Monday, September 24, 2012

Playlist from last week

Hi friends at Bow Street Yoga and beyond...this was the playlist from last week's class.  I made it last fall, but it's just as good this year, too.
I think most of the songs can be found on iTunes.  See you soon!

1. Altt i Guddi:  Olof Arnalds
2. We Have a Map of the Piano:  Mum
3. Near Light:  Olafur Arnalds
4. Virus:  Bjork
5. Frysta:  Olafur Arnalds
6. Saint Naive:  Jonsi
7. What are we Waiting For?:  Amiina
8. Agust:  Olafur Arnalds
9. Warm:  Arms and Sleepers
10. Cosmogony:  Bjork
11. This Place is a Shelter:  Olafur Arnalds
12. The Beautiful Ones:  The Battle of Land and Sea
13. Icicle Sleeve:  Jonsi
14. Lag Fyrir Ommu:  Olafur Arnalds
15. Thunderbolt:  Bjork
16. New Piano Song:  Jonsi
17. All the Big Trees:  Jonsi & Alex
18. Tomorrow's Song:  Olafur Arnalds
19. Indian Summer:  Jonsi & Alex

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September News

The work/school new year has arrived.  May you all feel at ease as you take on new projects and habits!  Maybe some added habits include more time for yoga?!  ;)  Speaking for myself and all of the studios around Boston, there are lots of amazing happenings in our local yoga community for this season ahead.  That back to school vibe sets in with everyone this time of year, no? 
I look forward to sharing new workshops, class sequences, music, and more with you all.  

*Remember to take it one class at a time and ease your way back if you've taken a break from yoga or any other physical exercise.  Or maybe you've over done it this summer and need some more hatha or yin?  Always listen to what your body is craving.  

**Some of you know that I just did a super fun photoshoot with the talented Cara Brostrom!  Check out my new website (YoginiJennFalk) to see her work and also explore some of my offerings/explanations about myself and my practice.  

As for this month?  I've added one new public class to the mix!  I'm taking over for Angela Buffone at Bow Street Yogawhile she's on maternity leave, and will be teaching every Thursday evening at 7:30pm through the new year.  What will this class hold?  It's slated as a beginner's vinyasa class.  So I will teach it as a Basic vinyasa that focuses on learning alignment in Sun Salutations and then moving into a sequence with options and modifications.  It'll be great for seasoned yogis and newbies alike.  

Sub news this month:
Sunday, 9/16:  An Li teaches my 10:15 hatha  and Mickey teaches my 11:45 vinyasa.  They are both fellow teachers at Karma Yoga-Harvard.  Check them out!

Thursday, 9/20:  I will be subbing the 6:00 vinyasa for Rob at Bow Street just before teaching my 7:30 basics class.  

Special Classes/Workshops coming up:
--Yoga Time for Mamas private class: A new monthly Series
On Sunday, 9/23, at 3:00pm see if you can pass your baby or kids off to the hubby, grandma, or friends while you come get in some much needed restoring mama yoga time!  Held in my 3rd floor home yoga space, I will teach a 90 minute slow vinyasa and then we will chat over tea to connect on mama-hood and such things.  
Only 5 mamas can fit!  Email me for a spot.  $25

--Save the date for my first fall workshop at Karma Yoga-Harvard on Saturday, Oct. 6th from 2-4pm
Body/Soul Recharge for Autumn: A hatha yoga practice & discussion focused on restoring the immune system
check out the FB invite here:

--My Nantucket Yoga Weekend has been postponed until either spring or summer of 2013, as many of you know.  The venue had to move forward with another group that could fill it out faster than I could at the I decided to hold off and work on planning better to make it most desirable!  ;)  Stay tuned for this and other trips planned in the new year!

--Anyone have a new yoga topic or pose recommendation that they'd like me to do a short video on?  Would love to keep that going.  I've had a request for crow pose (bakasana) which I hope to do soon...

Thanks for being amazing, inspiring people to me.  Hope you take in these last few weeks of summer and begin to enjoy the transition to a new season and year ahead.  

much love,