Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mid-January Moon Mode

1. Johan Johannsson:  Melodia (III)
2. Tori Amos:  Pretty Good Year
3. Jenny Lewis:  Sing a Song for Them       
4. Miss Tess:  I Got the Fever     
*Playing TOAD every Sunday this month
5. Bat for Lashes:  The Wizard
6. Anthony Hamilton:  Fallin' in Love       
*will make you want to dance during your asana
7. Rilo Kiley:  The Silver Lining
8. Adele:  Daydreamer
9. Bob Marley:  The Sun is Shining        
*an ode to the fact that I'll be heading into the sun soon!
10. Qwill:  Laugh
11. Calexico:  Slowness
12. Avi & Celia:  Zephyr                         
*playing TOAD tomorrow night, 10pm, check them out
13. Hot Chip:  Look After Me
14. Bat for Lashes:  I'm on Fire
15. Mum:  I'm 9 Today
16. Mum:  There is a Number of Small Things
17. Amiina: Untitled 3

So it's an interesting time, this mid-January feel that we've got going on.  I've been not feeling up to par physically and hoping that rest and lots of tea will push sickness away from me.  I'm trying the skill of staying positive and joyful to see if that will help.  Everyone seems to be in a strange mood as of late.  But guess what?  Obama is heading into the white house in just a few days now, the days are actually starting to feel a little bit longer, I'm heading to Dominica very soon (in which you can still come if you want), there is lots of beautiful music and art to help you smile during this winter, and yoga will always help you heal.  Plus, I'm feeling that spark coming on.  You know...when that burst of creativity is on the tip of your tongue and you're just gearing up for when it comes bursting through your skin?!  Yes.  Not sure if it will come from my ukelele, harmonica, jewelry-making, acting, or yoga.  But it's there and it's welcome at any time now.  The key is trying to keep feeding it through things and people that inspire you.  That's pretty much what I got for ya at the moment.  

My classes at Shobu Aikido (34 Allen St. in Union Sq., Somerville) are now at 6:30pm every Monday and Friday.  It's very peaceful.  A huge serene space where all I have on are twinkling lights.  You can come for 75 min. of a slow, restorative vinyasa flow.  Find a little bit of curiosity within, some more peace of mind, and some openness to what you can achieve as the winter carries on.  A great way to start and end your work week.  
And I'm always at Karma in Cambridge if you want a slightly more active flow, or an intense power flow.  Hope to see you all on the mat before the end of next week and my trip.  Happy weekend ahead!

P.S. Pose of the moment to try to find some of that open heart?  Dhanurasana, bow pose (the one I'm demonstrating in the pic above).  Doesn't have to be intense, just fly on your belly and open to what you might be storing inside.  


Caitlyn Clark said...

Hey Jenn!
Miss you and Karma too! I have only been to yoga once since I left cambridge (but I've done it a lot on my own)... I was thinking of checking out a new place tonight because my mom got me a gift cert for Xmas.

Staying positive is the best healer of all (and yoga, art, music... running... are all things that help us stay positive)! Hope you get better for your trip!

Boston Shines in Dot! said...

People are probably in a weird mood because mercury went into retrograde on the 11th and it lasts until Feb 1st. Communication is the first to go, but it's probably a nice time to go on vacation - time to look back and get ready to move ahead.