Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Summer Latest

 August began with my little family and I taking our first visit together to the beautiful land of Vermont!  We spent a couple of days with a bunch of other talented and wonderful yogis checking out
Stowe Mountain Ranch.  What a lovely town, and time we had!  Gerry Scott is the "Stowe Cowboy" and he was tons of fun with our introduction to Yoga with Horses.  A truly unique and interesting experience to connect in a new way in your practice with complete awareness/facing fears straight up while on a 1,000 pound animal!  Here are some outtakes from that adventure.
Anyone interested in coming on a retreat up there with me in the future?  :)

Trying out Half Pigeon on the horse, named Cherie!
My boys on our hike

One of my faces, parsvottanasana 

3-legged down dog

The BEST supta virasana

End of August Schedule info:

Thursday 8/22:
I'm subbing the 7:00am flow at Bow Street Yoga, then teaching my usual Beginner's Flow there at night- 7:30pm

Saturday, 8/24: Small group private Yoga for Mamas class/hang out at my place-10:00am
Then, I'm subbing the 5:00pm slow flow at Bow Street that evening!

Feeling JOYful and taking in the end of Summer in our garden
Monday, 8/26: I'm teaching my last small group private Prenatal class for the month- 7:00pm at my place

Tuesday, 8/27: My usual 9:30am flow at Bow Street.

**Then, I'm off to Nantucket to co-lead the Women's Retreat with Carolyn Little!

My subs will then be:

Wednesday, 8/28: Bethania Bacigalupe will teach both of my classes at Karma Yoga Studio-Harvard- 6:00pm and 7:30pm

Thursday, 8/29: Sub TBD -7:30 Beginner's Flow at Bow Street

Tuesday, 9/3: Rob Phillips will teach my 9:30am class at Bow Street

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*There are still 1-2 spots for the taking on the Women's Nantucket Yoga Retreat over Labor Day weekend.  Message me ASAP if you're interested in snagging one.

**In September I'm adding 2 new lunchtime class slots at Majestic Yoga in Cambridge!

**Plus, my semi-private group Retreat to ICELAND in early October is almost slotted up (there's only room for 6-7 people).  If you're curious about taking on some of my all-time favorite places there, deposits are DUE 8/26!  This will be my 5th trip to the magical Spirit home.  I'd love to have some friends along for the ride.  There are a couple of options and price ranges for the trip.  Check my website or message me for details. (

Cheers everyone and enjoy the next few weeks left of Summer! xox