Friday, August 31, 2012

End to August: Yoga photoshoot with Cara

I'm finally crafting a real website, and so it was a treat for me to have Cara Brostrom come do my photoshoot to find great pics to use for both the site and other marketing ideas.  I'd heard about and seen her work for the last couple of years around Boston.  She's definitely the go-to local yogini photographer, and I finally got to see why for myself!  So grateful for her expertise, ease, and warmth.  I highly recommend her for any type of photo work if you're looking for someone.    
We shot at my home in Somerville on a hot and joyful summer evening.  Some great shots in my home studio, and also in our backyard garden, in which I'm so lucky to have a gardener husband who makes it an easy place to feel at peace.  My son even snuck in on a couple of shots.  :)
Enjoy these that I'm sharing here and check back in on my website for more soon!  

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Gorgeous, Gorgeous and Sexy Yogini Momma! wow