Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice 2008

1. Amiina:  Glamur
2. The Album Leaf:  Last Time Here
3. Bon Iver:  Lump Sum
4. Broken Social Scene:  Capture the Flag
5. Broken Social Scene:  Looks Just Like the Sun
6. Bjork:  Frosti
7. David Newman:  Radhe Suite II--The Dance
8. Mum:  Faraway Swimming Pool
9. Thievery Corporation:  All That We Perceive
10. Frou Frou:  Breathe In
11.  Jean-Yves Thibaudet:  Liz on top of the World (Pride & Prejudice)
12. Jonatha Brooke:  Little Bird
13. Madredeus:  Oxala
14. Lymbyc Systym:  Rest Easy/Age Kindly
15. Mum:  Finally We Are No One
16. Seabear:  Hospital Bed
17. Ray LaMontagne:  Gossip in the Grain
18. Mum:  The Ballad of the Broken String
19. Sigur Ros:  Fljotavik
20. Sigur Ros:  Straumnes
21.  The Album Leaf:  Thule

The first full snowfall.  There is such beauty to be seen in this time of taking it slow and watching the natural spectacle of the divine mother share her presence.  This presence caused there to be no special candlelit solstice class as planned...but I have had some beautiful classes with everyone before  leaving for the holidays.  I have rescheduled my free candlelit class to you all for New Year's Day at the dojo in Union Sq.  I'll remind you again as it draws near.  
For now, take a cue from the words of one of the songs on my latest playlist for you all, as how I feel about all of you (my students and friends) and the attitude to take with you as you celebrate what you celebrate:
"Ride a wave on my inhaling...because I love you more."

Thank you all for a beautiful year of growth and confidence and strength.  Cheers to '09!    


Anonymous said...

I suppose we got the same storm up here that blew through Boston as well. I can almost smell the sweet tropical air. So very very excited. My feet are so much happier in the sand than in the snow.

Mylo und Yonas said...

It was lovely to hang out with you and Steph the other night. I hope you are having a great time back home, merry holidays and looking forward to seeing you back soon at Karma. Much love-jenny