Monday, March 5, 2012

Iceland Week in Boston Playlist

Yesterday was the end to Iceland Week here in Boston.  Icelandic chefs and musicians were in town to bring their culture to our city.  I am loving that this city has a nice bond forming with my favorite land on the earth.  It's true that we are closer to Iceland than the west coast of the U.S. and have similar climates. Since I have my little one, I didn't get to enjoy all of the festivities that came to town, but I did talk it up in my yoga classes and play this oldie but goodie playlist.  It consists of some of my favorite "feeling" tunes to move the body to in an intuitive way.  Check out these tunes, as well as gogoyoko for more up to date Icelandic musical fare.

I'm planning my 4th trip over this summer (David and I will introduce Isak to the country), and hopefully will have another yoga trip planned for 2013.

1- Olafur Arnalds: 3055
2- Olafur Arnalds: 0040
3- Olafur Arnalds: Fok
4- Olafur Arnalds: Himininn er a hrynja en stjarnur
5- Amiina: Sexfaldur
6- Mum: We Have a Map of the Piano
7- Mum: Moon Pulls
8- Mum: Marmalade Fires
9- Sigur Ros: Refur
10- Sigur Ros: O Fridur
11- Sigur Ros: Kafari
12- Sigur Ros: Olsen Olsen
13-Amiina: Blafeldur
14- Amiina: Rugla

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