Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yoga As Body Love -- For Sacred Self-Care Women's Well

This practice is for accepting your body in its current shape and moment. 

Connect to your self-worth through a short sequence of shapes and breath that will remind you who you are. This sequence includes postures that open energy lines through the lower chakras and also the channel to the spleen, which when healthy helps us feel more at home in ourselves. The practice of yoga can be a most beneficial practice to aid in feeling what we need to feel and finding the acceptance needed in the present moment to keep going toward our purpose. 

*I apologize for the 3 videos instead of one long one. Unfortunately, this is how they could fit. If you click to view on You Tube, they will play in sequence. 
In part 1, you can fast forward to around 2:20 to jump right into the practice and skip my opening discussion. 

Enjoy and here's to slowing down and loving these forms that take us places and make us who we are!