Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice 2008

1. Amiina:  Glamur
2. The Album Leaf:  Last Time Here
3. Bon Iver:  Lump Sum
4. Broken Social Scene:  Capture the Flag
5. Broken Social Scene:  Looks Just Like the Sun
6. Bjork:  Frosti
7. David Newman:  Radhe Suite II--The Dance
8. Mum:  Faraway Swimming Pool
9. Thievery Corporation:  All That We Perceive
10. Frou Frou:  Breathe In
11.  Jean-Yves Thibaudet:  Liz on top of the World (Pride & Prejudice)
12. Jonatha Brooke:  Little Bird
13. Madredeus:  Oxala
14. Lymbyc Systym:  Rest Easy/Age Kindly
15. Mum:  Finally We Are No One
16. Seabear:  Hospital Bed
17. Ray LaMontagne:  Gossip in the Grain
18. Mum:  The Ballad of the Broken String
19. Sigur Ros:  Fljotavik
20. Sigur Ros:  Straumnes
21.  The Album Leaf:  Thule

The first full snowfall.  There is such beauty to be seen in this time of taking it slow and watching the natural spectacle of the divine mother share her presence.  This presence caused there to be no special candlelit solstice class as planned...but I have had some beautiful classes with everyone before  leaving for the holidays.  I have rescheduled my free candlelit class to you all for New Year's Day at the dojo in Union Sq.  I'll remind you again as it draws near.  
For now, take a cue from the words of one of the songs on my latest playlist for you all, as how I feel about all of you (my students and friends) and the attitude to take with you as you celebrate what you celebrate:
"Ride a wave on my inhaling...because I love you more."

Thank you all for a beautiful year of growth and confidence and strength.  Cheers to '09!    

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kali coming out...

So I had a "moment" in class this morning.  It was an interesting thing, and was needed, though made me feel a little strange.  Basically, it was time to address tardiness to class and the issue of respecting the practice.  This is something I've struggled with since becoming a teacher.  During my training to become a yoga teacher, it was imperative that we were on time to class in order to get grounded and be able to take the full benefits of our practice in.  If I were going to be late to a class, then I would usually just skip it and go to the next one or go home to practice.  But then I started teaching and having to figure out what to do when students were arriving late or leaving early.  I never really want to turn anyone away, however sometimes due to available room, it can be necessary.  I also am usually not great at confrontation.  But, I've also never been one to just let something I believe in fall to the wayside either.  
Now, I'm a really laid back kind of gal.  And those of you who come to my classes know that I will be cheerful and welcome everyone, no matter your experience, and even if you're late/leave early.  In the end it's all relative and at least you came.  It's also different (more acceptable) if you tell me before class begins that you have to leave early and then you exit before we get settled into savasana, or even if you let me know in a previous class that you might be a few minutes late to the next class you'll attend.  Those situations arise and if told, I will hold with gratitude.  Certain time slots (say lunch hour, or evening after a work day) are more likely to bring people stumbling in right at the time class starts.  This is life.  There are many different reasons and issues that might come up where you will be running late to class or need to leave early.  This, I do understand...and have been there myself.  
However, when a class starts at 10:15, and there is already a full room (or even if it's not a full room), and you're signing in at 10:20, then that could cause an issue.  20 people in the yoga room already finding their zen in child's pose and setting their intentions by 10:20 will then have to lift out of it to move their mats and throw off the course of the integration of practice.  This is what happened this morning.  It has been happening pretty frequently as of late.  Not just on Saturday mornings.  I love, love having a full room of people.  The energy is on fire and there is always something special, but it's even better when we're a room full of people ready to find ourselves in our practice when class is slotted to begin.  ;)  I've been letting this issue slide off my shoulders because it was easier at the time just to be chill about it and try not to let it bother me.  But this morning I suppose it just bubbled up and came out.  I had already told the deskie not to let anyone else in (but I know she was probably put in a hard place), when about 4 more people came into the room around 10:25.  At this point my short reprimand to the class about respecting the practice just sprang out from my lips.  I then knelt on my mat with eyes closed to breathe and continue to get them to breathe as I let it roll off again.  And then we went on to have one of the most joyful, rockin' classes!  And in the end, it felt good to allow some of my Kali energy to spring forth in order to stand up for myself and the practice.  So maybe it was simply time for the issue to happen because the joy we all felt after class was something awesome.  
So, in the end...when you're late, or when you leave during's not so much a disrespect to me or your fellow students as it is to yourself and your own practice.  I just ask you to be more mindful of your time and how you enter into your practice.  If you're late, then come in quietly instead of throwing the mat down or plopping the strap to the floor.  Peacefully ask your fellow students if you can fit in between them.  And those of you already settled in, be compassionate to them as they come in quietly and make room!  There are times we can't control and when we enter the space to practice, let's not only have fun but be open to change, forgiveness, and becoming one as a community, and as ourselves.  This is the ultimate goal after all.  
So, to those of you in class this morning...thanks for putting up with my little "reprimand" and it wasn't targeted at anyone in particular.  It was as simple as finally addressing the issue at hand.  I love you all to pieces and look forward to continuing to grow as a teacher, as a student, and as your friend.  :)

