Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I put on my Skin

I've been asked recently more than once about certain products I'm using that are non-toxic and full of goodness. It's such a bummer that we have to be so vigilant about what's hiding in the products we use on our bodies and around house. Just like with the food we eat, what we put on our skin matters! Our skin is our largest organ and since most of us can't buy all organic clothing, all organic food, and all organic skincare all of the time for financial and other reasons...I still believe that we can do our best to try when we can. There are some products you might simply love and refuse to give up. Hey, it's your life and you gotta have fun and enjoy things sometimes. But, I encourage you to seek out information about those favorite products on EWG or elsewhere. See if you can lighten your load of gunky stuff entering your body and the ones you love as much as you can. It matters, truly. It became even more important to me once I was pregnant with my first child. Like I said, do what you can when staying aware to your skincare. It's all about finding a balance of it that works for you and your family and often takes some trial and error as everyone's skin is so different! So here are some of my favorite skincare things and information. 

Pangea Organics

This is an amazing eco-centric company founded by a guy who started out making his own soaps and selling them at farmers markets in Colorado. For a company that has grown beyond farmers markets, I believe in the work they are doing to make high quality skincare with purpose, with great ingredients, that are fair trade, and that work! I am happy to be an independent beauty ecologist with them (meaning, you can buy the products through me...see the link). I use the oily/combo skincare on my face daily, the lip balm, the body oil, and the soaps. If you're in Somerville, can try out the hand soap at Bow Street Yoga where I teach, as I have it in the bathroom there. Or I can get you a sample at any time. My suggestion is to start by trying the soaps and lip balm. These are products the whole family can use and will give you an eye into what they are like. I feel so good having the soaps in every bathroom and the kitchen and that my kids use them. I even use the soaps and body oil on the baby. 

Beautycounter (makeup)-- 

I've now been using the Dew skin tinted moisturizer with spf from this company and I must say I'm in love with it. It's super light and blends right into my skin. It smells and feels great. Love it! I also got a lip sheer and I must say it's also fantastic. These two products are all I need for my spring/summer routine. You can buy them online through my friend Lauren's site through the link. Check out the info on this company adding to the natural beauty field out there. I don't wear a lot of makeup but when I do I like knowing that it's safe and lovely. 
I also get things sometimes at Cambridge Naturals or Whole Foods if the mood natural nail polish, mascara, or lipsticks. 


This amazing store started here in Boston and now has 2 Boston shops, one in DC, and one on Nantucket! Plus, you can buy on the website. It's a one-stop shop for an awesome variety of organic and non-toxic beauty, skincare, haircare for women, men, and kids. I highly recommend. Some of my favorite lines there include: Shamanuti, Herbivore Botanicals, and Soapwalla. 

Herbal Revolution--

The luscious amber-rose body butter is my favorite ever! It's amazing on my legs post-shaving. But I also used it on my huge pregnant belly and now on my postpartum belly still. In addition to this, I am a loyal customer of their teas, tinctures, elixirs. High-quality, good vibes from the earth everything. You can find them at Herbstalk this June!

Perfume to the People--

Beautiful, delicious, interesting, supportive, gentle on the skin, loving smells and potions made with high vibin' energy by one of my favorite women and locally here in Cambridge, MA. Love, love, love. 


I like making my own coffee-coconut oil-sugar scrub that I use in the shower. You can get ideas online or play around with recipes. Sometimes I add peppermint oil to it, too. 
You can try making your own masks for your face, or even take a class or consultation on crafting your own beauty products with my gal, Steph
In person events related to this topic:

--Come to HERBSTALK June 6-7 in Somerville, MA if you want to learn more about all things herbal and buy amazing locally-made, herbal skincare from the marketplace!

--Thursday, June 11th in Cambridge, I'll be at Pangea Connects with other 

Pangea Organics supporters to share love and support for this wonderful company. Come have wine and snacks with us to learn more on a late Spring evening. 

--June 19-23 is my Women's Solstice Retreat on Nantucket with herbalist extraordinnaire, Steph Zabel! We still have room open and we will be discussing more about such things, plus  we will take a trip to the Nantucket Follain shop!

xoxoxo Happy Spring-ing and healthy Skin!