Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Autumn Playlist

The playlist you've been hearing this last week and will continue to is as follows:

1.  Rokkurro: I annan heim
2.  Nils Frahm: Familiar
3.  The xx: Fiction
4.  Rokkurro: Skuggamyndir
5.  The xx: Chained
6.  Rokkurro: Fjall
7.  Nils Frahm: Keep
8.  Rokkurro: Augun opnast
9.  The xx: Reunion
10. Nils Frahm: Kind
11. The xx: Sunset
12. Rokkurro: Hugurinn flograr
13. The xx: Angels
14: The xx: Unfold
15. Nils Frahm: Snippet
16. Rokkurro: Svanur
17. Nils Frahm: Less

*Inspired by my recent trip to Iceland and the upcoming Iceland Airwaves Festival.  Check all of these artists out!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iceland Trip!

My husband and I took our son on his first international trip last week to Iceland.  We arrived on our 2nd wedding anniversary and were greeted by the northern lights from the plane!  It was my 4th visit to this special country, and it gets better each time!  Our Isak fits right in and seemed so happy to be experiencing it.  We are grateful for the chances to travel and to explore places that mean something to us as a family.
The first two days were in Reykjavik to sit in cafes, look at the shops, wander the streets, explore the art, and do some yoga!  I was happy to be back practicing at the Yoga Shala and took a great class with Geir.  Really wished I could have done yoga everyday with all of the wonderful Icelandic yogis I'm in touch with...however with a toddler, limited time to see things, and my family's needs, that didn't happen.  Much better reason to plan our next trip!
After some city time, we headed 2 1/2 hours north to the Snaefellsness Peninsula where we stayed for 2 nights in quiet and expansive natural setting.  It's like taking a huge sigh of relief and relaxation away from life's stresses, and awakening to a clear mind again.  Super important to do that at least once a year in my opinion.  We took some glorious hikes, ate delicious food, met super wonderful people, and meditated while gazing at one of the chakras of the world--the Snaefellsjokull glacier!  I can hardly wait to organize my next Iceland Yoga Vacation.  Lots of wheels turning and ideas culminating...
On our 3rd day in the countryside, we drove another hour or so north to the most remote place I've been to yet:  the Fellstrond peninsula, just before you hit the West Fjords.  Our friend, Oskar, was there and we had a super nice lunch visit with him.  And then took off on our late afternoon drive back to Reykjavik.  Gorgeous.
On our last morning, we took Isak to swim and soak in one of the geothermal heated swimming pools and hot pots.  He loved it, of course!  We then spent the last few hours getting coffee and wandering one last time before heading off to the airport.  I feel at such ease in Iceland.  More willing to create, to be more expressive, and so open to the surroundings.  Hoping to keep this feeling into the winter season, and into my yoga classes.  Stay tuned for new playlists, workshops, and such coming soon...

Dancing Ganesh!

Isak in Reykjavik

A wonderful yogic graffiti image

Driving north!  And with my new haircut.  

Budir, Snaefellsness

He loved all the lava rock.

Daddy leading the way in the moors...

Amazing day.  Amazing hike.


Fellstrond Peninsula

A favorite view of Reykjavik

Friday, October 5, 2012

October News: Workshop, Iceland, Mamas Yoga

Hi everyone,

Cheers to another new month!  Many of us in New England believe this is the BEST month of the year...and I am one of them.  :)  It's been a fun and chill summer for the most part and awesome to see so many of you on a regular basis.  May you all now feel inspired and ready for change & a new start as autumn sets in and we move forward on the paths to our future and whatever dreams we all individually hold in our hearts.  Something to remember that might help:

"If you never change it's more difficult to see your true nature. You see yourself Because you are changing, not despite the fact that you're changing." -- from Art of Attention by Erica Jago & Elena Brower

My Workshop is this Saturday, Oct. 6th at Karma Yoga-Harvard from 2-4:00pm!  It's called Body/Soul Recharge: a practice to restore the Immune System.  I'm super excited to bring you all some tools through a hatha yoga practice that I've built specifically to release stress/anxiety and relax the nervous system.  When feeling sick or fatigued, built up stress can be just the thing that seduces an infection or illness to settle in your body.  We'll play with ways to breathe, meditate, and move it out.  And then we'll discuss & sample herbal remedies from some of my favorite herbalists, talk nutrition, and other ways to stay healthy through the start of the cold & flu season.  
Plus, Joanne Daley, our wonderful massage therapist at KYS, will be around to offer chair massages to anyone interested, and throw in a few tips herself!  
*All levels are welcome, though I do recommend having at least some yoga experience.  :)
--Check out the invite on Facebook.  

