Friday, December 5, 2008

12/3 sending out xo's

It was my little brother's 18th birthday on Wednesday.  I woke with some new verve to start the long yoga day, and cranked out this new playlist for classes.  While he was visiting me over the holiday, my bro took to sourcing through my itunes and also working with my garageband application to make some beats.  We share a love of music.  So, he in some part inspired this playlist that turns out to be one of my favorites for the year so far.  It worked so well for each class that day as we sent some b-day love out there...and I'm pretty sure I'll use it throughout the month to get everyone into their practice.  
All of the songs by The Album Leaf are from their old album, "One Day I'll Be On Time."  

1. The Album Leaf:  Last Time Here
2. The Album Leaf:  The Audio Pool
3. Sin Fang Bous:  The Jubilee Choruses          "Shake the men that don't dream at all..."
4. Marc Broussard:  Come in from the Cold
5. The Album Leaf:  The MP
6. Sin Fang Bous:  Carry Me up to Smell Pine
7. The Album Leaf:  Vermillion
8. Sin Fang Bous:  Fa Fa Fa                                            *my fave song as of late ;)
9. Otis Redding:  That's How Strong my Love Is        *shout out to AH on the road rockin' it
10. Brett Dennen:  There is So Much More
11. The Album Leaf:  In Between Lines
12. Sin Fang Bous:  We Belong
13. Arms & Sleepers:  Rooftops/Lanterns
14. The Album Leaf:  Asleep
15. The Album Leaf:  The Sailor
16.  Tim Pici's beats
17. The Album Leaf:  Wet the Day

It's been a beautiful week with winter skies and clouds and bare tree lines against them.  Hope you're taking it in.  And hope to see you on the mat to de-stress and come alive for this peaceful and loving season.  
Keep transforming, imagining what you want for your life, and dreaming!  

"The psyche of man is dreaming all the time, consciously as well as unconsciously.  The dreams we have at night are only a small part of this totality."  --Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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Mylo und Yonas said...

Hi Jen,
thanks for the new playlist, always good to know what you are playing. I have some music for you, too.....just saw the movie "slumdog millionaire" which was a really good and moving movie and also had really cool music.....wondering what you think. :)
I might download some of the soundtrack, so if you like it let me know and i bring you the songs to class.....will try to make it Tuesday night!