Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kali coming out...

So I had a "moment" in class this morning.  It was an interesting thing, and was needed, though made me feel a little strange.  Basically, it was time to address tardiness to class and the issue of respecting the practice.  This is something I've struggled with since becoming a teacher.  During my training to become a yoga teacher, it was imperative that we were on time to class in order to get grounded and be able to take the full benefits of our practice in.  If I were going to be late to a class, then I would usually just skip it and go to the next one or go home to practice.  But then I started teaching and having to figure out what to do when students were arriving late or leaving early.  I never really want to turn anyone away, however sometimes due to available room, it can be necessary.  I also am usually not great at confrontation.  But, I've also never been one to just let something I believe in fall to the wayside either.  
Now, I'm a really laid back kind of gal.  And those of you who come to my classes know that I will be cheerful and welcome everyone, no matter your experience, and even if you're late/leave early.  In the end it's all relative and at least you came.  It's also different (more acceptable) if you tell me before class begins that you have to leave early and then you exit before we get settled into savasana, or even if you let me know in a previous class that you might be a few minutes late to the next class you'll attend.  Those situations arise and if told, I will hold with gratitude.  Certain time slots (say lunch hour, or evening after a work day) are more likely to bring people stumbling in right at the time class starts.  This is life.  There are many different reasons and issues that might come up where you will be running late to class or need to leave early.  This, I do understand...and have been there myself.  
However, when a class starts at 10:15, and there is already a full room (or even if it's not a full room), and you're signing in at 10:20, then that could cause an issue.  20 people in the yoga room already finding their zen in child's pose and setting their intentions by 10:20 will then have to lift out of it to move their mats and throw off the course of the integration of practice.  This is what happened this morning.  It has been happening pretty frequently as of late.  Not just on Saturday mornings.  I love, love having a full room of people.  The energy is on fire and there is always something special, but it's even better when we're a room full of people ready to find ourselves in our practice when class is slotted to begin.  ;)  I've been letting this issue slide off my shoulders because it was easier at the time just to be chill about it and try not to let it bother me.  But this morning I suppose it just bubbled up and came out.  I had already told the deskie not to let anyone else in (but I know she was probably put in a hard place), when about 4 more people came into the room around 10:25.  At this point my short reprimand to the class about respecting the practice just sprang out from my lips.  I then knelt on my mat with eyes closed to breathe and continue to get them to breathe as I let it roll off again.  And then we went on to have one of the most joyful, rockin' classes!  And in the end, it felt good to allow some of my Kali energy to spring forth in order to stand up for myself and the practice.  So maybe it was simply time for the issue to happen because the joy we all felt after class was something awesome.  
So, in the end...when you're late, or when you leave during's not so much a disrespect to me or your fellow students as it is to yourself and your own practice.  I just ask you to be more mindful of your time and how you enter into your practice.  If you're late, then come in quietly instead of throwing the mat down or plopping the strap to the floor.  Peacefully ask your fellow students if you can fit in between them.  And those of you already settled in, be compassionate to them as they come in quietly and make room!  There are times we can't control and when we enter the space to practice, let's not only have fun but be open to change, forgiveness, and becoming one as a community, and as ourselves.  This is the ultimate goal after all.  
So, to those of you in class this morning...thanks for putting up with my little "reprimand" and it wasn't targeted at anyone in particular.  It was as simple as finally addressing the issue at hand.  I love you all to pieces and look forward to continuing to grow as a teacher, as a student, and as your friend.  :)

Gemini Full Playlist:
1. Amiina:  Rugla
2. Sin Fang Bous:  A Fire to Sleep In
3. Leona Naess:  All the Stars
4. Avi & Celia:  Rollin' & Tumblin'
5. Qwill:  Find Your Way
6. Dido:  It Comes and it goes
7. Brandi Carlile:  Downpour
8. Tegan & Sara:  Dark Come Soon
9. Cat Power:  Maybe Not
10. Jamie Lidell:  Out of my System
11. Dido:  Never Wanna Say it's Love
12. Leona Naess:  Promise to Try
13. Otis Redding:  Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)
14. Avi & Celia:  Aged Pine
15. Qwill:  Arrows
16. Mum:  Don't Be Afraid, You Just Have Your Eyes Closed
17. Avi & Celia:  Gnomes Time & Place Part 1
18. Amiina:  Kolapot   

Quote of the day:  "Some day perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we'll need no other light."  --John Wolfgang Von Goethe


Caitlyn Clark said...

I totally agree that when you are late to class you are disrespecting yourself... One time I was late for class (not yours that I remember!) and I missed the tune in, and it threw me off so much! for the rest of the class I struggled to get myself present and grounded!

I miss your class a lot! Happy Holidays!

Kristyn said...

Hi Jenn - I thought you handled the lateness very well (and I was late, too, although not as late as others). There is nothing wrong with reminding people about the respect for ourselves and each other that we should bring to the mat.

Happy holidays!