**Next week, my husband, son, and I are traveling to my beloved Iceland!  It'll be our first trip back since having Isak, so we're super excited.  I'll be reconnecting with some friends and acquaintances there, practicing yoga with locals, hanging out in their quirky coffee shops, hopefully hearing some favorite tunes, getting a funky new haircut, visiting museums, and best of all taking in the brilliant landscape and countryside.  
My hope is to start getting inspired to plan another Yoga Adventure getaway sometime in the next 2 years...
I'll have lots of pics and news to share upon my return.  
This means I will have subs on these days:

Wednesday, Oct. 10thBethania subs my 6:00 vinyasa at KYS
Thursday, Oct. 11thStephanie subs my 7:30 beginner's vinyasa at Bow Street
Sunday, Oct. 14thRachel Arnold subs both the 10:15 hatha and 11:45 vinyasa at KYS

**In other retreat news...I'm pleased to announce that I'll be co-leading an amazing yoga trip to kickoff summer 2013 with my awesome friend, Checka Antifonario, at Xinalani in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!  
Now, so far I've only led more adventurous trips.  But THIS.  Well, it's an all-inclusive yoga resort!  It will be SO relaxing and perfect for pampering yourself after a long school year or year of work, or whatever else this year ahead holds.  Plus, it's totally affordable.  Rough estimates of prices for a week of yoga and meals and fun will be ranging from $1200-1500.  :)
Checka and I will have full details coming soon and more information on our websites in a few weeks.  So stay tuned!  But, maybe start thinking about May 25-June 1st with us...

--My Mama friends out there?  In case you aren't on FB, or haven't heard...I'm hosting a monthly Yoga for Mamas small private class in my home studio!  I take the first 5-6 mamas to sign up and then you come over on a weekend day for a 75 min. practice and then some tea and chitchat.  The one in September was super nice.  My next one is Saturday, Oct. 20th at 10am.  Email if you want a spot!
I have more details on my website about it, too.  

Wishing you all brilliant month, and thank you, as always,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Setting up Bakasana (Crow)

Happy October!  I haven't done a video post in awhile, and this was spurned on by a few people interested in building their strength, alignment, and understanding for Crow Pose.  Enjoy!

Poses to help you strengthen core, arms, wrists, shoulders, and hips in prep for Bakasana:
-plank (being able to hold it for 10 breaths), and chaturanga
-forearm plank and dolphin pose
-downward-facing dog (again, being able to hold at least 10 breaths)
-forward fold (uttanasana) with twists to open shoulders and chest
-standing poses such as crescent lunge, warrior 3, & airplane pose for balance and core strength
-side plank, as well as forearm side plank
-thread the needle twists for the shoulders/chest- from child's pose or puppy pose
-squat (malasana) or goddess pose to open hips in prep for crow
-butterfly pose (seated hip/groin opener)
-boat (navasana)

Sequence to prep & warm-up for Crow:

I kept this short, but you should try to hold each pose for 5 breaths to build warmth and strength.

-1-3 Sun Salutations, holding Plank longer than usual
-downward dog for a few breaths, then step one foot forward into crescent lunge--do some cat/cow pulses in the lunge before rising up with arms
-down dog into dolphin (forearm) plank, then pulse a few times from there towards dolphin, and then hold dolphin pose
-down dog, step other foot forward (always on exhale to round back and bring the core in) to crescent lunge--with same cat/cow pulses before lifting arms
-sit down on mat for boat pose, into seated butterfly (baddha konasana)
-boat pose #2, then rock & roll back and forth to then step or jump back to down dog (or vinyasa)
-step into your forward fold (uttanasana), place one wrist down in between feet and lift other up to the sky for a twist, take other side
-step into squat for some long, deep breaths
-take your Crow!  Have fun with it, try, try, and fly.
-down dog into cat/cow with wrists down to give them a break
-child's pose with arms back, maybe into a rabbit pose

Check out some of my fave teachers for this sort of practice:
Sadie Nardini
Kathryn Budig

Cheers to challenge & change,