Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Time

I made this playlist the morning of Obama's inauguration...and it's flowing so nicely in class this week!  I don't really know how I pick what's gonna go on a mix in particular.  It just kind of comes out, not so different than the way I teach my yoga classes I suppose.  It's all about tapping into your third eye.  ;)  Check out these tunes:

1. Tori Amos:  Yo George
2. Jenny Lewis:  Godspeed     (send off to W.)
3. Anthony Hamilton:  Soul's on Fire   (lighting up our soul's with Obama!)
4. Mum: Blessed Brambles   *time to chill out...and move forward
5. David Newman:  Bajarang Bali
6. Bon Iver:  Blood Bank
7. Bruno Merz:  Nine Sixteen
8. Bon Iver: Beach Baby
9. Avi & Celia:  Seven Years
10. Bruno Merz:  Serenade
11. Bon Iver:  Babys
12. Jack Johnson:  It's All Understood
13. Bon Iver:  Woods
14. David Newman:  Ganesh Gayatri/Rising Sun
15. Mum:  Please Sing my Spring Reverb
16. Mum:  Finally We are No One

And me?  Finally heading off to Dominica for some yoga, healing, new friends, nature, and adventure!  See ya in February!

"Be like the bird who, halting in her flight, On boughs too slight, Feels them give way beneath her, Yet sings, knowing she hath wings."
-Victor Hugo

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