Gemini Full Playlist:
1. Amiina:  Rugla
2. Sin Fang Bous:  A Fire to Sleep In
3. Leona Naess:  All the Stars
4. Avi & Celia:  Rollin' & Tumblin'
5. Qwill:  Find Your Way
6. Dido:  It Comes and it goes
7. Brandi Carlile:  Downpour
8. Tegan & Sara:  Dark Come Soon
9. Cat Power:  Maybe Not
10. Jamie Lidell:  Out of my System
11. Dido:  Never Wanna Say it's Love
12. Leona Naess:  Promise to Try
13. Otis Redding:  Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)
14. Avi & Celia:  Aged Pine
15. Qwill:  Arrows
16. Mum:  Don't Be Afraid, You Just Have Your Eyes Closed
17. Avi & Celia:  Gnomes Time & Place Part 1
18. Amiina:  Kolapot   

Quote of the day:  "Some day perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we'll need no other light."  --John Wolfgang Von Goethe

Monday, December 8, 2008

Support local artists and the local economy

Playlist from the new moon in June:
--I made this way back in summertime.  Pretty mellow one with lots of Bon Iver and Cat Power.  I was so obsessed with the Bon Iver album for awhile.  It's a pretty great one now for wintertime too.  
1. Kyte:  Sunlight
2. Kyte:  Home
3. Sigur Ros:  Gobbledigook
4. Bon Iver:  Skinny Love
5. Cat Power: Maybe Not
6. Kyte:  Boundaries
7. Bon Iver:  Lump Sum
8. Cat Power:  Werewolf
9. Cat Power:  Evolution
10. Kyte:  Planet
11. Cat Power:  Free
12. Kyte:  They Won't Sleep
14. Bon Iver:  Flume
15. Bon Iver:  Blindsided
16. Bon Iver:  Re: Stacks

There's great, great art all around us here in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston.  So, on some of these cold winter nights...I recommend getting out to check some out!  Currently the theatre company I am a part of (11:11 Theatre Company) has a show up at the Boston Playwright's Theatre (849 Commonwealth Ave.) called "Bella Muerte."  I'm not in this one, but it's awesome.  Totally different, dark, eerie, and very well-acted.  Go check it out!  
Lots of local art studios are having open studios for the holidays, so check out your area.  And also winter craft markets.  On top of that, there are so many great local artists being sold in boutiques in our area.  Some of my fave places to shop?  
Topaz --Harvard Sq. (check out Nyx Studio Jewelry, and Jaunty Jewels--local artists)
GRAND --Union Sq. (amazing array of artsy, cool things...everything from hoodies, to journals/books, to home items, to nooka watches)
Hope & Glory Vintage--in Union Sq.--I follow their blog, so check it out.  Great, great finds here!
Poor Little Rich Girl--Davis Sq.  
Magpie--Davis Sq.  (you can find Theai Designs, the jewelry line I create with my best friend, here)
Irish Imports--between Porter & Davis Sq. (my favorite winter accessories to keep warm)
Elle Boston-- Chestnut Hill Mall (check out August 15th collection jewelry, the owner's line)

And music!  There is SO much great music in our area.  Pick up the Weekly Dig, Phoenix, or something to scope out which venues have what this month.  Some that I recommend checking out soon:  
Avi & Celia at Club Passim this Wednesday (12/10), also with Annie and the Beekeepers
Andrew Hoover at the Paradise this Friday (12/12), also with Sister Hazel
The Seamonsters every Sunday night at Precinct in Union Sq.  
Jenee Halstead at Toad on Wednesday (12/17)

