Monday, March 15, 2010

Swirling through the washing machine to Spring

Spring has officially arrived!  The exclamation point is to be noted, yes.  It may be cold and dreary out again but we were gifted with a glorious start to a spring weekend that I am very grateful for.  After a long bout with a nasty virus and cold, it's nice to have seen the sun and now welcome the birds and bulbs again.  
My teaching this month has been building to this point in the cycle of seasons.  I can always sense this time of year when there is a restlessness in everyone coming to the mat.  We are all seeking a bit of change and a bit of good health and wellness as the temperatures rise.  Personally, I have been going through my own bout of restlessness.  Just feeling so full of ideas, things to work on, confusion about how much to take on, where to go next, what more to do...
You'd think by now that I'd be able to zen my way out of such inner swirling.  But we are all human after all, and even 10 years on the mat won't take you out of societal/economic pressure, worries, confusion.  The best part of it all is the fact that I am not alone in this feeling; in this inner battle that occurs from time to time.  And that is simply one reason why I teach yoga.  I believe in energy from one person to the next and that if we tap into connecting with each other's and spreading positive energy around, then it will help with these feelings on a whole.  
It helps to have wise friends and loved ones in the mix, too.  I received an energy reading from the lovely Kriste Peoples, and it simply reminded me to be in the present.  I was able to work with my very best friend again to guide you all on a spring cleansing flow as she worked her reiki magic and talked about her favorite spring herbs.  I was able to convene with other goddesses in my life on a quest to let go and welcome the abundance waiting in our path.  And I am lucky to have a partner that pushes me towards that abundant bouquet of spring flowers in my day to day life.  
So, all in all, it's time for gratitude of winter and the swirling it brought in the cycle.  Because now we can take it and jump through.  

*Paschimottanasana to Virabhadrasana II!

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