Sunday, October 24, 2010

A New Woman and More

I am now a married lady! As many of you know, I recently wed my sweet love in a gorgeous and perfect autumn ceremony on the island of Nantucket. It was magical in so many ways. I walked out with my dad through a hedge on a bluff overlooking the ocean just at the time when dusk was drawing near. And what was the music? Of course it was Icelandic throughout. Olafur Arnald's tunes brought us into the ceremony. My beautiful husband and I were overjoyed from the moment. We were married by his aunt, who is also a yoga teacher. We incorporated Ganesha into the ceremony and chanted to him, as well as did a handfasting ritual with mala beads. And our ending song was Sigur Ros carrying us into our new life.
You can check out some pics from our super talented and special photographer friend, Jen Altman.
*click on 'love' then click 'nantucket' and once through with those, click 'polaroids' to see a few more.
Jen was even more than I hoped for as a photographer. She was more like an old friend and even helped assemble flowers and keep us all smiling. She's superb!

On another note, I just hit the 5 month mark in my pregnancy! The little guy (yes, we found out it's a boy!) and I are doing great. I've felt him moving around and I also have more energy, which is so much better than how my first trimester went. Back into the routine of my practice and teaching this week. And I've added a prenatal yoga class once a week at Karma Cambridge. So, if you are a mom-to-be or even if you are newly postnatal, come do a slow flow with me targeting our needs. It's every Wednesday from 4-5pm.

Happy soup eating, scarf wearing, fire huddling, and tea drinking...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October News

October, autumnal greetings, everyone!

It's one of the best times of year in Boston. Spontaneous weather, yummy new smells & colors, roasted veggies in our ovens and bellies again! I'm gonna try to keep this short, since last month I had an installment of 2 emails. I am so grateful for all of your responses to my news. It makes me deeply warm & fuzzy all over to have such love streaming out/pouring in from many directions. And as I said in class last night, it's like you're getting double the energy from me in class these days...since there's another being in my body! Good stuff.

**October Schedule has changed. !!! First time in a LONG time that I've changed it this much, and that I've taught so few classes. But, my body and the baby is yearning for more rest and a slower pace. So, I'm gonna see how this goes. I will miss all of you that come to Karma Cambridge at night, terribly. But I hope I'll still be able to see you at times. As our practice teaches us always, change is inevitable, and is always welcome.

MWF: 12:00-1:00 all levels vinyasa
T/TH: 4:00-5:15 all levels vinyasa
Wednesdays (starting on 10/20): 4:00-5:00 Prenatal Yoga! Calling all Mom's to be (and Dad's to be)'ll be led by a Mom to be. ;)

**I will have a short hiatus starting mid-next week into the following week while I'm away for my wedding! So, the sub schedule will be:
W--10/6-- Lakota
Th--10/7-- Bethania
F--10/8-- Sarah B.

**Other things I'm working on: BYOB (Mommy/Baby Series) at Karma in November, maybe adding a weekend class, a prenatal yoga/reiki workshop with Naz at Bow Street Yoga, and hopefully more...

Pose of the month: Anjaneyasana--High Lunge or Crescent Lunge. Come into Warrior 1, but instead lift the back heel off the floor by curling the toes under. Keep that back leg strong with the thigh active (unless you need to modify by dropping that back knee to the mat). Front knee is aligned over the ankle joint. Arms are warrior-like.
It stretches the hip flexors, the back heel and calf, the torso. Strengthens the front thigh, the ankles, the spine and back. And most of all, it's full of joy & empowerment. I always practice it when I need that little pick me up. And I chose for this month because of all the goodness going on in my life and hopefully in yours.

Things I'm loving right now:

--The red lentil soup at Viva Cafe across from Karma Cambridge. So delicious and served with warm pita bread.
--The new Amiina album, Puzzle (which I think you can only get on their website at the moment)
--My new Lucy pants and top (check out the pic! And the one of me standing is from 16 weeks. Now 17 and getting bigger each week. ;) ). The store at Dedham's Legacy place is full of cozy yoga and workout wear. Plus, this outdoor mall has other fun shops like Anthropologie, Free People, Lululemon, Paper Source, etc.

**Just a reminder about the fundraising I'm doing for the yoga community/children. I am only $60 from the goal we were given! There is still a month left to donate (ends Nov. 1) and old dollar or few. So, if you think of it, every bit will be greatly appreciated by me and many more!
Click this link to donate:

xxx to you all,