Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Autumn Playlist

The playlist you've been hearing this last week and will continue to is as follows:

1.  Rokkurro: I annan heim
2.  Nils Frahm: Familiar
3.  The xx: Fiction
4.  Rokkurro: Skuggamyndir
5.  The xx: Chained
6.  Rokkurro: Fjall
7.  Nils Frahm: Keep
8.  Rokkurro: Augun opnast
9.  The xx: Reunion
10. Nils Frahm: Kind
11. The xx: Sunset
12. Rokkurro: Hugurinn flograr
13. The xx: Angels
14: The xx: Unfold
15. Nils Frahm: Snippet
16. Rokkurro: Svanur
17. Nils Frahm: Less

*Inspired by my recent trip to Iceland and the upcoming Iceland Airwaves Festival.  Check all of these artists out!

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