Panama (January) with yogini Heather Lilleston
--Mayan Ruins in Mexico (February) with yogini Jorja Rivero
--Fire Dancing in Costa Rica (March) with yogins Ellen Waylonis May and Roger May
*YogaThree's Chanel Luck leads her annual Baja Mexico trip in March
*Holistic Nutritionist and Meditation Teacher, Meghan, along with Tropical Escapes, takes on her annual St. Lucia wellness retreats in both January and Febuary

These are all pretty affordable options to get away for a bit in the winter to rejuvenate your body and spirit with people that I trust and believe in. If you go, let me know how it is!

Friday, November 5, 2010

November News

November is here! We are in the best part of fall now. It's crisp outside and just a nice time of transition. I am fresh off of more beautiful moments in my life and feeling a lot better these days. Thank you all for your continued well wishes and support both in and out of class. As my belly grows and my body shifts, I learn to become more and more accepting of it. Much more than ever before (duh, I'm totally growing a person in there)'s such a fascinating experience. This new attitude of acceptance and change is in tune with this season, too, since all I crave is reading, organizing, nesting, cooking. These are all things we all typically crave, whether growing a baby and needing to slow down, or just growing your heart and needing to slow down in the coming months.
This moment in the year for us all requires focus and a harnessing of prana for the coming dark months ahead.
And so my pose of the month is Dekasana /Airplane Pose! It reminds us to keep our foundation strong. We stand on one leg, with our core holding us up, our arms creating balance as wings by our side, and our hips lifting the other leg to level our bodies so that the torso remains in a long, steady line. The pose requires us to breathe through feelings of instability and those moments we think we might just crash. Both physically and mentally it is just what you might need this month. Happy flying!

--I am subbing Sarah's hatha class this Saturday, Nov. 6 at 10am.

MWF: noon-1:00pm vinyasa
TH: 4-5:15pm vinyasa
Wednesday Prenatal Class from 4-5:15pm --spread the word to pregnant friends or postnatal in need of some mama body love

Karma Cambridge holiday hours:
November 24th - Wednesday - before Thanksgiving - CLOSED AT 2pm
November 25th - Thursday - Thanksgiving - CLOSED ALL DAY

**I will most likely be out of town, Friday, Nov. 26th. Sub info to come...

--Fun things to check out this month: for really different and interesting yoga clothes and accessories for my wedding photographer's blog and insights. She is a super talented artist and lady. Check her out. Essences and Meditation with Catherine Iagnemma-- she is my friend and neighbor from whom I've received flower essence therapy from since I've gotten pregnant. It's a natural, beautiful way to try a different style of mindfulness therapy.

Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World by Birute Regine. Birute is a Cantabridgian and Karma yogini who has inspired ME to transform and recognize the iron butterfly within myself during the last few years. I am currently reading this fantastic book (for both women and men. Yes, men, it talks to you too!) and highly recommend it. --if you're looking for a yoga adventure getaway this coming winter, check out my friend Ben's site for his upcoming trips, including:
Salute the Sun, Worship the Waves
Panama - January 23rd - 29th

Join Solyoga Trips and Heather Lilleston for a unique opportunity to practice yoga and learn how to surf in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the islands of Bocas del Toro. You’ll stay in a unique eco-lodge on a private beach on a small island called Bastimientos. Your days will be filled with yoga, surfing, exploring the islands that surround you and delicious food.


Finally, thank you all who so graciously contributed to my Global Mala/Yoga Reaches Out cause. I was able to reach the $250 goal required by all participants and the total group of all yogis in participation went on to raise 5 figures for Children's Hospital and Yoga for Single Moms. Thank you SO much!

I leave you with a quote from a fave song of mine. I was teaching my 12:00 class today and this song was on the playlist and I thought these lines were perfect for us all this time of year.

"Just don't lie to your heart. This will be the hardest part. But lying on the surface,
everybody's got a dark place they hold on to. They all go to. We are just learning as we go, learning as we go..."
--Leona Naess
From her album "Thirteens"

Much peace & love,