Monday, February 13, 2012

Playlist from Sunday classes (2/12/12)

Since so many who attended my classes yesterday commented on the playlist, here it is.  I actually recycled it from the beginning of last summer.  Once again, a high quantity of Icelandic musicians, but a few randoms in here.  Hope to create some new playlists soon.

Summer Fog--The Album Leaf
Because of the Blood--Sin Fang
Blank Pages--The Album Leaf
Easier--Sin Fang
Within Dreams--The Album Leaf
Slow Lights--Sin Fang
Full Moon--Efterklang
Calgary--Bon Iver
Stand Still--The Album Leaf
Sing From Dream--Sin Fang
Until the Last--The Album Leaf
Tied Knots--The Album Leaf
Iridescence--Hildur Gudnadottir
Walking Man-- Zoe Keating
Tomorrow's Song-- Olafur Arnalds
Lag Fyrir Ommu-- Olafur Arnalds


Hero's Keeper said...

Hey Jenn! It's Jennifer Simar (now Schwartz) from Richmond, TX. I went to AHS and graduated with Laura. I know this is a bit out of the blue, but I was leaving Bikram yoga in Alexandria, VA and I saw a girl who looked just like you! Was it you?! Have you moved to VA? Regardless, I hope you and your whole family are doing great!

Jenn said...

Hi Jennifer!

Nope, wasn't me. Haha. Live in Boston and haven't ever been to Alexandria. They say we all have a "twin" somewhere...

Nice to hear from you! Hope you are well, too.