Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photo Journey of the Women's Retreat on Nantucket

This past Labor Day, I had an intention of many years come to fruition...
leading a Women's Yoga Retreat on Nantucket!  My colleague and friend, Carolyn Little, joined me as a teacher for this offering and we are so very grateful and blessed to have led, experienced, and moved through an amazing long weekend together on the island.  

The view from our cottage kitchen.
At Wade Cottages, which happens to be where I got married!

Our coffee table puja with native wildflowers picked for each participant.
 Plus, labradorite, rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine.
And Ambrosia Chocolate truffles! 
It was so special to practice with such connection to the earth and all of the elements around us.  
First practice on the bluff!  A lovely day!

Carolyn giving some nice energetic assist during savasana.  

Just over the bluff rests the sea.

Carolyn leading our first evening yin practice.

More vinyasa on Saturday

Nice forward folding and internal reflection

During the yin practice I led Saturday night.


The stairs to the sea from the bluff

Nantucket sunsets are beyond special

Chickens at Faraway Farm

At Faraway Farm for a Sunday picnic

Some of the gals picking apples from the ripening tree at the Farm

The thoughtful and beautiful buffet table for our Farm picnic.
Thank You so very much Lindsey, Caleb,  and Claudia! 

A most delightful setting.

Some sheep on the Farm.

Homemade challah bread and quiche.  All ingredients were local and/or from the farm!


Enjoying the afternoon

Love this place.  Dear friends.  

Claudia made our dessert!
Sauteed spiced apples with cookies and creme fraiche!
We were so lucky.  

In memory of dear Watson, a most loving and wonderful dog.  

We cooked dinner together every night!
So fun to learn new things, have health-filled discussion, and enjoy.

Dinner by candlelight
On our last morning, Carolyn and I led practice together!
It was sunny and playful.  

Awesome dancer's!
Go Nell!

Inversion play

Goldenrod gave us uplifting energy and spirit.  
Our main crew

So many thanks and so much love to this very special island that won my heart ever since my dear husband brought me to it almost 5 years ago.  It's been a blessing to have had so many life transitions at this place and for its energy to be lifting me and guiding me forward with each year.
Special, special love to Susanne & Jennie from Wade Cottages, Faraway Farm, Ambrosia Chocolate & Spices, the town of 'Sconset for hosting us,  Carolyn for sharing in my joy of the experience, all of the beautiful participants, all of the local drop-in students for taking part, my generous and gracious in-laws the Falk's, and the entire island yoga community for good energy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer into Fall Playlist

Olafur Arnalds:  For Now I am Winter (Nils Frahm remix)
Sigur Ros:  Rembihnutur
James Blake:  I am Sold
Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan: Old Skin
Sigur Ros: Yfirbord
The National:  Fireproof
James Blake:  Retrograde
Sigur Ros:  Stormur
The National:  Sea of Love
James Blake:  Overgrown
Sigur Ros:  Hrafntinna
Olafur Arnalds:  Only the Winds
The National:  Humiliation
Sigur Ros:  Ekki mukk
Sigur Ros:  Var
Julianna Barwick:  One Half

~You are breathing patiently; it is a beautiful sound.
It is your life, which is so close to my own that I would not know where to drop the knife of separation.  
And what does this have to do with love, except everything?~

Excerpt from Mary Oliver's poem, Oxygen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Pici Swivel- a yoga pose transition

So about 4-5 years ago I came up with this here little transition from the hip-opener cow's face pose into standing wide-legged forward fold.  I coined it the Pici swivel (after my now maiden name).  ;)

Try it out.  It's a restoring combo of poses, from 2 of my all-time favorites!  Your hips and hamstrings will be happy.

*Side note: Not so much a transition for those with bad knees or ankles.  Always pay attention to your body in your practice.