Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year = Surrender to Growth

Last night on New Year's Day, I held my free candlelit yoga class.  It was originally set for the winter solstice but was cancelled due to the blizzard that swept Boston.  I am certain now that this class was meant to take place last night instead.  Not only am I in a new and beautiful place just a couple weeks after the solstice but I feel everyone is.  We gathered on the first night of the new year, as it was very cold and still somewhat snowy outside, to restore our spirits and bodies with a soothing vinyasa practice.  I lit lots of candles and was overjoyed to see my students start to file into the large, open, serene room.  Old students, new students, friends, family of students, and all types of bodies and energies placed their mats down with smiles.  
After celebrating the start to the new year among a close set of friends in my apartment the eve before, this was the perfect opportunity to share in this renewed outlook and perspective to life.  The topic of the class?  Surrender.  Finding the many different ways one can surrender and then choosing one way, listening to your intuition, releasing that invisible tension of fear, letting go, and eventually just coasting on the new wave of energy that will guide you where you're meant to go.  
There was an energy in the space, with all the different people last night that I have never felt before.  As we saluted our spirits through down dogs, cobras, forward folds, and numerous heart-openers...I felt a surge of joy and peace that is beyond describing here.  Not only is it reassurance that I'm still on the path I'm meant to be on, but it's comforting to feel my own growth and surrender.  Though not always easy, it's a necessary path to go down.  And I can only hope that this new year will lead us all to a newfound self-discovery.  
Just a few more weeks now until my trek to the island of Dominica to lead a new journey through yoga and healing.  So many new goals this year, and new adventures to discover!  

New Year's Day Playlist:
1. Johann Johannsson: The Great God Pan is Dead
2.        "          "              : Melodia (I)
3. Miss Tess: When Tomorrow Comes    (she's a brilliant local artist, check her out every Sunday  in Jan. at TOAD in Porter Sq.)
4. Calexico: Panic Open String
5. Hem: Half Acre
6. Sigur Ros: Inni mer syngur vitleysingur
7. Anthony Hamilton: Fine Again             (such an uplifting jam for hope)
8. Calexico: Falling from Sleeves
9. Greg Knowles & Mike Taylor: Monsoon Wedding
10. David Newman: Radhe Suite I:  The Longing    (he's a fave kirtan singer of mine, coming to Boston Jan. 17)
11. Eddie Vedder: Rise
12. Ar Rahman & Suzanne: Latika's Theme
13. Sarah Fimm: Paradise
14. Sigur Ros: Med sud i eyrum
15. Mychael Danna: Your Good Name
16. Audrey: Northern Lights
17.      "      : Dalalven
18. Johann Johannsson: Fordlandia-Aerial View
19.     "                 "           : Melodia (IV)
20. Sigur Ros: Hoppipolla
21. David Newman: Radhe Suite III: The Union

"Courage does not always roar.  Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying...I will try again tomorrow."  (Thanks to Marilynn for this quote)

*And thanks to Gordon for the opportunities and enthusiasm to teach at Shobu Aikido, Wan for the great pics, Jenny for some of the songs, Naz for her constant help and support, and everyone who came or sent their was beyond happiness for me and I continue to feel loved and grateful for each of you every day.  

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Mylo und Yonas said...

Hi Jen,
thank you for the beautiful New Years Day Class. What a lovely start into the New Year.
Also, feel to add to your blog, what you probably didn't hear. People around me commenting how awsome YOU are. How unusually talented and loving. Hope you can take it in and carry along on your way....Am so happy our paths crossed and look forward to many more classes!