Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Equinox Yoga Playlist from 3.25.12

After a week of summer weather in March, it's now back to cool spring!  The trees are all in bloom and gardens getting cheery everywhere.  I've had the pleasant luck to share equinox energy with my dearest friends this last week and lots of fun outdoor time with my little one, as well as yoga.  This mornings classes were particularly potent for some reason.  I just felt a collective "tuning in" from everyone.  It  provided me with such gratitude and joy for what I do.  We opened up to vulnerability in backbends, released stagnant energy in side bends/twists/torso lengtheners, and most of all we focused on our breath and bringing intention to positive dwellings of thought in our being.  Of course it certainly helped to have new music to move to.  Thanks to some new artists introduced by my little brother, Tim, and my dear friends Mel and Maribeth, I compiled this mix:

1. Bon Iver-- Lisbon, OH
2. Mountain Man-- "how will I know"
3. Horse Feathers-- "cry herself to sleep"
4. Elephant Revival-- Ring Around the Moon
5. Bat for Lashes-- A Forest
6. New Linen-- In the Background (my brother's music!)
7. Bloodgroup-- My Arms
8. Bon Iver-- Wash.
9. Esperanza Spalding-- Crowned & Kissed
10. Bon Iver-- Michicant
11. Mariee Sioux-- "I never asked"
12. Bon Iver-- Holocene
13. Mariee Sioux-- "bravitslana"
14. Bon Iver-- Towers
15. City and Colour-- As Much as I Ever Could
16. Patty Griffin-- Forgiveness
17. Olafur Arnalds-- Near Light
18. Olafur Arnalds-- Frysta

**Sorry don't know the titles to some songs...but I put some main lyrics in quotes and will revise if I get the chance.

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