Monday, February 13, 2012

Playlist from Sunday classes (2/12/12)

Since so many who attended my classes yesterday commented on the playlist, here it is.  I actually recycled it from the beginning of last summer.  Once again, a high quantity of Icelandic musicians, but a few randoms in here.  Hope to create some new playlists soon.

Summer Fog--The Album Leaf
Because of the Blood--Sin Fang
Blank Pages--The Album Leaf
Easier--Sin Fang
Within Dreams--The Album Leaf
Slow Lights--Sin Fang
Full Moon--Efterklang
Calgary--Bon Iver
Stand Still--The Album Leaf
Sing From Dream--Sin Fang
Until the Last--The Album Leaf
Tied Knots--The Album Leaf
Iridescence--Hildur Gudnadottir
Walking Man-- Zoe Keating
Tomorrow's Song-- Olafur Arnalds
Lag Fyrir Ommu-- Olafur Arnalds

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Hello/News

Friends and fellow yoga lovers,

Another winter month.  It's been awesome to be back in town and back at teaching a few times a week.  Thank you all who have been coming to class for the great energy, support, and the wisdom you bring to my practice.  I look forward to the year ahead of yoga in Cambridge, Somerville, and beyond.  

**My Wednesday evening class at Karma Yoga-Harvard is at 5:30pm instead of 6:00pm this month.  I think they want to see which time works best and maybe we'll decide in March.  Anyone have thoughts on this who comes to this time slot?  

**Sunday, Feb. 26, both of my classes this day (10:15 and 11:45) will be subbed by the lovely Bethania.  
I will be visiting my 104 year old grandmother-in-law in Florida with the family for a long weekend in the sun.  :)

**Check out the pic of my new in-home yoga studio/space!  I am hoping to host small classes up there (it's on the 3rd floor over-looking sweet) and gatherings.  First on my list is Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga.  If you or anyone you know is pregnant, be in touch and we can set up a weekly class.  

Something fun and important this month:

A yogini who comes to my classes at Karma is performing in this awesome event in support of V-DAY.  What's V-DAY?  V-DAY brings awareness to stopping violence against women.  Something we should all be more and more passionate about.  
I hope to let the hubs babysit this night and attend.  Maybe I'll see some of you there.  

**My friend and fellow teacher, Karma Longtin, with whom many of you practice with as well, is teaching a heart-centered (4th chakra) workshop this coming Saturday (2/11) at KYS, Harvard.  1:30-3:30 $25 pre-reg and $30 walk-in.  A heart-centered vinyasa flow with restorative chakra meditation at the end.  I also hope to attend this if I can!  

In the meantime, sending love, love to all this month of valentine's.  May you all find joy within and around you.  Til soon!