Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, and a few more fun photos!

Since I won't be back to teaching in the Cambridge and Somerville areas until mid-fall, I'll try to update with more photos from time to time.  Isak is 5 1/2 months now and we're all doing great!

Practice, Practice, and August brings Patience

Here is my day so far....
Wake up with my boys sometime around 7:30.  Play and relax a bit with morning smoothie, coffee, and try to see if I can make it to the morning yoga class.  Not in the cards today due to timing, but ended up becoming a blessing because I got to do a full (I mean almost 90 min. of yoga) practice outside in a shady spot with my husband painting and my baby sleeping next to me.  What bliss!  For this to have happened was such a gift because rarely does the nap schedule of Isak fall into place just so...where I can get in a full practice (usually it's 20 min. here, 30 min. there, etc.).  Plus, for our whole little family to get to be together in the same space (near my mother in law's beautiful garden!) doing what we love for a piece of the morning... so rejuvenating.

You see, we've not been succeeding too well as of the last couple of weeks in keeping to our goals of the day.  My practice has been inconsistent for various reasons and it started to get my spirits down.  It can be hard enough to figure out time management as an individual, but then throw in an infant and try to get things done!  I now totally feel for and relate to all parents (especially you, Mom's) out there.  You'd think it'd be easy for us out here on Nantucket.  We are out of our usual weekly work during this time of transition, and it's amazingly peaceful of course.  We have had a lot of family around and visitors, plus my Isak and I just took a week long trip to Philly to see the Pici crew.  So, trying to schedule in everything we need to get done as well as personal time while also needing to visit with family members and tend to everyday things (cooking, laundry, cleaning up); well it can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Having an infant, may, above all other things, teach you patience.  For now at least, time is on his little hands.  Isak can only tell me what he needs through cries, gurgles, and facial expressions.  Learning them is the best thing in the world.  Sometimes I end up spending much longer than I should just holding him or sitting and playing with him, when I could be getting things done.  Another yogini mom friend of mine sent out an article this week about parenthood.  In it, the author discussed this very issue of 'being in the moment,' because your babies just move forward and grow so fast.  So I am working on letting go of dirty clothes, diapers, unwritten emails, missed chances of reading that article or searching for new music, because I don't need not doing those things bringing me down.  This is the time for me to be slow at life.  To be off the radar for a bit.
This doesn't mean I don't get time for ME each day.  And that is a whole new concept I am figuring out and trying to incorporate into this new life.  It simply means I have to be patient with myself, my baby, and my husband.  I have to manage time in a whole new way, and be okay if things don't go as planned.  And then some days, like today, it all just falls into place.  Ahh!