Thursday, March 24, 2011

My baby boy

Dear friends,

As many of you already know, I am pleased to announce that I welcomed my baby boy into the world 11 days ago on March 12!  Isak James Falk is a healthy, strong boy that we are more than in love with.  We had a totally natural birth and I am healing nicely.  Going to spend the next month or two just settling into motherhood with this beautiful new life.
Wishing you all a happy spring with an abundance of yoga and wellness in your lives!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where would you like to go and practice yoga with me?

We've made it to March!  Spring is just a few more weeks away (officially) and there is reason to keep stepping forward and looking toward the positive each day.  I am still pregnant, yes.  Just about 39 weeks at that!  My little guy is showing signs that he's ready to debut in this world very soon, but of course I do not know when exactly that will be.  So, I continue to do my gentle yoga poses that feel good at this point (mostly lots of cat/cow, modified down-dog, butterfly, squats, and other hip-openers).  And I continue to enjoy my final days of doing nothing and having moments of stillness to myself.  Watching movies, reading, cooking, going for walks, and being with my husband.  I yearn for my old body and for getting back into my yoga practice and my teaching practice...but that can all wait!  First, I must journey through the adventure of giving birth and learning to be a mother, and that in itself is a practice that is so much more important!

All of my students and yoga are still constantly on my mind, however, and so many thoughts for future getaways keep entering my mind.  My most memorable teaching experiences have come in foreign lands, while leading others in life-changing practice and adventures.   Here's what I'm thinking for the future and I'd love to hear your thoughts on if/when you'd like to join me.

--This summer (sometime between June-August 2011):  Nantucket weekend
   My family has roots in Nantucket and I plan to be there with my new baby a lot this summer.  Am thinking of organizing either a weekend retreat or simply getting involved with a local studio to lead some classes and workshops.

--Winter 2012 (sometime between January-March):  A week in the Caribbean: St. Lucia or Dominica
   Am dreaming of leading a family-friendly week-long yoga vacation in the sun, geared toward welcoming families (as I will have a one year old by then), but all will be welome.

--Summer 2012: Iceland
   This would be another week-long magical Iceland Adventure open to all.

--Spring/Summer 2013:  Croatia
   Do I need to say more?  I have a contact there and it would be a Mediterranean yoga paradise vacation.

So, let me know if these sound appetizing and post your comments/ideas about anywhere else, other times of year, etc.  Would love to take a poll!

K, happy yoga to you all this month and hoping to share the news of my baby soon!