Friday, December 5, 2008

12/3 sending out xo's

It was my little brother's 18th birthday on Wednesday.  I woke with some new verve to start the long yoga day, and cranked out this new playlist for classes.  While he was visiting me over the holiday, my bro took to sourcing through my itunes and also working with my garageband application to make some beats.  We share a love of music.  So, he in some part inspired this playlist that turns out to be one of my favorites for the year so far.  It worked so well for each class that day as we sent some b-day love out there...and I'm pretty sure I'll use it throughout the month to get everyone into their practice.  
All of the songs by The Album Leaf are from their old album, "One Day I'll Be On Time."  

1. The Album Leaf:  Last Time Here
2. The Album Leaf:  The Audio Pool
3. Sin Fang Bous:  The Jubilee Choruses          "Shake the men that don't dream at all..."
4. Marc Broussard:  Come in from the Cold
5. The Album Leaf:  The MP
6. Sin Fang Bous:  Carry Me up to Smell Pine
7. The Album Leaf:  Vermillion
8. Sin Fang Bous:  Fa Fa Fa                                            *my fave song as of late ;)
9. Otis Redding:  That's How Strong my Love Is        *shout out to AH on the road rockin' it
10. Brett Dennen:  There is So Much More
11. The Album Leaf:  In Between Lines
12. Sin Fang Bous:  We Belong
13. Arms & Sleepers:  Rooftops/Lanterns
14. The Album Leaf:  Asleep
15. The Album Leaf:  The Sailor
16.  Tim Pici's beats
17. The Album Leaf:  Wet the Day

It's been a beautiful week with winter skies and clouds and bare tree lines against them.  Hope you're taking it in.  And hope to see you on the mat to de-stress and come alive for this peaceful and loving season.  
Keep transforming, imagining what you want for your life, and dreaming!  

"The psyche of man is dreaming all the time, consciously as well as unconsciously.  The dreams we have at night are only a small part of this totality."  --Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Special Yoga Stuff this Month

December De-stress
Workshop at Karma Yoga this Saturday
Dec. 6 --2:15-5:30pm
We will be looking at what makes us anxious and stressed during the start to winter/holiday season, and then yoga-ing it out!  :)  We will be going over triangle poses such as intense side stretch and twisting triangle.  Then some inversions such as tripod and headstand.  And finish off into hip openers such as half pigeon and frog.  We'll take time to get warm and practice, go over alignment, and most of all go inward to journal and meditate a bit.  We'll have one break for tea in the middle as well.  
It's drop-in, so if you've got nothing else going on this Saturday, then I'd love to see you!  
Karma is at 1120 Mass. Ave in Cambridge, just outside of Harvard Sq.

Free Winter Solstice Class
Dec. 19  7-8:30pm
Shobu Aikido Studio, 34 Allen St. 
Union Sq., Somerville
This will be a special candle-lit class that I will be holding to celebrate the start to the winter season, but also just share my spirit and love with you all.  It will be a free class, so especially if you've never done yoga before...I encourage you to come and check it out.  It will be full of peace, offering each of our peaceful intentions up and out into the world.

Tuesday, Dec. 16th
Karma Yoga Studio, Cambridge
7:15-8:30pm Vinyasa Flow all levels Class
*This night class will be a special one.  In honor of the holiday season, this will be a donation class for the animal shelter that Doina & Jesse (the owners of Karma Yoga) have started.  Anyone that comes to Karma probably knows of Doina's amazing animal rescue efforts and the shelter she's putting together is such a great cause.  All of my earnings for the night will go towards the shelter, and then if you would like to donate something, then that'd be great!  We'll yoga for the animals.  And then stay after class for a vegan potluck!  Feel free to bring a vegan dish, appetizer, snack, drink, or dessert to share with your fellow students in some holiday cheer.   

*And my Winter Yoga Utopia Retreat to the Caribbean island of Dominica still has open slots!  Jan. 24-31st, come treat yourself to a healing, rejuvenating, and joyful adventure with me.  Check out, and go to the retreat section to click on mine and find out all the details.  I can also hook you up with a $100 coupon discount and offer you flight advice.  Just shoot me an e-mail at  :)