Friday, January 9, 2009

Some things to look forward to this month

Winter is in full force.  Yes.  But so far so good, right?  We're just 9 days into the new year and I continue to encourage you to find transformation and inspiration within yourselves to stay hopeful and positive about your own future.  Part of it remains staying present and taking it one day at a time.  Finding things to look forward day at a time.  It can be tough going in these dark days.  But when we care for each other, it can help us from hardening.  Never underestimate the power you have to make someone smile, laugh, sing, feel, and be here.  We all have that power and it's what will help us move forward in peace.  
With the full moon in Cancer upon us tomorrow, it's reminding us to discover our divine ambition.  To reflect on how we can develop the spiritual relationships within ourselves in order to commit to what we desire to accomplish and get grounded to caring for each other in these tough times as a whole.  Connecting to the divine whole that we are as a local community, a family, a loved one, or a stranger on the street.  Keep your eyes open.  Let the moon's light shine down on you from the winter sky and tell you it's secret.  

The countdown begins...just 2 more weeks til I take off for Dominica to lead the vacation of healing, adventure, and fun!  I have such hope and joy to share on this journey.  There are still open spots to round out the intimate and lovely group.  Check it out and if your heart is ready to commit to something deeper and some light-hearted fun, then I encourage you to come along with me.  

Wednesday, Jan. 14:  Come to Grand (one of my fave stores in town) in Union Sq. for a special event hosted by Shobu Aikido!  The Shobu studio is where I teach slow flow vinyasa every Monday and Friday at 6pm.  I will be on hand, as well as the aikido masters, to talk about classes and the like.  We'll have sake to taste.  What better way to warm up and learn about something new on a winter night?  :)

Saturday, Jan. 17:  David Newman Kirtan Concert  
He is one of my fave kirtan singers and will be at South Boston Yoga!  7pm.  Click the link to sign up.  I'll be there letting my heart sing.  If you can't make it then, my friend and awesome teacher/mentor, Chanel Luck, is teaching a special class at the Armoury in Somerville that afternoon at 2 pm.  David will be there playing live during the special class.  Check it out.  

And if your soul needs some music to bring it alive...visit the website for TOAD located in Porter Sq.  Every Sunday this month is the brilliant Miss Tess.  Plus, many of my other fave local artists that I gain inspiration from are on the bill this month (Avi & Celia, Jesse Dee, Danielle Miraglia & Dana Price).  It's always free to get in and a nice way to stay cozy on a cold night.  

Listening to lots of interesting and fantastic playlists to come soon!

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ms.ventura said...

Jenn thanks for turning me on to D.Newman and crew. I especially loved Chanel's class. I think I need to try Kirtan again. It was the first time and I was having trouble completely letting go.
I love how you put all your play list on your blog!