Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fun Gift Ideas-Happy Holidays!

Hannukkah begins today and Christmas is right around the corner!  Sending everyone some cheer and here are some of my gift ideas:

-a spot on my late spring Xinalani Mexico Yoga Vacation that I'm co-leading with Checka Antifonario!
(heehee, had to throw that one in)

-private yoga session or series of sessions with me in my home studio (email me personally for rates or questions, and check my website for pics of my space) Includes a consultation of what you need from your practice, how to take it further in your life away from a class, and maybe a cup of tea.  :)

-class package or deal at a local studio (anywhere that you find comfortable or have been curious about)

-subscription to Yogaglo for at home yoga classes 24/7.  

-Flowerfolk herbal products or consultation

-beautiful and quality-made scarf, shawl, hat, or coat from my dear friends at Irish Imports in Cambridge
-while you're at it, stop by my other friend's at Abodeon

-Yoga attire or gear, of course!  My fave mats are JadeKulae, or Manduka.  You can shop local at Cambridge Naturals for mats, books, dvd's, props, etc.  
My fave clothing for women includes Kira Grace, Be Present, Lucy, or randoms from Garnet Hill or Target.  
For men, Be Present or Target usually seem like good finds.  

-Donations to the Half the Sky Movement-- I saw the documentary earlier this fall and have since donated, and am currently engrossed in the book.  I have a feeling my action in this movement is far from over!  Maybe you will feel moved by it, too...

**Wishing you a fun, cheerful, releasing, strength-building, relaxing, positive holiday!  Happy Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, and anything else I'm forgetting!  I am constantly grateful and energized by all of your attention and support in my career and growth as a yoga teacher and person.  Cheers to us all at the end of 2012.  

lots of love,

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