Friday, August 3, 2012

It's August!

Cheers to a new summer month, everyone!

How are you all now that we're officially half-way through summer and in the midst of the humidity, thundershowers, heatwave ups and downs?  Hopefully it's a month full of healthy & fun BBQ's, gatherings, bike rides, outdoor concerts, pond swims, playgrounds, beach visits, park picnics, smoothies/iced drinks, and of course yoga.  My family and I just returned last weekend from a 12 day stint on our home away from home, Nantucket.  It was full of extended family happenings and plenty of outdoor time, good food, and yoga.  I went to the first day of the Nantucket Yoga Festival, in which I got to take a fun aerial class from NYC teacher, Michelle Dortingac of Unnata Yoga.  And an awesome core vinyasa class from the fierce and fresh Sadie Nardini, with whom I'm excited to train more with.  
I'm currently enrolled in some really insightful online webinars, trainings, and meditation challenge.  All of this work seems suited to this time of year to prep for the start of another "school" year.  I hope it continues to translate on my mat when I teach classes, and most importantly in my own behaviors and reactions in everyday life.  

This month I am around mostly the whole month, minus one weekend when I will be taking off to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to visit my grandma & pap, and show my husband & son my roots.  I am also subbing at Bow Street Yoga in Union Sq. Somerville in a few days!  Come see me there if you can.  ;)  And looks like I'll most likely have one weekly class there starting in September...

Monday, August 6th:  I'm subbing for Ryan at Bow Street-- 4:15-5:45pm vinyasa
Saturday, August 11th:  I'm subbing at Bow Street again-- 9:45-11:15am vinyasa

Sunday, August 19th:  Rachel Arnold is subbing both of my morning classes at Karma Yoga-Harvard (10:15 hatha, and 11:45 vinyasa)

Wednesday, August 29th:  I'm subbing for Sarah Baumert's Hatha + Restorative at KYS-Harvard-- 3:30-5:00pm

Nantucket Yoga Weekend with me this September!

There are so many amazing fall yoga trips coming up with so many of my friends and fellow teachers.  Karma Longtin & Tiffany O'Connell in Vermont, Sarah Baumert in western Mass, Sarah Kearns & Carolyn Little in Vermont, Checka Antifonario in Vermont!  That's just to name a few!  Maybe you know who they are, maybe not.  The point is that the options are many and they are all fabulous.  If you've never done a little yoga getaway before, it's truly a treat.  I have led weeklong yoga vacations, but never a weekend one...and never one on my home away from home Nantucket!  I'm super excited about it, and on my recent visit to the island solidified more plans and connections with friends and locals.  
A yoga vacation is more than just a vacation in that you get to practice with a teacher you enjoy (and hopefully with others you enjoy also) in a naturally lovely setting, and with time to rejuvenate yourself within your practice as well as off the mat with positive conversation, activities, food, etc.  
I highly recommend fitting one into your schedule this fall!  Whether you need a vacation from your summer vacation, would love to bring a loved one to nourish themselves, want to meet new people, want to experience a new place, or want to challenge your inner/outer self within your yoga practice.  

Of course I hope you choose to do it with me!  hehe.  But any of them will do.  ;)  More information about mine is on my website, and Facebook for the most recent updates and pictures Thanks for being open to such an idea and event to be born.  Please do message me with thoughts/questions, and to hold your spot!  It's coming up soon and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out!

--So, cheers to you all for a happy weekend and awesome month ahead.  Do more gentle/restorative yoga on humid/hot days if needed, and have some fun!

See you soon and lots of loving vibes,

p.s. attached pics of me doing baddha konasana in the air during Aerial Yoga at Nantucket Yoga Fest, and of my boy, Isak at the beach.  He's almost 17 months already!

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