Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of May Fun, and Sub this Sunday

Hi dears,

My family and I are finally over the cold that ransacked our house.  It didn't stop us from enjoying this past weekend of spring sun, though!  We've had Porchfest Somerville, hanging out with old friends, garden time, new tunes to jam to (playlist to come soon with Beach house, Sin Fang, Norah Jones, new Sigur Ros!), and now we'll be heading to our home away from home by the end of the week.  Nantucket has been beckoning us back since we left in December after 6 months of living there.  Now it's time to finally reconnect with the nature we love so, our island friends, and meet my in-laws there for some family time.  I plan to record a new video post while there and take some great yoga classes, too.
And stay tuned for my September Yoga on ACK update about a weekend getaway I'll be offering!

So, I'm teaching tonight (Wednesday, 5/23) at 6:00pm at KYS-Harvard, but then both of my Sunday classes (5/27) will be taught by my creative and sweet friend, An Li Liu.  I'll be back for all of June with uplifting energy to prep you all for your summers ahead.


Photos:  Isak doing his downward dog, our wonderful garden at the moment, and me & boy playing with instagram.

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